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  1. I was a Gryffindor until i did the pottemore test like 6 times and half of them i was sorted into slytherin and the other half into gryffindor so i'm kinda confused 🙁

  2. Great video, lots of great ideas! I'm a ravenclaw. Have you tried the Harry Potter geek gear subscription box? I do a monthly unboxing on my channel if you want to see it 🎥

  3. The test says Ravenclaw but I literally have 24 pets who I love and I don't know I just think I'm a Hufflepuff… And before you flip I decided this in 2014

  4. my sister had the chess before she descorberd Harry Potter and she said that she didn't want it. I'm going to kill her!!!

  5. omg thank God im not the only person in the world that gush over the Half Blood Prince soundtrack! or all Harry Potter sountracks in general<3

  6. Hey, I just wanted to say, that I loveee your channel and especially your HP vids. You seem like a super cute and nice person and I really enjoy listening to you!❤

  7. I am so happy that someone is like me out there. I'm a Slytherin on the outside, no denying it (pottermore confirmed) but on the inside I'm a Ravenclaw. I FEEL like a Ravenclaw, though maybe a bit Slytherin… Slytherclaws unite?

  8. Hi I just found your channel, love it, totally love Harry Potter too. Can I ask where did you get the silver larger time turner that is on your shelf behind you in this video, I love/need one. Kath x

  9. I'm a Gryffindor too!! I'm so happy because I really like this house… But not as much as I like you ❤
    P.S.: I know this video is a little old but I love watching your Harry Potter Gift Guides.

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