Hair Salon + Christmas Date in Tokyo ❤️ Vlogmas Day 22

Good morning, from the salon, welcome to Vlogmas Day 22. Getting my extensions out and we’re gonna see what my hair looks like With them out, but you can kind of see the line of my hair, it’s like that long Hopefully it looks decent, if it doesn’t I’ll probably get them one more time. It’s still winter here for a couple more months And I’m moving to korea so I can only come to the salon a few more times well Probably, when I’m back in town, I’m gonna stop by here every time I’m back in Tokyo for work Because Yoshi’s really great. If you’re looking for a salon in Tokyo And you have foreign hair, I really recommend coming here because they have lots of experience with foreigners. A new Pokemon event just started so there’s new Pokemon. It’s awesome, really good timing for coming to Tokyo cuz they’re everywhere Okay, we took them out so this is the State of my real hair It grew a little bit Since I put them in But it- it feels so thin compared to when I had the extensions in It just looks so much, healthier and uhhhh I can’t decide what to do. (Japanese) What to do? Yoshi said that I could, have them out for a couple of weeks to just like give my head a break, so i can get like a nice Scrub in there in the shower That’s really one thing that you can’t Do with extensions and it’s like really scalpy scalp, so I might wait a couple weeks and then come back put them back in So I’m getting a treatment right now, this is the Milbon Smoothing? Smoothing Ultrasonic treatment? Yay And it looks like they’re using a hot iron but it’s actually, it’s not hot at all it’s It vibrates and it helps the treatment penetrate into your hair And I’m eating the biggest wrap ever. It’s got tofu, kale, beets, quinoa There’s something else that I forgot, but it’s really yummy And I got a beet juice over there And I’m catching Pokémon it’s so soft So silky and smooth feels really healthy And they give you some little treatments to take home so that you can Do them at home once a week. It’s really nice, they really helped Keyboard-san has joined me in Tokyo and there’s a big chunk of something on my lens. And i’m gonna take him to Ain Soph, the restaurant that I always go to here in Shinjuku. I hope he likes it, it’ll be his first time trying a vegan burger i guess Super yummy, so I think he’s gonna like it yep This is the chicken burger, you guys Have seen it before, if you watched my other vlog when I came with Micaela, and the mac and cheese. These are My two favorite things on the menu. It’s super creamy, reminds me a lot of the dia mac and cheese, so if you Like that, you’ll like this even more [Sharla]: Good?
[Keyboard-san]: Mmm [Japanese train announcement]: The next station is, Harajuku, Harajuku. The doors will open on the right side. We’re heading to Hibiya Park now for a Christmas market. It’s like a European-style, Outdoor Christmas, Shopping market? I don’t know how else to explain it. They have little booths with food and they sell Christmas decorations and yeah, lotsa fun stuff. So they’re selling lots of European foods. I really want to try this, I don’t know if this is a holiday thing Judging by the ingredients it seems like it, but it looks really yummy [Quiche- Bacon & Onion/4 Cheeses] [German-style meatballs / Wieners & Schinken] [Kronenbourg Blanc/ Strawberry beer] They have these outdoor heaters set up everywhere, so it’s so warm when you’re walking around. It’s pretty chilly tonight so it’s nice There’s so many little shops, I didn’t expect there to be this many actually Woah Lemon ginger hot beer- I wanted to try that one This one’s made from my favorite type of Japanese grapes I wanna try that one This one comes with orange Oh, that’s strong The orange is really good though It’s really sweet, so it’s like really strong red wine With orange and cinnamon and lots of sugar It’s really good, and it’s actually really easy to drink even though it feels like there’s lots of alcohol in it If you ever happen to be at this market, I really recommend this one with the orange and it’s super yummy [In Japanese] Thank you. They have a bunch of workshops, where you can sign up to make crafts They’re pretty expensive though, so we passed on it cuz we’re trying not to add more things to our house. This one you could make your own candles They’re making different candles in here These jelly ones, and this is some kind of wreath competition Whoo, this one’s so pretty Well this is nice, it’s probably the most christmasy place inTokyo, so if you’re looking for a Christmas mood and some yummy German food- it looks like everything here is German or at least most of it- I’ll write the address down below But it’s in Hibiya Park, it’s pretty easy to find if you get off Hibiya station and go out Exit A 14 Yeah, A14 or I think A10, is also okay Alright guys, thanks for watching. I’ll see you again for another episode of Vlogmas. Tomorrow will probably be going to the hospital tomorrow. I’m going to take him in even if I can’t get a poop sample so I really hope everything’s okay with him, I’ll update you guys on that tomorrow Goodnight.

