Fresh Vegetables in Canada From Yuletide Christmas Tree Farm

today is August 24th 2018
I have some company they are my friends a little brownie and Brownie we are here now in Yuletide farm they will sell real Christmas tree during
Christmas time you can choose what tree do you want it will last around two to three months here’s a duck the goat is pregnant some chickens here we will pick vegetables I will just help you go up we just came from Yuletide Christmas Tree farm they are the one who help us when we move to our house in transporting our furnitures as you can see earlier there are many fresh vegetables, carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, raspberry we will return if the corn is ready for harvest onions What time is it? 2:07 Where are we going? library we will go home first we won’t be going to library anymore why I’ll go directly to work after it’s not far it’s far 15 kilometers going to the house downtown to our house is around 11 kilometers you will be wasting fuel gasoline here is cheap, only for $1 it equivalent to Php40 if we can buy a house with a garden Lynneth will maintain it hopefully because she loves gardening

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  1. Hello, Blekxy! I'm from Peru and I´m looking forward to move to NB with my family. We are four! It would be amazing if you make a video about the cost of living there and the average income. I totally enjoy watching your videos. Thnx!

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