FROZEN Elsa & Anna Santa Christmas Morning Presents Opening 2016 Fun Kids Toys!

Kinder Eggs our favourite! Oh Anna I’m so excited tonight is Christmas Eve and Santa is going to be coming i don’t know what I’m even going to be able to sleep me either we better try because the Elf on the Shelf was watching sweet dreams Elsa Sweet Dreams Anna Wait…its Christmas morning. It’s finally here. Elsa Elsa wake up. Wake up its Christmas morning. Its Christmas morning. Lets get dressed. see our presents Anna Look at all the presents Hurray, Hurray, Hurray for Santa Look Santa really liked our treats Where to start Elsa? right here Its Shopkins Season 6 Chef Club 12 pack They are so cute. I got Poppy from the Trolls movie I love her She’s adorable. I can’t wait to style her hair This is Gemma Stone Santa your are awesome. Well I got Bubbleisha Chef Club Shopkins Chef Club I love her bubblegum themed dress Its Kitty in my Pocket playset It comes with a little adorable handbag that you can put all your Kitties into. Theres a brown kitty, a white kitty, a grey kitty and a greyish brown kitty. Look at this Shopkins Season 6 Nice n Icy Fridge Its so adorable. we are going to have so much fun with this playset. Lets open some more presents This is the HAPPY PLACES Bathing Bunny playset. Look at Bubbleisha. she’s ready to have some fun bathtime. I got a Barbie playset. It comes with Barbie s are so yellow you’re welcome it is printed flex up from far me and this super door movie yes chef plum juice you prevent them all right she’s gonna be all ready for cooking together oh wait here he you know what I got it like depression make you puppy down and you can see the motto on this is gonna be such good company in the pattern from my freakin you and if you haven’t checked out her Channel go check it out she’s all them read the paper we never happy I shadowy for one peanut butter and one very fat and they turn it to just going to everyone and if it’s really school she has a circular this tour package of boy up and he little M&M hurt to dinners one of Honor likely oh please come on shove a lot pops our favorite these are such fun claimant what she really looks like shop i got this making-out candy and animals down for it like animals he’s always super fun to play with and I think this is my favorite it’s a little doggie plan and the color and a little hello cupcake surprise toys thank you girls for being one of our YouTube friends we love watching your videos especially we’re sending you a few surprises hopefully they’re you for you sure i love girls balance of beautiful kind you Jimmy ok for all the morning I can’t believe we have still more surprises to open let’s open this one first this is from the one veteran’s we love this channel clean t-shirt these are awesome there’s candlelit bubble and do their bubbles you can II is a character from the Ghostbusters movie this is Aaron Gilbert Jesus typical state pup’s bleu goes across your line up cool bag little tree back let me see what’s inside so you can even side at this poster of the world adventure girl make out later can use so much one adventure girls for this awesome package you are so kind of hope you’re having a great holiday don’t forget to check the channel link down below now for our last surprise to you and to kinder Santa Clauses now before we go play with all these toys we want to say a huge time to do all our subscribers and viewers for liking commenting sharing and subscribing videos for all your support we love you guide and you I defense Christmas present ever tune in next week for a lot more great videos love you ok tide from that I’ll take and I love my bear bad you i can’t going to go take back the baby bunny on Wow ok

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