Gecko’s Garage Christmas Special | Big Trucks For Children

Left a bit! Right a bit! That’s Perfect! Well done Caroline. Oh, hello everyone! We’re very excited We’re getting ready
for Christmas, here at Gecko’s Garage. Caroline the Crane has been helping to decorate
our sign, and Larry the Lorry should be here soon, with our Christmas tree. Danny the Digger is digging a hole, ready
to plant the tree. Good work, Danny Hello Larry! Goodness me, that tree is enorrrrrrrrrmous! Caroline, we’re going to need your help
to lift it up and plant it in the hole. Thank you Caroline. Now the tree is in position, Mia the Mini
Digger is small enough to reach underneath and put the soil back. Well done, Mia. Hmmm, the tree looks a little bare. We need to decorate it. I think this sounds like a job for The Mechanicals. Go! Go! Mechanicals. Oh dear, the Mechanicals can’t reach. I think we need some help from Fiona the Fire
Truck, with her ladder. That’s looking lovely! The only thing missing is a star on the top. Hmmmm, it doesn’t look as if Fiona’s ladder
can reach that high. This looks like a job for Super Mechanical! Beautiful! And here comes Florence the Forklift and Sid
the Skid Loader with some presents, to put around the tree. 1…2…3…4…5. Only five presents? I’m sure there should be more than that! Aaaaah! Dylan the Dump Truck is carrying the rest
of the gifts, well done Dylan! Fantastic! With a little help from our friends, we managed
to get everything decorated in time for the Gecko’s Garage Christmas Party! Here come the rest of the guests! Merry Christmas to you all, from everyone
at Gecko’s Garage. We’ll be having lots more adventures in
the New Year, so see you again soon!

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