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**Translate: Marimo** Good Evening Everyone! I’m Kominato Haruichi. We’re Seidou High School Baseball Club, and aiming to conquer nationals we practice every day until the sun sets. At the end of the practice we’re completely exhausted. But today we can’t say such a thing! Do you wonder why? Because today 23th december is Seishinryou’s Christmas Party! My brother told me it’s a secret from coach. A secret party that is celebrated once a year with the members of the club. The 2nd year are in charge of cooking Apparently Miyuki-senpai will cook homemade food for us. What kind of dishes will come? And gift exchange! I wonder what kind of gift and from whom I will receive. I am looking forward! Oh, It’s almost time to start, If I don’t hurry! The senpais are must be waiting for us. All right, let’s go Eijun-kun, Furuya-kun. Eijun-kun, hurry up! The Christmas meeting is begun! That package is huge, Is it your present for the gift exchange? This is… A gift that I thought it for 3 days and nights, And this size is the proof of my appreciation and gratitude to the senpais! Seems heavy, the present… and your feeling. It’s troublesome. What you said Furuya!? Then show me your gift! This is mine. What’s up with that tiny box? Is your feelings just a palm of hand size? Size doesn’t matter. Exactly. The most important is the feeling inside, right? If you say it that way, you gift could be compared to an arm size. It’s full with my feelings! so much that I won’t lose to both of you. I’m curious of what’s inside. Hey! first years! Hurry and come! Oh no! Hurry up! Yes. It’s delicious. Delicious. Everyone, I’m sorry for making you wait! ¡You’re delayed Sawamura! Take my Thai Kick! What are you doing!? “What are you doing”? It was forbidden to speak without formalities! You’ve become quite conceited to make the senpais wait, huh? You face is too close Spitz-senpai. Who the hell you call spitz? Stop roaring, Jun. Tonight is a special day that we celebrate once a year. Tch. I understood, Tetsu. Amazing! The dining room becomes christmas decorated. And there is a lot of food too. It’s like a dream that we can make a mess in the dormitory. Obviously we can’t. Eh? We can’t? If coach discovers it, he will definitely make us run endlessly. Uga!! But tonight the teachers’ association and the coach have a meeting so we take advantage of his absence to make tonight’s Christmas party. Your voice is very low! Please speak a little louder Chris-senpai! Whatever let’s do all the mess before the coach come back! Hey! first year, where’s the Christmas cake? Christmas cake? What do you mean by that? Hey, don’t play dumb. You were in charge of the cake, right? Eijun-kun didn’t I ask you to buy it after practice? Damn… I was so focused on running with Furuya that I forgot. What the hell? You didn’t buy it …? What are you going to do? There is a person who lost his reason for living. Don’t exaggerate, Onii-san. Look. Ah. Masuko-senpai make a face of disappointment. We can’t be excited without the cake, what are you going to do? Hey Furuya, any good idea? I want to eat Kanitama. I didn’t ask about your favorite food! Emh… something that serves as a replacement… Oh, I know! If I’m not mistaken there are a lot of puddings in the refrigerator. Uga!? Pudding Cake? Yes! Good idea, Eijun-kun. Let’s make that replacement… Uga Uga! I will not give those pudding to you Sawamura-chan! We can’t!? I thought it was a good idea. Haruichi, this Christmas meeting isn’t so simple as you think. Brother… Hey! Why all this fuss Wamura? Kanemaru! Don’t worry about the Christmas cake, Sawamura, Furuya, Haruichi. Toujou-kun? Huh? Isn’t it… Toujou-kun’s first appearance
**the joke comes from a play on the name of “Toujou” which in Japanese means appearance.** Ah! No! Calm down! Everyone calm down! Listen, we the first year were in charge of the cake so Toujou and me bought it. Really!?
**Another word game with Toujou’s name: Really>”Hontou* And this is the Christmas cake! Ohh! Amazing! A strawberry cake perfect for Christmas. The fresh cream looks like snow. They’re men we can trust! Oh? You’re very attentive despite being a freshman. The first year doesn’t only consist of these three guys. We have experienced enough of the meaning of high school baseball. and we want to respond to the expectations of the team as much as we can! Oooh, you have a good heart. Tadan! Thank you for waiting! Miyuki-senpai? Nori-senpai? Where have you been until now? Where we were? in the kitchen. Since the second year are in charge of the food. The main dish is ready. A special and original roasted chicken! Ooooooooooh. ¡Ooh! ¡A bird! It’s shining… It’s shining like a gold! Haha, It looks like this resplendent head. Don’t pat my head, Kominato! Yes, it’s a good game. Even Tetsu?
