Hamildolph (An American Christmas Story) – Hamilton Parody – Eclipse 6

How does a young buck reindeer, one who was constantly mocked and dropped in the middle of a forgotten island full of misfit toys where nobody could tell you what his name is grow up to be the one who’s the most famous? The same reindeer who led Santa through the fog and went globe trottin’ by not lettin’ fear stop him, got treated like a dog an’ that made it a tough slog an’ he was green. He barely had antlers upon his noggin’. And every day his playmates berated him by calling him names and it was lame. He struggled and kept his guard up. Inside he was tired of hearing the same old line. He started making use of his nose. It was super shiny. Well the word got around they said, “this deer is insane, man!” Wasn’t very long before the word got to the Big Man. All the other reindeer used to ban you from their games, but the world’s gonna know your name! What’s your name, man? Rudolph red-nosed reindeer. My name is Rudolph red-nosed reindeer. And Santa came to me one foggy year, on Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve… here he comes. (Here comes the Santa Claus!) Ladies and gentlemen! (Here comes the Santa Claus!) The moment you’ve been waiting for! (Here comes the Santa Claus!) The pride of the North Pole! Saint Nicholas! There’s a delay! (What?) Of my sleigh! (What?) Right before Christmas Day! This fog is not going away! I’m gonna need someone to light the way. Check it– can I be real a second? For just a millisecond? Let down my guard and tell the people how I feel a second? Now I’m the model of a modern myth that’s magical; a veteran with venison valeting him whose elves are all lining up to make my sleigh ascendable, hitchin’ reindeer to harnesses and checking off the names on Nice and Naughty Lists. But the elephant is in the room. The fog in our face and our mission is about to be doomed. Any hope of success is fleeting. How can I keep leading when the reindeer I’m leading can’t be seeing? We put a halt to proceedings as we try to get vision– it’s a tough decision, listen– We are in fog that’s thick! We gotta go quick! We gotta make it through this year! Ayo, I need a new lead reindeer. Is this the team with which I am to circle the globe? We fly at midnight, the North Pole in the distance. I cannot fly if I cannot see, people! I’m in dire need of assistance. Brrr–your Excellency, you wanted to see me? Rudolph, come in–did you say ‘brrr’? Yes, sir, ’cause it’s freezing. There’s a rumor, sir: Christmas is cancelled because there’s a storm out? Rudolph, Sir? Close the door, don’t let the warm out. Have I done something wrong, sir? On the contrary–I called you here because our odds are beyond scary. Your reputation precedes you, so I have to ask, Sir? Rudolph, what will it take to get you on my staff? Sir?! Okay look, I know you’ve got a crazy shiny nose. In fact I’ve heard there are those who even say it glows. I know the deer and all the elves now admire you. They laugh and call me names, like Pinocchio. Now why’re you upset? I’m not. It’s alright you want to fly, you’ve got a hunger. You’re just like Donner as a youngster. Head full of fantasies of flying like a starter? Yes. Flying is easy young man–leading is harder. Why are you telling me this? I’m being honest. I need to get these toys to all these kids like I promised. A fog this thick is not an option I chose. I need a reindeer who can light up his nose. So? (I am not throwin’ away my shot. I am not throwin’ away my shot. Ayo, it’s just why he came here, a young and scrappy reindeer.) I am not throwing away my shot! Son, we are in fog that’s thick! You need all the help you can get. I have some friends: Yukon Cornelius, and Hermey–he’s a dentist. K, what else? We gotta go quick! We’ll need to go as the crow flies, take short cuts and zoom through the night sky (Boom!) I’ll tell the elves to load the sleigh with supplies, we’ll take to the skies, all the haters will be surprised. (Chicka boom!) I’ll rise above above my station, lead your sleigh to every nation, we’ll go down in hist’ry as a winning combination, sir! (Here comes the Santa Claus!) Rise up! (What?) (Here comes the Santa Claus!) Rise up! (What?) Here comes the Santa Claus! What? And his lead reindeer! Boom! Hey, everybody, we are Eclipse 6 and we’re so glad you tuned in. We just, actually, finished recording our Hamildolph video and, of course, we’re huge Hamilton fans and we hope you had just as much fun watching this video as we did making it. So, merry Christmas to all of you and to all and to a good night and to thank you. Merry Christmas! Thank you.

100 thoughts on “Hamildolph (An American Christmas Story) – Hamilton Parody – Eclipse 6”

  1. One problem with this song though is that male reindeer shed their antlers in winter so you should have just used deer ears

  2. So how was the “bass synth” that comes in during the Santa/Washington rap part made? Was it layered and pitch shifted down?

  3. You should make a Christmas Hamilton series!!
    Here r some ideas…
    The story of Christ sung through Hamilton songs
    12 days of Christmas- ten duel commandments
    Like if u agree, god bless, and merry Christmas

  4. Here's some replay buttons for Christmas






    * Not an original idea *

  5. IS HORRIBLE BUT ALSO GREAT DEWHBWQDE GIWQEYGITFWEKYG QSDFFQWDEIOQWEDYGIQDFEKVJWDCQOIVJQEWFIWQEFOIJGQDEWOIUGWQE&GOIYQF4EIOUGQWEFGIYOFQERYOTHFERQHVWFREIYVGEWFROGIRWFEOIREQFIOYHRHWEPGYRWEPOJNEWFQOYGIREWIOYGEQOIVHERFQGUOEHRW IUHOWOIRFEQOYIWDQOIGUQFRIYJOQQDWOIVGIYOWQQXPIYNERQDVOYWEGVECUYEWGEUQRGRPOIQEDHÑLDKNQSgwuotrfiuegthhidqeuwiofwq4yhhiuhwffeiuhvwfqrihhufeqrouhgrfqeuhreqiutweffiughffewiureqfgyieeqdhqwkxwdofjidwhqcyuoheuijnoefoijcfejiobcihuecoiubqxcnsqdijobcwqdjbcwibojcibjddoijbcdwofijbviojbfdwijobvfdwuovfiodjbewfoucihhwdcijbcewcoib7fwwuvebdoiejcwowuidbfohiwefhfuicbeujfhcvhfweijvcwdwuhedfvhei

  6. Hermy's song:
    Ooooo a tooth, a tooth, a tooth, a tooooth, Cavitie! Oooo a tooth, a tooth, a tooth, a tooooth, I wanna be a dentist! I wanna drill into a tooth and put fillings in it, a dentist! You got a bad tooth in your mouth and I'm pulling on it.

  7. Me and my friend love Hamilton and our choir teacher realized that. He wanted to play Hamilton but it has some words that can’t be played in a school. So he played this. My friend didn’t settle very well with this so I had to cover her mouth to keep her from singing/shouting the real lyrics! 😂

  8. I don't understand how this is not viral. Has Miranda seen this? I bet he will be over the moon.

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