100 thoughts on “Getting My WiSDOM TEETH Removed | How Will I React??”

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  2. My best friend recently fought a battle with cancer, everytime she had a surgery she asked them to film or take photos 😂 including the birth of her daughter, and her brain surgery ❤️

  3. This was perfect for me and just the thing to cheer me up! I just got four teeth pulled and I am still numb all over! So relatable! 😆 Thanks for this!

  4. Other people when they get thier wisdom teeth out:Cryinqg and loopy!

  5. Some of your first videos I watched was Brooklyn and Bailey getting their wisdom teeth out. That hooked me and I been watching you guys since. Great videos Thanks!!

  6. Kamri, this is really funny. It did remind me when your sisters got their wisdom teeth removed. Just to let you know, I subbed to your channel. I love what I have seen from your family and it is really awesome. This too was a really funny video.

  7. I had my wisdom teeth removed but I didn't wake up with any emotion other than, I feel like I'm run over by a truck! No laughing or crying or anything. While I was getting the anesthesia I kept thinking, I'd better tell the doctor I'm still awake! Hey put down the tools! But then suddenly I woke up a moment later and I was totally sober. Weird that it had no effect on me.

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