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MINKY channel Time to wake up. Oh, it’s Christmas! Yes Anna we’re having a Christmas party so you have to get up Oh, I’m so excited. It’s my first Christmas party Yes, and you have to get ready because the guests are gonna arrive soon Hey, it’s our first Christmas party with Barbie and her sisters. I’m excited. Let’s make it a white Christmas How about some more snow? Oh yes, please Elsa! More snow! Okay I’ll make it snow while you get ready then Let’s make this a very white Christmas. More snow! That’s more like it What do you think Anna? Is this good enough? Oh yes, thank you Elsa. It’s perfect! Our first Christmas together Okay, let me comb my hair Here, let me help you with that. I’ll help you with your braids Okay, let’s put some braids together and comb it out Your hair is so beautiful Anna. I just love your braids There we go perfect! You look beautiful! Thank you, Elsa. You’re the best sister EVER. Thank you so much for doing my hair. Any time. Let’s brace and perfume Wow! We smell good. Yes, we do. Well look at the snowflakes falling, I just love Christmas, and I love it when it’s a white Christmas Let’s make sure all of the decorations are in place we want everything tonight to be perfect It’s my first Christmas with my sister Anna And a lot of guests are coming tonight. Can you guess who will be here? Whoa this castle is so rad! My gosh this is the coolest thing ever! I can’t believe I’m gonna be partying in a castle!! Wow!!! It’s so pretty. I’ve never been in a castle before! Hey guys wait up! Wow, I can’t wait to see everyone and see what the castle looks like inside okay, I Better catch up. Hey guys wait up! I just love Anna Elsa’s castle. It’s so cool. Yeah. I want to live here Okay, let’s go inside girls. We’ll just ring the doorbell and get in. Itt’s freezing out here Yeah, I’m super cold me too, but I totally dig the snow though. It’s gonna be a white Christmas Whoo the Christmas cupcakes turned out perfectly!! All right, let’s set the table and we’re gonna have some evening tea as well with our cupcakes. It’s perfect. Someone’s already here, I wonder who that could be… Coming coming…. Hi Barbie! Hi Ken! Hi Stacy! Hi Skipper! Hi Chelsea! Wow, this is so cool. I can’t believe I’m in a castle Thanks for the invite Thanks for having us. Oh wow look at the Christmas tree. It’s so pretty. I love the tree We should have this at our face Barbie. Yeah, maybe next year. We’ll have one like this. Oh my gosh Presents! I love presents! Can we open the presents? I think this one’s for me Barbie. Please? I really want to open presents I found the present for me. Can I open this please Barbie? Just one gift. Come on please? STOP! No guys it’s gonna be more fun when we open it together. I know you guys can’t wait, but trust me It’s gonna be much more fun later. When everyone’s here Yeah, guys you guys are so immature. Just wait until everyone gets here. OH MYGOSH! Is that what I think it is? I see a gift for me. Okay, Never mind Can I open this please? I changed my mind. I’m totally in with the girls on opening gifts early Barbie just let us open one gift. Yeah, just one gift, please? Girls, no. You have to be patient Hi, Barbie. Thanks for coming. It’s so nice to be celebrating Christmas with everyone This is my first time. I hope the trip was okay. No No, thank you for having us your castle is just beautiful. Yeah, thanks for having us oh YAY! You guys are here. Chelsea! Hi! Thank you for inviting us to the cafe your castles. So pretty! can I live here with you? Of course you can if Barbie will let you. Oh, wow. This is so good. Have you guys tried? This strawberry punch. who made this? This is delicious! You guys need to try this. Thanks so much for the snow. I just love a white Christmas. Thank You Elsa. You’re welcome, I wish I had magical powers like Elsa too. That would be so cool! Well Sometimes it could be a hassle yeah Tell me about it. Like last time….What an awesome party Elsa. I’m so happy Me too. It’s my first party with everyone, and it looks like they’re all having so much fun. Yeah, of course I can’t wait until the others get here. Hey girls. What are you doing? Hey, I’m super stoked me too. I can’t wait until Santa gets here. Shh. I didn’t tell the girls They’re gonna be super surprised when they see Santa they definitely will We have another guest. I gotta open the door Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! Skipper can you please tell Santa I’ve been such a good girl Yes, he knows you’ve been a very good girl this year. Yes I’ve been such a good girl this year Did you bring some gifts for me? Look at all these! Gifts ho ho ho. Hi Anna. Hi Elsa. Yay, look at all these presents! Are they for me? Oh wow Santa bought a whole sleigh of presents for everyone! Santa’s the best! This is gonna be the best Christmas ever! Hi, Flynn. Oops…. I mean…hi Santa Whew! Almost let the secret out Barbie Barbie, did you see? Santa brought a sleigh of presents! This is the best Christmas ever! We’re in a castle with Elsa Anna and there’s so many presents I’m glad you’re happy Chelsea. Whoa more presents! sweet! Oh My gosh. There’s so many presents. I can’t wait to open everything. This is the best Christmas ever!!! Thank You Santa you’re the best! Hi skipper, I’m Santa Oh oh oh! Oh Flynn, I’m sixteen. I know you’re Flynn you’re not Santa. Santa doesn’t exist Santa will always exist if you believe in him. You just have to believe Hi Ken! Hi, Rapunzel. Hi everyone. Sorry. We’re late. It’s a storm outside, which I know who probably did it Thanks, Elsa! Haha dude you look ridiculous. Well someone had to be Santa Thank you so much for being Santa Flynn! It’s okay. When I see the smile on those girls, it’s worth it Yeah, it makes a huge difference that Santa’s here. Wow you really do look like Santa Flynn. You can be Santa again next year, too I don’t know about that But maybe I’ll try to convince him to be Santa next year. It took him an hour to get into that suit It’s a little big for him too, but he really does look like Santa Yeah, he really does! It looks like someone else is here who could it b. Hey everyone Hello Hi guys. I brought some more gifts for everyone. Whoo! It’s quite a storm out there All right Where shall I put these gifts? Yay Teresa Lisa Barbie and Prince now everyone is here! Now the party is ready to go Wow, look at these. Thanks Teresa. Can we open them yet Barbie? No, not yet. let’s look at the Christmas tree I wanna go play with Chelsea. Okay, have fun with Chelsea. I think she’s over there. Chelsea Chelsea! Hi Barbie Do you need any help? Wow, it’s getting hot. Let me just take off my coat Hmm, okay, let’s organize the presents under the tree Wow look at all these gifts, I’m super stoked. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas. Want to go play? Okay. It’s so nice of you to be Santa for everyone. Hey, dude you look weird. Haha You have to try this cupcake Snow White. It’s just so good. Here have some Prince Have some of these cupcakes. They’re so good This is delicious Elsa you’re such a good cook. Wow! I think I’m gonna have to have another All the presents are piled up and the Christmas trees looks stunning Okay, guys. Let’s gather. We’re gonna light up the Christmas tree now. All right. Is everyone ready Yes, I can’t wait. Me too, me too. Light it light it! I hope it works… Merry Christmas guys Merry Christmas This is gonna be so cool. Yeah, okay, let’s light up the tree one… two… three!!! Wow it’s beautiful, it’s just perfect. Oh, I’m glad it worked Wow it’s so shiny this is the best tree ever it’s the most beautiful tree in the world It’s very beautiful. Merry Christmas everyone. Ho ho now let’s open gifts. Yay, I can’t wait! Can I go first please? I can’t wait to open gifts. Ho Ho Ho! In the next video we’re gonna be opening gifts Anna Elsa barbi are gonna open and find out what they got for Christmas. Don’t miss it

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