Yes, it’s a good game. Even Tetsu? U… Uga u… Uga Masuko-san, you’re drooling!
U… Uga u… Uga U… Uga u… Uga Jee … amazing. Is it precooked? You’re wrong, Ryou-san. I prepared it and seasoned it properly and even let it marinate for one night. What do you think? The aroma of herbs it’s smells good, right? Mmm… Arrogant. Why!? Huh? What’s wrong Nori? **-Karaage: spicy fried chicken. Makisushi: sushi wrappers in nori **
No… there are karaage. But where is makisushi I asked before? Keep calm Kawakami. I asked dorm mother to order them. Your favorite dishes, karaage and makisushi Tanba-san! But… the makisushi’s plate is totally empty. Until a moment ago it’s was definitely there. Hey Kuramochi! How is it that the food disappeared? Eh? I put it there… There- Huh? Eh? It’s gone! And the sandwich, french fries, even fried prawn disappeared! What does this mean…? Masuko-senpai…. It’s yummy! Did you eat it all? Clearly he is eating too much! You won’t get cake. Uga!? Aaah~! I was looking forward for my makisushi! Don’t get depressed, Nori. I’ll settle for karaage.
Don’t get depressed, Nori. I’ll settle for karaage. Well, we don’t know when coach will come back, let’s hurry up to make the gift exchange. Guys, it doesn’t matter where, sit down with your present. Uooh! The tension has gone up! I hope I will not get Eijun-kun’s present. When the music starts, we mix the gifts with the one beside you. Right? We’ll keep mixing them until the music stops. Hey, freshman! Sing! Eh? We sing? for real? Why? Well, music starts. Jingle bells! Jingle bells! Jingle all the way! @|#@€¿??=&%$$·”!!?Hey! Stop! Stop! Stop!
@|#@€¿??=&%$$·”!!?Hey! Stop! Stop! Stop! You’re all out of sync! Seriously…. Whatever. Let’s open the gifts it in turn. First, Captain Tetsu. Ok. Hm? Batting glove and in addition of Mizuno brand. Oooooh! When we talk about baseball NPD: This is Mizuno’s slogan.
Definitely we can do it tomorrow. NPD: This is Mizuno’s slogan. And at the same time, only with Mizuno!
NPD: This is Mizuno’s slogan. And at the same time, only with Mizuno!
I’m envy you Tetsu. Right guys? By the way, who gave this present? Yes! It’s mine, Tetsu-san. I’m expecting your home runs with high expectations. I’m going to double the effort to fulfill it. Since hardwork won’t lie. I cannot lose either. The next one is me! Glay’s CD, Hashire Mirai! This is… from you, Kawakami! Eh? Why do you think it’s mine? Hyahaha! You’re the only one when it comes to J-rock, Nori. Ahh… I see. What kind of music is it!? This song full of feelings belongs to a great rock band. Even the lyrics are the best. Even the lyrics is the best! Listen this song during during practice increases the tension. Jun-san, please listen it too. Not bad, I’ll listen to it too.
Listen this song during during practice increases the tension. Jun-san, please listen it too. Not bad, I’ll listen to it too. Next, Ryousuke. Ah~ I wonder what I get. If I’m not mistaken, that was from Harucchi’s. Yes. Oh? DVD? The millennial vengeful spirit of the black cat? It’s a horror movie, the ones you like brother. Je… there was a movie like this. I was looking for the one you haven’t watched. Because I want you to acknowledged me! Mmmh… I’ll punish you.if it’s boring, Brother! Well, well, The next Masuko! Uga! It’s a very tiny box. Ah! That was from Furuya. Hm? Polar Bear? Yes. It’s a polar bear ice cream. But inside is melting… It’s my favorite ice. Please eat it. As I said it’s melting… Next Tanba! I wonder who gave this gift to me. Tanba, that’s mine. Chris … I see. I’ll be relieved if it’s from you. I Love Nippon. My success in Japan, Author: ANIMAL It’s my dad’s book. He gave it to me with such insistence that I couldn’t refuse it. No … I’ll gladly accept it. Say it honestly if you don’t need it, Tanba. No! Next! It’s my turn. But what whit this idiot-smell from this exaggeratedly package? A tire? Chris-senpai! that gift belongs to me, Sawamura Eijun. This is my gratitude for having caused to you so much trouble and for took care of me. It’s a sign of my pride, respect and honor! This tire could be the one that you always pulls along? No way! It’s a new model, for this special day I went to a car service in the city to buy it. Carry this to the warehouse. Eh? What did you just say now? Another new piece has increased. It can’t be! Chris-senpai! Anyway, the next one! Miyuki! I wonder what I got~ Ah? You’ll definitely win, One hundred winning strategies for Shogi” This can it be… From me. Just like I thought. On the contrary, I think Tetsu-san needs this more than me… I have read it.
