Fira jul i Sverige – del 1 Första advent

Celebrate Christmas in Sweden – Part 1 – First Advent How do we celebrate Christmas in Sweden? These candles have my son Jonathan punched. Now Jonathan will light the candle. The first light that lights up on the first Sunday in December. So, then we have to wait a whole week until we get the next light on. When all four candles are burning, it is almost Christmas Eve You could say we start celebrating Christmas on December 1st. Today is the first Sunday in December. And then it’s the first advent. Then we first light the candle. Then we have a Advent candlestick. I’ve cooked rice porridge for breakfast. Making rice pudding takes about 50 minutes. On my rice porridge I have cinnamon, sugar and milk. Now I’ve had cinnamon, sugar and milk on rice porridge. Now it’s just eating. Yum! On the first of December we also start to look at the Christmas calendar on TV. It is a section (per day) right up to Christmas. So there are 24 episodes. At my house it snows the first advent. There has been quite a lot of snow. So it’s a white December. I’ll be back next Sunday Jonathan is making candles. and dip them. He must first stand in line. and wait for his turn. Then when he dips, he dips once, bends his knees and then he lets the candles drip off. and then he goes and hangs them in place so that they cool. He has several candles. Now he will dip his other candles. and he even more candles. and now he dips the candles again. This is a branch candles.

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