Harry Potter Christmas Party

The Harry Potter Christmas party was amazing! okay so Wizarding World Gold announced that as part of the Wizarding World Gold subscription they would be running the first Wizarding World Gold Christmas party now this included Dinner in the Great Hall, pudding, a wand, Butterbeer and access to the tour…all for free so to put this into perspective, about two years ago my family all clubbed together and purchased me a group birthday and Christmas present for one ticket to dinner in the Great Hall now tickets for this event were roughly around £200 for the same sort of things that this event was running but… subscription to Wizarding World Gold is roughly about £60, so what…the price of two wands and they got access to this event for free basically members just had to secure tickets to the event which was a first-come first-served
basis Warner Bros. and Wizarding World Digital, kindly gifted me my Gold subscription as well as tickets to this Harry Potter Christmas party now it appears I think, UK Gold members were emailed about this Christmas party basically all they had to do was attempt to get tickets so, I immediately went and asked my friends are ‘you gonna try and get tickets?’ because like I was so excited for this event so it appeared that some of my friends didn’t actually get the email either because it went into their junk mail, or because they didn’t opt in for marketing emails so if I didn’t let them know that this event was coming up, then they would have missed out so I went about messaging as many gold members friends that I knew to let them know that they need to be ready to get tickets to this event because it wasn’t just about me enjoying the event I wanted them to benefit from this mazing opportunity that comes with being a gold member so after hearing from me and being ready, most my friends did get tickets but now because the event was quite soon after securing tickets most of my friends had to decide what they were going to wear to what was effectively the Yule Ball and I thought to myself, what am I gonna wear… can you guess? fortunately my magical mother, who makes all my amazing outfits had been working on this particular one, since the summer it was originally designed to be worn to a
convention but it wasn’t quite ready yet but when I knew that I was going to this
event there was only a few things that needed to be finished and… I could not have been more happy with this I was living my absolute Yule Ball fantasy, at this party so now that was dressed for the occasion let’s show you some of the things I got to experience as part of this Harry Potter Christmas party ok so on arrival you had to register and get your tokens for the free things that you offered as well as a gold wristband and then in the entrance if you don’t know there’s like a massive dragon there and underneath the dragon there was a bar that people could have some pre-drinks as part of it yes we’re at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour this is for the gold event and I’m dressed in my Yule Ball outfit and then my Yule date is Xavi who came representing his school I’m not really from Durmstrang, I just decided to come this way and I’ll show you more later while we were having our pre-drinks, we were asked to complete this form of what was our favourite part of the Wizarding World because later and artist was going to take those suggestions…our answers and then interpret them into some sort of artwork then we were led into the cinema room and then after the cinema room when the Great Hall doors were revealed there was for a day was Warwick Davis standing which was a surprise for everyone because I’ve sort of glimpsed Warwick Davis, very far in the distance but to be so up close to someone that played so many amazing characters in the Harry Potter series was an amazing treat we were led into the Great Hall where we had to find our name and table number on these little plaques, almost like a wedding and then we found our table which was beautifully set, like the amount of things that they put on this table was just amazing so not only got this amazing Keys and
Curios adorn your keys and curios journal with even more magic throughout the year before the feast work Davis came on did
a little speech and reminisced on some memories from filming the Harry Potter series, which was lovely and we had such a good table, like he was right there and I was right by the sets… Welcome to this very special Wizarding World Gold Christmas Party doesn’t the room look fantastic…it looks incredible, doesn’t it? It’s my pleasure to be with you here tonight at the Warner. Bros Studio Tour London, the Making of Harry Potter for this very special event you are the chosen few, the lucky ones to be here at this Christmas party I remember actually when we filmed in here, we had a couple of Christmases here in the Great Hall and on one occasion I was decorating the Christmas tree, do you remember that moment in the film? I wish I had that power at home you know, because I need scaffolding to decorate our Christmas tree I tell you, it’s a challenge and I’m so thrilled that we have preserved all of this the studio tour has done such a fantastic job preserving these sets, the props, the artefacts you see here for all of you to come enjoy because it’s a
testament to the artistry and the people involved in this you never normally get
