Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – The Yule Ball (Part 1 of 2)

(lilting orchestral music) (students socializing) – Bloody hell! Bloody hell. Bloody, oh, bloody. What are those? What are those? – My dress robes. – Well, they’re all right! No lace, no dodgy little collar. – Well, I expect yours
are more traditional. – Traditional? They’re ancient! I look like my Great Aunt Tessie! (sniffs) I smell like
my Great Aunt Tessie. Murder me, Harry. – Leave it alone! – Poor kid, I bet she’s alone in her room, crying her eyes out. – Who? – Hermione, of course. Come on, Harry. Why do you think she wouldn’t
tell us who she’s coming with? – Because we’d take the
mickey out of her if she did. – Nobody asked her. I would’ve taken her myself if
she weren’t so bloody proud. – Hello, boys.
– Hello, boys. – Don’t you look dashing. – Oh, there you are, Potter. Are you and Miss Patil ready? – Ready, professor? – To dance. It’s traditional that the
three champions, well, in this case, four,
are the first to dance. Surely I told you that. – No. – Oh, well, now you know. Oh, as for you, Mr.
Weasley, you may proceed into the Great Hall with Miss Patil. Oh, there you are. – Come on, then. – [Minerva] Come along this way. – [Ron] Oh, come on. (students socializing)
(dramatic orchestral music) – Now, I need you all to line
up in the procession, please. Oh, you are very late. – She looks beautiful! – Yeah, she does. (Hermione giggles) (regal orchestral music) (students applauding) – Is that Hermione
Granger with Viktor Krum? – No, absolutely not. – Hi! (baton tapping) Harry, take my waist. – What?
– Now! (lilting orchestral music) (students applauding) (Mrs. Norris purring) (students applauding) (Mad-Eye humming) (Mad-Eye groans) (students applauding)

99 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – The Yule Ball (Part 1 of 2)”

  1. did anyone else see Draco dancing at the end of the video. My mind is BLOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. HARRY DID NOT LIKE THAT BITCH AT ALL!! And I'm so happy Draco had someone to dance with, it warmed my heart alot.

  4. It’s so infuriating to see patil sisters clothes. Indians wear that to sleep.

  5. Parcel (I think): Is that Hermonie Granger with Viktor Krum?
    Ron:No, no, definitely not
    Me: Yup, that is definitely Hermonie Granger with your idol, Viktor Krum! HEY HERMONIE!
    Hermonie: H-Hi

  6. Everyone is sad that snape didn't dance but little did everyone know alan rickman was a tango dancer so yeah imagine that, snape dancing tango. The scene would be hot as hell lol.

  7. I wonder why the grand intro tune at 2:39 was never included in any soundtrack, its awesome and should last longer.. Also I always wanted Harry & Hermione to be together… Even Rowling admitted that she wanted that way but for money and fandom she combined stupid red haired idiot with Hermione.. Thats why I love only first 4 films, where the magic and excitement was pure and beautiful, later books & movies went to be too dark and too complicated to follow (well after all Voldemor rose again at the very end of this one)

  8. What if james and lily are watching this
    Lily: james ,james!
    Lily:look at harry !
    James : i know right he looks soo akward
    Lily: (kicks his leg)

    Imagine this 😂😂

  9. 3:55 That woman move near Snape probably because she wants to dance with him and he looks so uncomfortable because she's looking at him 😂😂 anyone notice or it is me and my imagination? 😂

  10. Those Indian sisters are gorgeous , I love their Pocahontas hair . Such living beauties . And hermoine just came to shit on every damn body lol

  11. “ it’s traditional that the three well in this case four champions dance” :me 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. “I expect your’s are more traditional….TRADITIONAL???? THEY’RE ANCIENT!!!!” Cracks me up every single time.

  13. Ron always said he didit like taht dress from the beging in the book and i kinda wish harry to buy HIM new one but he didn't. 😥

  14. Can we just acknowledge the fact that Hermione (who in the wizard of world is a minor) goes to the ball with Krum, who’s an adult in the wizard of world

  15. I mean idk if it's just me, I love Ron, as in his character on his own and all and I ship the shit out of Hermione and Viktor, and maybe, no, most definitely, I have a crush on Hermione or I did, cause she's just a kid in this, but why do I get the vibe that Ron is hella jealous of Hermione and Viktor. like he feels like Viktor is it off Hermione's league or he wants that to be himself in his place??? considering he gets with Hermione later, it's an interesting theory…

  16. Wonder why this Harry Potter gets a lot of hate.. It's better than Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, Half Blood Prince and the first Deathly Hallows in my opinion

  17. If I was Ron I would have just acted like I could care less and had fun all night. People would have been less likely to laugh at him the next day

  18. This reminds me of Beaty and the beast 2017 wellll I think it was in 2017 idk if it was and if it wasn’t tell me if I’m wrong

  19. We can all agree Emma Watson had her actual Belle moment here when she walked down the Hogwarts staircase.

  20. Totally discriminatory if the designer wants to give Indian girls traditional lengha he could choose more sober one. He knows if he had given the real lenghas what Indian girls bride wears they wud have stand out among the rhetoric gowns

  21. my favourite scene in all the movies because the high school-esque dance panic was the only relatable aspect of hogwarts

  22. If you stop at the scene where Karkaroff takes the one witch out to dance, you’ll see in the background another woman in red had moved over to Snape and was totally giving him the look like she wanted him to ask her to dance. It’s so sad he couldn’t even let himself have one little moment of fun or joy.😞

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