Gridiron Heights, Season 2, Episode 16: Russell Wilson Is Home Alone This Christmas

Fifteen years and these lights still work Oh yeah? Let me show you how to light it up Yeah, let’s just take this one week at a time I think things will turn around this Christmas No, no, no. He wants a PS4 How about a PS4? PS4! PS4! PS4! Great deals on PS4 now I thought the Seahawks were like, injured, or terrible The kid’s all alone in there Let’s sack ’em and take the NFC West! OWWW! They’ve done it! The Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl! We are the 12th man! We are so important We rattle the other team Ow! Ow! Wait a minute, I’m a professional quarterback This doesn’t affect me [We’re basically on the team!] Thirsty for more? Whiff! It’s over Wilson, you’ve got no football team BANG! BANG! Christmas is a distraction

100 thoughts on “Gridiron Heights, Season 2, Episode 16: Russell Wilson Is Home Alone This Christmas”

  1. Teacher: Ok I'm taking attendance say here if I call your name…… Antonio Brown

    Students: . . .

    Teacher: Of course he's always out

  2. Russell Wilson deserves a different team, like:
    -Broncos, while they have a promising defense, they always give up chances with the offense. Plus, they are in a QB crisis.
    -The Bengals have a good defense with Geno Atkins and Vontaze Burfict, and will have a triple threat of Wilson, Bernard, and Green on the offense if he decides to go there.
    It's unlikely he'll sign to a new team, so I do hope the Seahawks will do better next year, because the offense is struggling now and Earl Thomas isn't a one man show.

  3. The irony is that Chirstmas is techinally the most important week for the NFC while the AFC is sent in stone almost as alot of team's odds of winning are fading.

  4. Grinch Belichick is my spirit animal I fucking hate Christmas and the Pats, wait damnit, also it wasn't a catch, keep the ball off of the fucking turf

  5. Omg I love gridiron Heights it's Amazing and funny plz keep up the good work because this is the best 🤘🏻👍👍

  6. References
    1. The Iron that falls says “grid”
    2. Constancy with the iron mark on Aaron Donald’s head
    3. Goff steps on 12th man like harry with marbles, also the tv plays, just like it did for Marv
    4. Garbage paint used to show garbage stats
    5. Richard Sherman’s poster face looks like his reaction to the interception in SB49
    6. Poster says keep calm and run the ball, unlike in SB49
    7. Bill will still beat them both (shovel references the old man that saves Kevin)

  7. The ending is PRICELESS!!! P.S. and its not brought to you by MasterCard. The NFL is Like VISA everywhere you want to be!!!

  8. This so much funnier now because The Patriots beat the Rams and Bill beat goff and donald over the head with a shovel in this one

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