Eng) 驚愕!クリスマス・プレゼント🎁 | 国際ゲイカップル | Surprise! Our Christmas Gifts | Int’l Gay Couple | 聖誕禮物 | 男同志 #54

Oh, gosh… you suddenly … Can’t believe you messed it up!! Sum) Hello, it’s Sum.
Richard) It’s Richard. What are we doing today? We’re opening our Christmas presents today. What is it? First, we’ve got a Christmas tree. Next is a secret gift. Richard buys things, sometimes without my knowledge. Yup. Just to surprise you! I’m surprised. This is light-(weighted). Richard) Anyways,
Sum) What did you buy? It is a small Christmas tree. Then you open it! Sum) You open it.
Richard) Please do! Hmm… what is it? Sum) I’ll open it.
Richard) Go ahead! Wow, Let’s make a small Christmas tree. Oh, it’s cute. It should be a lot of fun to attach these to the tree. There are many different ornaments. Merry Christmas. Yes. Merry Christmas. Look at this. You open it. Can you hold it? Oh, well… We’ve got something complicated here. Like this? It says stretch out the branches and decorate them as you like. Like this? Oh, it looks fun. Let me do it. Oh, but it’s kinda scary! What’s scary? It seems it’ll bend in a strange way. Hmmm, nice! Isn’t this surprisingly difficult? Is this okay? Is it like this? Yup! Richard) Probably!
Sum) Am I doing it right? Yup. Sum) Just decorate it with the ornaments here. We’re done. OK. done! Then next. Oh, hmmmm… I’m really excited! Me, too! What will it look like? Oh ~ Oh, shoot! Can’t believe you messed it up! You broke it! No worries! This can’t be helped. But why….? Gosh, I have a headache! Oh, it seems ok! Sum) Can our viewers see the lights are on? Richard) Let’s show it to our viewers. Oh, it’s quite cute. It’s something like this. Can you see the Christmas tree? Do you think it looks alright? Yeah, it looks fine. It’s cute One more Christmas present is coming! Here it is! Yeah!! This is…. Our secret… Our secret surprise present!! It’s a Christmas present for ourselves! What a long name!! Let’s open it now. What did you buy? Not gonna let the cat out of the bag now. Sum) Then I’ll open it.
Richard) Go ahead. [Sum found something printed on the box.] Richard) Let’s open it.
Sum) Really? Dear viewers, What do you think it is? This is expensive enough to surprise you. How amazing!! Yup. I “Funbari-mashita ( meaning, “I stand still on my feet“.) What?
[Note: Richard made a mistake with a Japanese verb.] You wanted to say “Funpatsu (meaning, “you did your best to pay it”), right? “Funbaru” means you stand like this. Oh. I did my best to pay for it! well, it’s not that bad to say “Funbaru (stand still on the feet), though. I did my best to pay for it. I don’t know how to open it. [Sum found the price of the Macbook on the receipt.] Are you surprised? I was and I am surprised! Richard) Yeah!
Sum) Let me “Mottaiburu”! Richard) What was that?
Sum) Mottaiburu! What does “Mottaiburu” mean? It means I won’t let everybody see it easily. Ok, then, It’s amazing! It’s a super big surprise. Okay. This was it. Everybody will laugh if we drop it now! That’s it!! It may slip out of your hand. Really? Richard) Are you happy?
Sum) I’m happy. Richard) As for this…
Sum) This is our surprise present! Richard) As for this … (Richard couldn’t interrupt),
Sum) I’ll open it. Oh, wow, Sum’s already opened it without saying anything. That’s fine, though! Let’s open it. We wanna use it, right? (Sum) Weren’t you making me sound like a bad boy?
(Richard) Yup, I was! Thank you, Richard. Yeah, let’s use it. Sum) You open it up.
Richard) You go ahead. It is too precious to open. Come on. You’ve already opened it. It’s too expensive. I can’t open it. No need to worry about that! I sure worry about it. This design is very interesting. And, the box itself is beautiful. The design (of the box) is different! It’s so good. Ta-dang! How do you say “Ta-dang” in Japanese? Sum) Ja-jang
Richard) Ja-jang. Did I do it right? It’s beautiful, yery beautiful. It’s really beautiful. It is our Christmas present. Well, I don’t want to take this off. I don’t want to take off this cover. You open it. Please show it to our viewers. Yes. I will show it to you all. We bought this because We wanted to make videos of a better quality So that you can enjoy our videos more! We bought it with this idea in mind. Wow, again, it’s too precious to remove the cover. The cover goes all the way to
the bottom of the computer. Wow! It’s so beautiful. Richard) Cool.
Sum) What should I do … Let’s open it, ok? Sum Richard) It looks so cool. Wow, I didn’t know it looked like this. They wrapped it very well! We’re indeed happy to have this Macbook! I’m so happy. Sum) I don’t wanna take this off.
Richard) Why not? Sum) Let’s take it off, OK?
Richard) Yeah. How amazing! It looks like a mirror. Isn’t the sound of peeling it off nice? Well, the sound wasn’t that nice, But the screen is like a mirror! It’s like a mirror! Wow, the setup has already begun. I was surprised. Macbook suddenly started talking. We just opened it, and the setup has already started. This is amazing! How interesting! Wow, the language menu. . . The language menu is so cool. Don’t use this, Richard. Richard) What?
Sum) This is MY Macbook. (LOL) Richard) What? Nonsense!
Sum) NO, NO, NO… Don’t touch it. I can’t believe it. I’m so happy. Happy ~ Christmas. It will be a Christmas with special memories this year. Well, we have to use it at home, not outside. Yes, it’s for home use only. If we carry it outside and drop it, we’ll cry . Anyways, Richard) Let’s set it up later.
Sum) I’m really happy. I’ll let Richard deal with the setting up. He’s good at it. Yes. I will set it up later. That’s it for today’s video! We’d like to share the Christmas atmosphere with you this way! That’s why we took this video. I hope you enjoyed this video with a great Christmas atmosphere with us. Indeed! Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you can enjoy it. If everyone is happy, we are happy too. Well again, Happy Holidays/ Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays/ Merry Christmas! Sum Richard) Bye bye.

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  1. Wow what a nice gift! Sum looked happy like a little kid getting his favorite toy haha. And your baby tree is adorable. Merry Christmas again.

  2. Congratulations, Richard and Sum! The tree is very cute and just the right size for your apartment! You can use it for a seasonal decoration for future holiday videos.

    What a wonderful gift the Macbook is! I'm sure you will enjoy using it and composing videos. Also the music you used in the background for this video was very nice, just the right level of sound, not too loud, just right! I haven't been able to make the live streams lately but look forward to them in January. All the best, Bill

  3. Xmas🎄可愛い(ฅ• . •ฅ)ﻌﻌﻌ♥

    Richardさん すご~~い😍‼️
    優しくて 思いやりがある
    とっても 素敵で~す(•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

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