#FCBayernXmas – Winter Champions celebrate Christmas Party ⚽️🎄🎁

The timing of the annual FC Bayern team Christmas party could not have been better. Earlier in the day, the Reds won 1-0 in Frankfurt and secured the Herbstmeisterschaft, the so-called autumn championship for the team top of the table at the midpoint of the season, with two matches to spare. On the back of this success the players, coaching staff, board members, officials and the club’s VIP guests gathered at Palais Lenbach in Munich to enjoy a few festive hours together, and perhaps also later hold a minor celebration for everything that’s already been achieved this season, especially since Jupp Heynckes’ return. Impressions from the FC Bayern Christmas Party 2017 It couldn’t be any better. If we’d been able to arrange this, we’d probably have wanted it the way it is today. We’re autumn champions, so in the first instance I’d like to offer many congratulations to the team. Bravo! As a team we’d like to say thank you to everyone, including the people I might not have mentioned by name. We definitely intend to keep it up. Our footballing targets are always the priority. I’m delighted to be part of this. Happy Christmas and “habe die Windpocken”!

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