Happy Together – Singles’ Christmas Party Special (2016.01.07)

100 thoughts on “Happy Together – Singles’ Christmas Party Special (2016.01.07)”

  1. I kept on repeating this one hour episode bc of bobby and bi, love them. Btw Hanbin is too handsome to be single since birth. 🤔💯🔥💕

  2. omaygaddd!!!! sandara you make cry by laughing so hard. wahahhahaahahahahha.. very unique and adorable personality you have!!! i love you.. <3

  3. Funny Dara , so lovable😂😂😂👍🏼👍🏽👍🏻👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾❤️🇵🇭🇨🇦😀

  4. This was 2016. Dara's last relationship was 2 years prior (2013-2014)… hmmm

    *insert untitled 2014 intro here*

  5. Hmmm soo dara said she hasnt been in a relationship for 2 years already at the time of the filming (2016) and by counting, she became single 2014? Untitled 2014 LOL!

  6. I think it would have been better if Bobby and Hanbin didn’t come. They’re way too young to be around them that’s obviously why it was awkward. Plus, they were ignored most of the time. I also felt like they were nervous the whole time and real cautious of their actions especially Hanbin.

  7. Omg i just noticed awkward dara claiming shes not close with ikon since 2015 and shes still saying the same thing in 2018 lol

  8. 28:00 i bet the vocal line watching this at the dorm and be like ‘5 6 7 8 ch ch ch ch doom ba ba doomm ba dooomm baa baaa’

  9. I just realized something, when she said the ban is 5 years for females when they are younger, it means that BP is going to wait 3 more years. Sighhhhh~~

  10. its been two years , still watching this every christmas… and still laugh along with them. HAPPY TOGETHER!! for me this is the best episode.

  11. Dara is just acting like herself, and is kind of awkward, as we can see. However, I can relate a lot because I too, am fairly awkward in several social situations, and I'm very introverted. But this is why I love her, because she is being herself, and if she's nervous, then that is just what happens to her in these kind of circumstances. Don't worry Dara, we all love you no matter what 🙂 She's honestly the most adorable when she's so flustered aha

  12. sandarac is weird cause its 30 dudes and one her! THOTS start running through your mind in that sort of situation I promise. you . I don't care how famous you are it gets hot.

  13. im telling you Sandara has CHildstar Syndrome. shes paranoid about adults everywhere controlling her life! shes an adult now1!! its very sad cause shes still a young girl but not that young so shes out grown it physically, but mentally there is still a trap in her mind saying she cant do this or that. its called trauma. its muscle memory. you get used to something it feels normal even when its not. its like slavery. freedom doesn't change the behavior. I feel bad for her cause it sclear to see. its damaging to do that to yong girls. shes probably a really good mannered person, hence the dramatic effects the monitoring had on her psyche and mental atmopsphere

  14. hyunmoo is a good person. he always knows what to do with girls. for girls. whatever to make them feel more comfortable etc.that s why I hate him. hes a handsome frog. hes a prince in disguise.

  15. cho saeho is such an earnest person hes so honest its hilarious
    he really takes himself very seriously but hes a comedian
    hes not a comedian more of a personality who isn't handsome or talented its a very interesting lane
    h eenver seems to enjoy being a comedian but hes very famous so it all works out

  16. sandarac is a hundred percent what happens when your career is cool but you are not because you are your career but your career is not you
    its like a kid who studies all the time
    youre good at one thig but lacking in personality with other people
    social skills are inept

  17. Sandara said she hasn't dated anyone for two years here so she dated someone around 2014. Can we say this is Untitled 2014? Hmmm…

    And she's dating someone this time for few days so who is it?

  18. Bobby hasn’t dated for 4 years but dated two girls 😭😭 this makes me sad that I wasn’t one of her 😂 I wanna date you haha

  19. That gay bald dude is funny :D…. okay serious bobby's skin, I noticed in every vid I have seen him in it. His skin is really smooth looking and ughh I am jealous, I am girl and it's important for girls lolll I want Bobby's soft clean looking skin 😭😭😭

  20. Bobby with that hair and style if I was his ex gf the bar is in the sky aint nobody beating that imma just die single

  21. I am not a hatter but I think Sandra got to much attention and the others didn't but I love her she is amazing

  22. I guess this is when BI used drug and probably that’s why he was like that I hope Bobby wasn’t involved

  23. Im so upset I came here to just watch dara BI and bobby but they dont have more scene only 10 minutes 😈😈😈😈😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  24. Im laughing hard because of sandara she is so funny, so carefree. Hope soon she'LL fine her soulmate.

  25. Excuse me, I came here to watch the show and BI and Bobby, not shitty Cho Saeho being fake for the TV, tf.

  26. Tanong sila ng tanong kay dara akala nila madudulas si dara sa mga sagot nya. Hahaha. Magaling ata magtago ng secret yan. Hehe

  27. I wondered of everyone's comment.. Stating how cute B.I was when darammer rolls

    He's super duper CUTE. hahaha

  28. You can really tell Dara is great in doing variety shows! She's so naturally funny!!!! Hahaha!

    I'm glad she has so many friends now who are already a veteran on variety shows, whether male or female mc's! Thank you for being her mentors! 🙂

    P.S. But Dara is really good in playing drums though! She just needs a louder bgm and good set of drums! Lol!

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