Franklin’s Magic Christmas Special

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  1. I may only be 15 and might have not been born or old enough to understand this movie when it first came out but damn I love this movie

  2. Weird to see dogs as anthro characters whereas there was an episode where Franklin finds a puppy in the tv show and it's non sentient. I wonder what the difference is. Do the Collies own a dog?

  3. the shawl franklin's grandma is wearing is the same color as splinter's kimono from the original 1987 "ninja turtles" cartoons

  4. I love this movie <3 I saw this last time when I was ten. This is not same language, but when I watch this I remember single lines.

  5. Twinkle twinkle little star is my favourite it sing along with franklin and Herriot and me 43:22

  6. 1: 0:00
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  7. Why are you guys picking on Harriet? She's just a toddler, she doesn't know any better. Her parents and brother need to set examples of how they want her to behave.

    Toddlers need to be taught, they can't learn to behave on their own. Only if they don't behave when their taught you have to be a little tougher.

    A gentle word turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.

  8. Miss this so much! Franklin and Friends looks unrecognizable and it makes me sad that the beauty, art and time of hand drawn animation is gone! Sure we have some great animation like CoCo but it will never compare to hand drawn imo.

  9. Greetings everyone,

    I have a question about a particular animated movie/show (I can’t remember if it was a movie or a cartoon show) that I saw on TV in Canada (maybe on the YTV channel, I can’t remember), but I haven’t got any idea as to what its title is and I’ve been curious about it for over 10 years. I’ll just describe everything I remember seeing in the cartoon and I’d greatly appreciate it if anyone is able to give me the title for it if anyone knows what I’m talking about.

    Okay, so the movie is like it takes place in a very cold region (or it’s just winter) and there were these three kids (one Caucasian girl, one Caucasian boy and another boy who seemed aboriginal/native american if my memory is correct), this giant male snow creature/spirit monster being the villain, another giant snow creature/spirit monster (this one being female and a good character (she sort of looked like Ursula from Disney’s The Little Mermaid)). From the point I started watching the movie, the girl and boy were sleeping in their bedroom (I think they’re siblings) with a large snow storm outside and then later on the kids are on the run from the villainous snow creature/spirit monster and even try escaping him by sledding on a door. Then the kids’ friend (the boy who seemed aboriginal) joins in and helps them get away from the snow creature. The three kids later on build snow sculptures of themselves in a tent to trick the snow monster to possibly get further away from it. They later on melt and shrink the snow monster using fire and just as the shrunken snow creature escapes, the girl snatches him, but then she immediately wakes up in her bedroom, revealing it was all a nightmare. But then outside of her window her aboriginal friend was there on her house’s roof (I can’t remember why) and her possible father was outside in the yard and then the snow creature comes as not a dream, freezes the girl’s father into an ice sculpture and kidnaps her aboriginal friend. She wakes her brother and they go out to rescue their aboriginal friend. Then this weird bearded man (I think he was bearded) with a weird cat or canine-like pet is against them for some reason and slows them down but they escape him, but he follows after them. Then the boy and girl come across the female giant snow creature/spirit monster who tells them some stuff to do with the plot and I guess directs them to the bad creature/spirit monster. Then the weird bearded man throws this red chemical filled vial at the female giant snow creature/spirit and it explodes on her, killing her (maybe, if my memory is correct). Then the girl and boy come across the bad giant snow creature/spirit monster who has their aboriginal-like friend captive and the weird bearded man catches up and for some reason becomes a good guy. Then they use the bearded man’s other red chemical filled vile and throws it at the bad monster, killing him. They save their aboriginal friend, escape and I guess live happily ever after. Note: I don’t remember if the kids’ father lived from being frozen.

    Anyways, that’s pretty much everything I remember from it. Note, this might’ve been a made for TV cartoon movie. An immense thanks to anyone who is able to reveal the movie title for the movie I’ve just described. If my descriptions on the movie entertained any of you, I’m glad you liked it. Thank you very much!

  10. I love Christmas time it's my favorite holiday because it's not about the present or gives it about spending time with your family and friends

  11. I love how everyone….the baby brothers and sisters parents n grandparents all grow older with age except for franklin n his friend hahaha

  12. I also remember in the tv show granma turtle lived alone in a stone house down the road from franklins not on a farm with grandpa turtle I Dont think he exsisted in the tv show

  13. I love all Christmas Children Shows and Movies. This is the first time I've seen this!!! I do not understand why there were 398 people who thumb down this show. It is so cute!!!!!!💗 Merry Christmas, everyone!!!!!!

    Remember the true meaning of Christmas when our Savior gave his life to save us all through his Atonement.

  14. At 47 and still enjoying this.. Franklin and Bear are so adorable.. I'd rather watch this than most of today's shows !

  15. Franklin is upset because Harriett's shenanigans led to Franklin losing Sam, and he starts off refusing to forgive her as a result.

  16. The First Time I watch this I was five.. now I'm 14 and glad to watch this again! I'm going to make a tradition to watch this every Christmas! I also watch this in September.. so I think I have a problem…

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