On the contrary, I think Tetsu-san needs this more than me… I have read it. Don’t worry. Open your heart and read it. I didn’t mean that… Refine your skills Miyuki, I’ll be your opponent at any time.
I didn’t mean that… Refine your skills Miyuki, I’ll be your opponent at any time. I’ll take it to study it. Next! Kuramochi. I have waited! What will come out? Ah? Eh? Shoujo manga? And there are five volume? The 5 best shoujo manga that will make you cry my selection!? It must be Isashiki. It’s from Isashiki. Undoubtedly it’s from Jun. Uga. What’s wrong with it?! No, no, nothing.
What’s wrong with it?! Kawakami! Eh? Oh Yes. This, Eh? An illustrative book to healing crybaby? Ah? Who the hell give it? Mine. Kawakami got it? Actually, I wanted Haruichi got it. for me? Cuz you’re cry easily. Gods, brother don’t say that. Je… so Haruichi is crybaby? First time I’ve heard it. Don’t make fun of me. Then… I give it to you. Oh. Nori-senpai, thank you! Will you aceppt it? Well, Nori. Since you exchange your gift with Kominato little brother’s Say it again. Yes! This time what is? CD? Uh? Oh? DoP, Daiya no Ace Supporting Project: Mirai e Tsunage? Who gave it? Me. Toujou? There’s Yurika-chan inside. Eh? Yu-Yurika-chan? I want to give it to you because Kawakami-senpai loves music, Next time let’s talk about it! Ah Yes… Although I’m not an expert in idols… Next, Kanemaru! Yes! Bucket puddings? Hey Masuko is it yours. Let me explain! Ah? It’s a smooth special pudding, it’s perfect to taste when you’re hungry at midnight. Thank you… I can’t eat something sweet at midnight. The next! Toujou! Yes! Oh? The 99 methods for you to become stronger in fighting games including a DVD. That’s mine. Next time let’s play a fight game! Yes… first I have to change the game software. Next, Furuya! Oh… Listen to Tarou, volume 3. What is that book about? What kind of problems does it lead that book? Who gave this? Me. Listen Furuya if you have trouble at pitching, listen to Tarou. Ok? Yes! This is one of the favorite books about life of “resplendent head”. Listen to Tarou! Yes! Well last, Sawamura! Yees! Finally my turn! I’ve been waiting for this moment since in the city. I wonder what inside this present. Ah, that’s mine.
I wonder what inside this present. Ah, that’s mine. Inside is a cutting tool what everyone can use, a egg slicer. Aaaaaaah! and he says it before I open this… A very easy to use egg slicer to obtain perfect cuts, Cut an egg with a knife is very difficult but if you use this, you can easy cut them cleanly. Even for someone like you, who is so inept can use this to make salads. Hahaha So useful utensil! I always pissed off by the bad way I cut it. But I don’t even make salads! And what do you mean by inept!? I only tell the truth. cuz you don’t have breaking ball to confuse batter’s timing. Miyuki-senpai is so outspoken. Damnit, make fun of me. And I’m really was looking forward for this gift exchange! Give back my excitement, you four eyes catcher!!! That irritates me! Stop babbling and shut up Sawamura!
That irritates me! Stop babbling and shut up Sawamura! But kuramochi-senpai! Sawamura, be quiet.
But kuramochi-senpai! Sawamura, be quiet. Yes! Chris-senpai! It’s almost the time coach comes back. It’s true. Well guys, have your crackers ready! Crackers? It’s what everyone do last, We say “Merry Christmas” while pull cracker. Great! It’s the soul of the Christmas party! This time who want to do it? Anybody is fine. Who wants to do it? Yes, yes! I will do it! Will you do it? Do it Sawamura. Thank you, leader! Sawamura go with everything. We leave this to you. Uga. You’re so arrogant to be offered yourself before senpais. You must shout from your stomach. Don’t get nervous and mess the line! As a representative of the first year, do it well! First, take a deep breath! Therefore, Sawamura Eijun, carrying the expectation of everyone as an ordinary player, I will bet everything for this important shout—! Stop this isn’t the speech of a director!
as an ordinary player, I will bet everything for this important shout—! Stop this isn’t the speech of a director! Too long. What? Eijun-kun hurry and shout. Harucchi you too? All right! Then let me do it. one, two and Merry Christmas! Yes! Yes! Yes! You’re so close. Until when are you going to continue doing that!? ¡Abisetaoshi!
**Techniques in a of sumo ** **Techniques in a of sumo ** Happy Holidays and visit us: www.facebook.com/Acenodiamond

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