Family surprises daughter with HUGE Christmas gift! | Slyfox Family

I can’t wait for Jaden to see this one
you ready Jade on the count of three one two three let’s talk about thank you a key Chris come on wait I
feel like this is a typical situation in our house me and Jonah would be up
Christmas – my sister Joe and Kristen would always be sleeping and we’d have
to be like honor Merry Christmas leave in the comments if you guys are
early risers or if you sleep in I’m assuming this guy was always a sleeper
in ER even on Christmas but look who’s awake
both the kids are awake it’s Christmas morning we have huge
surprises for the kids just trying to get this one up he’s the last one
all right the party is about to start the kids are sleeping in it back there
right now well actually they’re not sleeping hi they’re waiting they’re
gonna run through they’re gonna bust through here to see all of their
presents there’s way too many presents again this year but yes a combined
family Afra here okay kids are getting ready to come out
and I can’t wait for Jay him to see this on I don’t even know she knows that’s
gonna be for her and they’re gonna come busting this are you guys almost ready
they go stand in the hallway not yet now get back there no I see you peeking
back up no back up we got you’re gonna run through it back
up go Kay back to the very back here we go I’m gonna count to three ready three
two one what is that open that yet you back up
back up you guys get up and I yes so this is a tradition in our family we
always open stockings first if you guys have any cool Christmas
traditions leave it in the comment is this from Nana yeah are you wrapping
yourself for Papa how much money was that was that was the
boss it looks like absolute yeah like
Christmas threw up in here that’s lost betting for the new house and use that
you didn’t think you would like that is that looked at in look at the American
Girl bounce off the theme put it up here is your bedding did keep open presents
from the back you watch it on the video yeah baby let
me see Jade what is a free baby doll what is it did you catch it nice catch
pops what I’d go on huh did you give me the new Apple watch Great Scott me they
do the Apple watch big Scottie the new Apple watch Wow yeah grace got me the
new Apple watch up she’s got you figured out heck yeah
drawing pad for my little artist right there and this one you could actually do
the animation out here what is it buddy remember you’re looking at him the other
day and a little guy like Oh Joe Makos hey Jaden last but not least this big
Oaxaca this thing is ginormous before you open it what do you think it’s gonna
be and tell you it is actually not a guitar Jaden it is way way way too big
for a guitar whoa whoa oh don’t kick it but it is a brand-new refrigerator right so this year you know we’re moving to
the house we needed a brand-new refrigerator and we thought what’s the
best way to do it it’s to give it to Jaden as a gift to make her feel like
she got something amazing all right are you ready Jade on the count of three one
two three wait a minute there’s a smaller present behind it what’s this
one what’s this one Jane what is it Jane love you I don’t want to put it down okay this is this is cruel that we’re
making her way here you got a Jaden open this up I’m so glad we had this on video
I’m like don’t open it I really really want to be on a watch bag this is such a
I know it’s such a special important well out of its imported but special
moment what do you think Jay Jay do you love it
yeah you love it it’s your size see ya give it a big strong nice day it looks
so good you two look so good Taylor when did you open shop Joe everybody that’s
good Jaden what do you think unique attire is so cool right and you want to
start hey Jade do I start working on guitar lessons together like once a week
C you got a guitar player over there you got a guitar player right there what show me your teeth now inside Merry
Christmas Merry Christmas to all of you thank you for watching we are going to
be doing a toy Hall tomorrow that you guys can check out while we got there
your toys we’re gonna thing as a family No you

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