HAPPY Poppin’ Xmas – Chapter 1 – A Secret Phone Call

–The Next Day– –Fast Food Restaurant– Arisa: So Kasumi, where are you planning on holding the Christmas live? Have you thought about it yet? Kasumi: Oh right! I haven’t thought about it at all yet! Where do you all think we should have it? Saaya: Well, a safe bet would be maybe…at school? Rimi: I think doing it at school at this time would be quite difficult…since it’s not an official event or anything. Tae: Then how about doing it in the shopping district? Arisa: Isn’t that even less likely than doing it as school? We’d need to get approval from lots of different people for that. Rimi: That’s true…It’s very sudden so it might be difficult booking a venue. Kasumi: Ah! I know! How about asking Kokoron about it!? Kokoron has those people dressed in black after all! Don’t you think they’d be able to do something for us!? Arisa: Well, I don’t doubt that they can but…are you really okay with that? Kasumi: Eh? What do you mean? Arisa: It’s our Christmas live isn’t it? Would you be satisfied by just solving this all using some large, unknown power? Kasumi: Now that you mention it, it really does feel like cheating… Arisa: Right!? That’s why we have to do something about it ourselves. Rimi: Fufu. Arisa-chan, you’re really motivated for this aren’t you. Arisa: Th-That’s not true at all! It’s just because Kasumi is trying to make it too easy! Kasumi: Sorry. That was my bad. Saaya: In that case, why don’t we try going to CiRCLE? Arisa: Forget about it, CiRCLE will already have its own Christmas lives planned. Kasumi: Eeeh!? Really!? Arisa: Of course it will. Normally they’re fully booked over a year in advance for Christmas lives. Kasumi: So that’s no good~… Saaya, she said CiRCLE’s no good~… Saaya: I didn’t think that we’d be able to use CiRCLE either. I meant to go to CiRCLE and ask Marina-san for advice. Kasumi: Advice? Saaya: Marina-san probably knows a lot about other live houses so I think it would be a much better idea to ask her than just talking about it amongst ourselves. Kasumi: I see! That’s a good point! I agree! Rimi: We helped out with the Girls Band Party as well, so it should be easy to ask advice from her. Tae: I think we should do that too. Arisa: Well, we’re probably not going to get anywhere talking like we are now, so I guess for now we can trying going to CiRCLE like Saaya says. Kasumi: Yeah! In that case, let’s go! –CiRCLE Reception– Kasumi: Hello!! Marina-san, are you here!? Marina: Waa, Kasumi-chan, hello. Poppin’Party’s here in full force today as well. You all really get along well~ So, what are you after today? Kasumi: Um~, we wanted to ask you for some advice… Marina: Would it be…about a Christmas live? Kasumi: …Eh? H-How did you know!? Marina: Actually, I got a call yesterday from someone about whether or not they could do a Christmas live. So I thought that might be why you’re here. …Right? Arisa-chan? That was you on the phone yesterday wasn’t it? Kasumi: Eh? Arisa!? You called CiRCLE for us!? Arisa: Ha, haa!? Wa-wait, Marina-san, what are you talking about…!? I-I didn’t…make a call like that! Marina: Eh? R-Really!? Arisa: O-Of course not~, Marina-sa~n. Give me a break~, aha, ahahaha… There’s no way I’d call about something like that~, aha… Marina: I-I see, I’m sorry…It sounded exactly like you, so I was sure it was you. Anyway, I told that person that we’ve been fully booked for Christmas for over a year in advance… Kasumi: I see…so it’s true after all…That’s just what Arisa told us. Marina: But, after the call, I tried asking the owner whether or not they could use the free time during the day. Kasumi: …Eh? The free time during the day!? Marina: And the owner said it was okay. She said they’d probably be able to use it for a mini-live, and that it would be free since they helped us so much! Kasumi: R-Really!? A-amazing! That’s amazing! Saaya: We’d be completely fine during the day wouldn’t we? Rimi: Yeah! In fact, if we want a Christmas party after the live, it would be better having the live during the day! Tae: We did it, Kasumi! Being able to have a Christmas live at CiRCLE is amazing! Kasumi: Thank you, Marina-san! Also, please give our thanks to the owner for us! Marina: Sure, I’ll tell that to the owner. Also, we need to thank the person who phoned about it as well, right? Kasumi: You’re right! But, who could it have been!? Arisa, do you know? She said they sounded just like you… Arisa: I wonder…There are quite a few people who sound just like me… Kasumi: That’s true, there are quite a few people like that….Thank you person who sounds just like Arisa!…there, I tried saying thanks to them. With that, our Christmas live at CiRCLE has been decided! It’s a special day! Let’s make it the best live ever! Rimi & Tae: Yeah! Saaya: …Fufufu, thank you, Arisa. Arisa: Haa? F-For what!? Saaya: Nothing, I just felt like saying thank you to you. Don’t worry about it. Arisa: I don’t get it!

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