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  1. The market reminds me a lot of germany. We have them all over Germany in the winter time. They would sell drinks like Glühwein and Hot chocolate and food wise a lot of sausages and fried potato pancakes (sorry no idear how to describe "Kartoffelpuffer"). So funny that they have those christmas markets in Japan.

  2. The hot wine is a really common thing all over Europe at christmas markets. It's basically red wine sweetened and spiced with ingredients and it's amazing

  3. Omg 😆 You've never had mulled wine before? I never knew that people outside Europe don't make it. We make it at home every Christmas, it's called "vin fiert" in Romania. And it's not as strong as it seems because most of the alcohol evaporates when you boil the wine.

  4. What a great mishmash of cultures that market has! I saw German, French and Russian traditions 🙂 Plus all the figurines felt really Western :p Your hair still looks really pretty, even if you find it too short at the moment!

  5. In almost every city in Germany you can find this kinda christmas markets…and "Glühwein"(hot wine..with the organge) is our traditionel drink there
    So…greets from Germany
    Happy Christmas😊🎄

  6. We call that drink Mulled Wine in the uk, in other countries like Germany I think it’s Gluwein? Just wine warmed with orange and Christmas spices, sometimes a spirit like brandy put in as well. It’s so yummy!

  7. That Mac and cheese looks really good.japan seems to have great food.hey some else that likes ketchup on Mac and cheese,love it that way.i put real parm cheese on it as well.

  8. Dear sharla, Christmas markets are a German tradition/ export. First Austria and the rest of europe "copy" them but now they 're everywhere. Thats why everything seems german ;)Hope you had fun.

  9. Wow! Those Christmas markets look better than our Czech Christmas markets! Loved this video (as always). Love you! Merry Christmas!

  10. Your hair looks very nice in it's natural state, so don't worry! I am from Austria and we drink this hot wine and other hot boozy beverages from the beginning of Dec until well into January. It's pretty strong, esp if you go to the right places but it warms you up and makes for funny Christmas outings with friends and colleagues. Glad you enjoyed it. Lots of love to you ❤️

  11. I’m actually very surprised, that they also sell ‘Glühwein’ in japan😳 I never tried it cuz I’m still underaged but it sure looks yummy! And your hair is literally goals, I’ve never had that much of silky hair 😪

  12. Seeing all the german signs and things made me so happy! And the currywurst was so funny, I laughed really hard. I come from an area in Germany where currywurst is super popular and we just drown it in sauce and usually eat it with fries or a bun. So delicious!

  13. that's mulled wine. it is traditional for winter because it warms you up. health wise, it's not really recommended to drink it because it can increase the risk of getting a frostbite.

  14. The glühwein tastes really strong because it's hot. It makes the alcohol come out more, but it isn't actually stonger than normal wine

  15. Man, I've really been enjoying your daily vlogs. I hate it that they're nearly over. This year's has been great!! Merry Christmas, Sharla. I hope you and K.S. enjoy the holiday (if you celebrate it). 🤘🎄♥️

  16. really hope he used oil or something when removing the extensions..and honestly some parts of those "treatments" are a placebo and a way to charge more money..

  17. 今日も寒いね。


  18. Love Gluwein (mulled wine)! A wonderful winter/christmas drink I discovered when I moved to Europe =). Look forward to it every year around this time <3.

