He always while walking sleeps Outside WE BACK HOME I’m gonna put him bed and make him sleep again SEE YOU LATER Finish our walk mommy is still sleeping We can’t make our alone time together since we had priam Goodmorning where we going today daddy? today we are going to costco costco and outlet let’s take a look we’re going going to buy priams stuff and some xmas gifts see you later its cold this one is better Thats cute buy mine too and buy priam too mommy what about us? NO lets buy that one white is fine nope that one is better lets buy handsome We are home now today we buy some oikos yogurt cream cheese philadelphia 2 muffins banana and chocolate i already frozen it Thank you for watching till the end we are going to show you on our xmas vlog what we buy on costco please look forward for our xmas vlog See you on our next video

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