Emblem3 Interview: X Factor USA band talk Kimye’s Xmas party, black toilet roll and Selena Gomez

So the album is called Nothing To Lose. And
there’s a whole ton of songs that are no doubt going to be on the radio and be huge. Dude, thank you. Chloe is one of them. Yes. Now obviously, there’s lots of talk about
the meaning behind it. But in other interviews I’ve seen, you seem comfortable with saying
that it’s about a certain Chloe. Um… We actually get this question a lot,
and it’s not about Khloe Kardashian. There is a, there is a relation there because we
went to the Kardashian’s Chirstmas party, which was a blast and Chris is super fun to
party with… Anyway, the next day we went to our session in our studio to record our
single which was going to be a name song. We didn’t have the name yet. Since we’d just
been hanging out with Khloe, I sang her name in the spot. They thought it was genius, so
we kept it. Now, since it goes Chloe and your sister, everyone thinks it’s about Khloe Kardashian,
but our original meaning for the song was to have a song about inner beauty shining
brighter than the outer beauty to let all of our fans know who struggle maybe with physical
insecurities that we love them, that doesn’t matter, that inner beauty shines brighter.
The relation, whatever. Sister was already there. So, it’s not about Khloe Kardashian.
It’s about our fans. There you go, and their inner beauty shining brighter than their outer
beauty. Do you like Khloe Kardashian then? Yeah, she’s a sweet girl. She’s awesome. She
was actually the host on X Factor USA last year, which we got to know her pretty well. That party you went to. That must have been
pretty wild. It was crazy. It was a fun party. They’re
actually really, really cool. Yeah, we got to meet all of them. I have to say. You did see Kanye West asleep,
right? Yes. Actually took a pee. He took a pee in
Kanye and Kim’s room and Kim comes in and is like dude what are you doing? The door’s
open. Kanye is asleep right there. She was more like. I was doing my business on this
extravagant, fancy, black marble toilet, like this is nice. Yeah, black toilet. And comes
in… She was asleep with Kanye. She’s like What are you doing? And I was like um, just
you know, going pee. And uh, she’s like, well we’re trying to sleep in here. This is kind
of our room, and I’m like oh so you don’t want me to flush or… Okay, I don’t know.
Some people go by the rule, if it’s yellow let it mellow. I don’t know if they want to
save water. Well there’s two things. One. What’s Kanye
and Kim doing sleeping at their own party? Dude, Kanye had just got back from London,
and he was super tired. So he walks in and he like, still pretty much asleep, and he’s
like hey what’s up everybody. I’m going to go to bed. Yeah, and Kim hung out for a little
while, but then went and joined him so she didn’t really hang out. Okay, so the second thing. Black toilet paper? Yeah. Isn’t that weird? The point of toilet
paper is its colour. I know. I don’t want to get too graphic here, but how the hell
can you tell… That’s the thing. They don’t want to. We were just as discombobulated.
And when I mentioned it, they all went: You use white toilet paper? Ew, that’s disgusting.
Like, I’m pretty sure they were joking, but they acted as if they’d never used white toilet
paper before. There’s pink, light blue… I’m just… I’m surprised that they haven’t invented scented
toilet paper yet. That’s on my list of… Actually, let’s pretend I didn’t say that.
Yeah, shhhhh… I’ve already patented it. Don’t even think about it. Trademark. Well, yeah if the music didn’t work out… There you go. So boys, Selena Gomez as well. We just… We did our… Which one of you…
Did either of you, any of you make out with her? No. No, unfortunately. I haven’t accomplished
the task of making out… I thought, when I saw… Because I saw interviews
with you before you were going on that tour and she said to one of you, man we’re going
to get into a lot of trouble. Right, and so immediately we were like, oh
we’re all going to make out. Yeah. And then in contract, they were like you can’t get
into any trouble or you’re going to get kicked off. So we’re not going to… anyway, we’re
just good friends and she’s… We’ve had some movie nights where it’s pretty fun. Movie
night where we don’t watch movies, we just hang out. Turn it up! That’s what the kids
call it. So boys, you’ve just gotten to Britain, so
I thought we’d play a little game. I’ll name some sort of phrases from around the UK and
Ireland too, maybe, and you say them back and try to work out what they mean. Okay?