  19. We have Christkindlmarket in Chicago. Very similar to the Christmas town you just went to. Lots of the booths are handmade ornaments and trinkets. Some from Germany! You'd definitely enjoy it. And it runs a fairly long time too. I think from Thanksgiving all the way to new years. If you're ever in Chicago in the winter you should check it out.

  20. I thought like "lol they sell glühwein and currywurst. is this a german christmas market" and then you said "I guess everything here is german" hahaha xD

  21. A big hug from Germany! It's soo funny to see a "kinda" German Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas market) in Tokyo! The hot red wine is called Glühwein, I don't like it at all…but every single City smells like Glühwein at this time of the year. Hopefully Maro is okay. Fingers crossed.

  22. I love how you asked whether or not Glühwein is something seasonal, so cute ^-^ (btw, it is)
    I actually found the christmas market really interesting (mostly, because I never realized these markets are more of a European apparently originally German tradition). It's great though and while I think ours in Germany are less shiny and illuminated (?) (wooden, simple boothes where I come from most of the time), it was fantastic and I wish we'd get to see more of other countries on our markets. And since Tokyo is soo huge I feel like it's even better the way they did it, with loads of variety, so everybody can enjoy it 😀
    As for myself, I only go nuts about our medieval christmas markets by now, because I know the normal ones already and the medieval ones got knifes, and pelts, some delicious mead, wooden toys and instruments, beautiful self-made candles and everybody is actually trying to talks as in medieval times. It's great °^°

  23. So many German booths, foods and drinks! I didn't expect there to be a proper Christmas market in Tokyo. That's so cool 🙂 I couldn't imagine Christmas without them. Though we only pay about 3.50 per glass of mulled wine, so we drink a lot more of it 😉 happy Christmas to both of you!

  24. Hot wine is usually made for the Christmas time here in my country. You can add different kind of spices to it, I guess you can say instead of punch, we make and drink hot wine. You can make white or red wine depending on what you like more.

  25. Ah there's so many German things on this market, it kind of makes me really happy 🙂 Greetings and merry Christmas from Germany! ♥

  26. im in germany right now and the christmas market looks just like the ones here!! they even had glühwein omg. is so cool to see how traditions can be shared and appreciated in different points of the world

  27. Loved your day together. Personally, I think the hair without extensions looks nicer. Softer- more 'realistic' kind of? But of course, opinions always differ and as long as you feel good, that is what matters! ^_^ <3

  28. Your hair looks fab Sharla 🙂 we went to a Christmas market like that here in Edinburgh a few days ago and the kids loved it!

  29. Looks like some Germans chimed in on the drink, I am guessing it is the same as mulled wine? We just made some here. We use a dash of brandy, with oranges, cloves, cinnamon and anise.
    Happy Holidays from a California Swedish family. 💕

  30. Love the hair! When will we ever see your husband’s face? Is it a cultural thing that he doesn’t want his face in your vlogs?

  31. Do you of any salons that know how to work with black hair? That's one of my biggest fears about moving to Japan, finding ways to take care and style my hair.

  32. I liked Ain Soph when we went there, it was a nice environment and the food was pretty good. I assume the one in Shinjuku has a similarly nice environment.

  33. How fun! I just went to that Christmas market yesterday, then saw it on the vlog today 🙂 It was so busy. Saturday was the wrong day to go!

  34. That's funny. At the christmas market were so many german names and things, such as sausages (Weißwust) and beer. It's a munic brand.
    Greetings from Germany!!! <3

  35. I missed you by one day at the Christmas Market. It was very nice but the food and drinks are a lot different in taste then in Germany.

  36. Your husband looks like he has a pretty fly style! That leather jacket tho! Should have watched your video before going there yesterday myself 😀 As a german I also found it pretty accurate. Just the prices were a little too high. Almost 3x the original.

  37. I recently returned from Japan, and my host family surprised me by taking me to Illumination and gave me one of those flashing lollipops. Feels so weird hearing the voices from the train now I'm gone. Like a dream. 😊 I hope you had a Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year!!

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