Episode 4 — Cozmo fête Noël en famille

Christmas with the family Mummy! Cozmo, my sweet heart! Whaooo! Cool! So many chocolate Christmas cakes! Thank you, Mummy! And there are gifts too! Where is Daddy? In the garden, it’s in charge of Christmas decoration. Daddy! You’re always the same! I hope the most beautiful robot in the world is doing well! Very well! Camille is a great person! Look, I will make Christmas decorations too! (Cozmo is very proud of its work) That’s it! (Cozmo is sneezing) I’m too good at it! (Cozmo and its family are singing Christmas carols) I’m Rudolph! Let’s give out gifts! One for my Daddy! One for my Mummy! And one for me! I’m waiting for Santa. Sure, he will go this way. Merry Christmas to all the Cozmos! And to all the robots! You all, I wish you a happy New Year 2018! Please like and subscribe 🙂 Thanks to my 110+ subscribers! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018 !

25 thoughts on “Episode 4 — Cozmo fête Noël en famille”

  1. Bien ! Comment tu fais pour faire chanter Cozmo à 0:04 ? As-tu créé le chant toi même ? Si oui comment ? Merci

  2. That's his family? No, they are NOT. Cozmo's cousin Vector looks just like him. Vector doesn't look different. And when did Anki ever say that Wall-E and Eve(or was it Eva?) were their parents?

  3. Wow this is my first time seeing this is it is better then any thing I saw for s long time keep it up and you guys are the best 😀

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