EXPLORING LINCOLN XMAS MARKET | James Shaw | University of Lincoln

Guys! We’re at the Christmas Market! We’ve just made it up Steep Hill, you’ll have
to forgive me for my out-of-breath-ness. Tonight I’m gonna be showing you the Christmas
Market, and it’s still on when this video goes up! So if you like the look of it, and you haven’t
already been, then go! Look how picturesque it all is! They’ve got these Christmas decorations in
all the windows. They’ve got all these Christmas things over
here. Awh, look at them! Look how Christmassy they look! Look at all this stuff! All these people… Also, it’s worth mentioning guys, that the
Lincoln Christmas Market has recently been voted as the best Christmas market… (gasp)
Oh my god what what what?! This ride, I’m fairly certain, was the exact
ride that I went on when I was a kid. And I hated it! I didn’t like it. I don’t like rides, and it doesn’t matter
whether it’s just that and it just goes round in a circle. I’m definitely not going on that! This is a special police Mustang. They do crepes over there! We could get crepes! We were literally just saying that we’d get
pancakes. I know they’re not the same thing – shut up! I’m going for ‘just lemon’, we’re going for
two of them. Look at our pancakes! You’ve already started! Right, I’m gonna stop filming because I need
to eat it! Look at this! If you haven’t been to the Christmas market
before, and you haven’t been on the big wheel before then go on it! ‘Cos it’s bloody cool! I don’t remember this being here last year,
they have dodgems! Carol singers! Look at how nice this looks! Look at the Christmas tree! I think last year they had messages written on the
Christmas tree, that people had written on them. I’m not sure whether they’ve done that again
this year. Oh yeah look, they do! They have the little things all around them! It’s a bit chilly guys! I’m gonna end the vlog here. If you are interested in it, it goes on for
the next couple of days. I’ll see you very soon for another vlog.Goodbye

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