Okay. So here we go. (ahem) Right, Newcastle. Do you know where
that is? Is that like White Castle? Newcastle is a
brown ale. It’s a beer. Good job. Three points. See, I’m underage, so I don’t know that. Well,
Newcastle probably they would say “i’m gunning down the toon.” I’m going down the toon. Is
that I’m freaking dipping on the highway? Driving? Oh, that’s a good one. Chugging a
beverage? I’m gunning down the toon. I’m going down to town. I’m going downtown for a drink
or to shops. See, I knew that. I knew that. “Shy bairns get nowt.” Is it like I’m dipping and this place is lame?
I’m dipping out, peacing. I’m leaving? Shy bairns. Ooh, is it like unleashing the beast? “Shy bairns get nowt.” Shia Labeouf first movie premiere? It’s about Shia Labeouf getting… Yeah, shy
children get nothing. So it’s like saying, if you don’t take a risk… You gotta be a
risk taker. That’s good. I like it. You don’t try. You don’t put yourself out
there. Hey, if you don’t try, you’ll never succeed.
Totally. See? There’s an Irish phrase. Want to hear it?
Yeah. May the rood royce to meet ya. May the road
rise to meet you. May the road rise to meet you. That’s kind of like saying the early
bird gets the worm? May things unfold in a way that is beneficial to you effortlessly.
May the force be with you. It has a bit more poetry to it. It means,
may success be with you. Oh, it’s the force. We’re talking about Star Wars. But yours was
good. Mine was more of a logistical. There’s a Welsh one. They might say in Wales, if you have a sister,
“Oooh, your sister is bang tidy.” I’m afraid. I feel like I would punch them
in the face. Is it like your sister is super banging and you wanna… they wanna do it
with your sister or something. That’s definitely a bop in the nose. Can you say your sister
in bang tidy for? Your sister is bang tidy? That’s my sister, and that’s your sister!
Anyway, we can change the lyrics. Chloeeee, I know your sister is bang tidy. That works. There you go. It works great.
We should change the lyrics. I’m going to finish on a Scottish one. Alright.
Scottish. “Dunnae teach your granny tae suck eggs.” Wow. That sounds like something uh, man what
is that guy, Gerard Butler would say. I’ve never… I’ve never taught my granny to suck
eggs, no. That’s drastic. That’s kind of a weird thing to do. Sucking eggs! The egg is a metaphor, I think. Ohhh…”Dunnae teach your granny tae suck
eggs.” It’s don’t try to teach someone something they already know. Oh, she already knows how to suck eggs. Everyone
knows how to suck eggs. She’s experienced with sucking eggs because she’s been sucking
eggs for however many years. Right. 75 something. I don’t know. I’ve never seen my grandma actually
ever suck any eggs before. Again, it’s a metaphor, yeah. Okay, well that was brilliant. You boys did
a great job. Well, Emblem3, give me an emblem. Individual emlems. Um, would you throw up… Throw up an emblem.
This one. That’s our main emblem. I dig this one. Peace sign. This one. Hang loose. Shocker. Can you make the E and the 3? Can we do that?
E3. Do this. This is the E3. Throw it up. Word. West coast. This means Wesley actually.
That means Wesley apparently. Wait, I thought this was Wesley. No, this is Weezer. Isn’t
this Weezer? Oh, this is Weezer. Why are your thumbnails so long? Yeah, you do have long
thumbnails. Are we done? Are we? Alright, goodbye everyone. Boys we have to wrap it up. The wrap up. What’s
the wrap up? I’m guessing wrap. It just means goodbye yeah. Alright, cheers. Thanks guys.
Bye everyone!

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