recognition because the credits roll and everyone’s busy getting up and leaving and they don’t always acknowledge the people that are involved and how many people it takes to make a film, films of these these sort of scale absolutely, thank you very much, it’s lovely to be able to celebrate them here, as well as throughout the tour I could not have been more in like the
film that I could have been like it was spectacular it was so, so amazing, I actually got a bit emotional while I was sitting there because I just I was trying to take everything in there was so much going on, I felt so overwhelmed I was just trying to absorb everything, be present…make good conversation and just be so grateful because it was just so so amazing and this was the menu that was
included in there actually three different options that you could choose from so we were enjoying Christmas and then all of a sudden the death eaters just showed up and scared everyone and now they’re posing with everyone and they’re kind of walking around on the odd occasion… so after some good food and conversation, Warwick Davis got up to end the feast with a little speech and explained that we would now be leading onto the rest of the tour to enjoy and he would see us later on, as well as to have pudding which was at platform 9 3/4, which I was very excited about an artist then took the cards we had written at the beginning and then was interpreting that in his way and it was actually very amazing like the different things are interpreted there was spectacular then while we were on platform 9 3/4 guests got to partake in some games with Warwick Davis, it was kind of like me or not me, there was like who would be the one to decorate their
house the most at Christmas and then like partners would guess like me or not me and then whoever guessed the same, would then get a point, which was really funny to watch we made it through to the backlot cafe, where we were able to trade one of our tokens for a butterbeer which came in the souvenir tankard, which I actually gave to my friend because I already have one before dashing through the actual snow that was falling outside there where the Hogwarts
bridge is marvelling at Gringotts going through the amazing Diagon Alley and then finally seeing the Hogwarts castle that was now adorned with all the
amazing snow which was is always a spectacular sight to see after making it into the gift shop, where we could pick up our then complimentary wand which was also one of the tokens you could exchange we were then led into the dance floor which was now transformed underneath the Dragon where we first started, there was a dance floor there and we could show if we could dance like
Hippogriff the evening really was spectacular, I’m trying to remember everything when I’m looking back what was my favourite part? I think I have to say all of it like just to experience, I think this was my absolute favourite event that I’ve ever been to at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour because I got to enjoy it with so many of my friends that are so into Harry Potter and we can all just enjoy it as much as each other, you know, we’re not looking like to each other like, are you bored yet everyone is as into it as I am it ran from 6pm to 12am and you know we were there right until the end just like Neville Longbottom, on the dancefloor right until the very end until they basically turned the lights off and said that’s the end…have a Happy Christmas amongst the many benefits that come with Wizarding World Gold members got to experience this amazing Harry Potter Christmas party but fear not, they did acknowledge that this was a UK-based event and they realise that people that
are based further away, who are members may not be able to to get access to this
event, as easy as everyone else they did advise that they will be running more events for everyone to enjoy, as well as events for all ages so the moral of the story is, Wizarding World Gold is amazing if you’re not already a member, then become a member and just make sure that you opt in for the marketing emails because you want to be included in all the magic and take advantage of all the opportunities that this amazing membership offers you and with that, thank you to Warner
Bros. and Wizarding World Digital for making literally, the Wizarding World, one spell away

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  1. How wonderful, Rodney! Your costume is amazing, and so is your magical mom. 👍✨ Was it first come first served on the tickets? I can't imagine they were able to accommodate everyone who wanted to attend, or were there more people there than it appears? ⚡ And what's up with the Death Eaters, still? I cannot think of anything less Christmasy than that. 😱

  2. Wow I actually love your outfit, although I already saw it in Cherry's video and I adore it since than.
    I would love to go to events like this but unfortunately Wizarding World Gold isn't available in my country at the moment.

  3. What an experience! 😁 You and your friend were rocking the outfits. You really look dashing and convincing as a Durmstrang student, too.

  4. Hats off to your mum..amazing costume…I bet that night was a brilliant night…I'm to introvert for such a gig I really wish I wasn't but love to see you guys out there all dressed up and having fun…especially all you guys who dress the part…so cool.

  5. Thank you for showing this incredible event! I can imagine how fun it was. Your mother did a spectacular job on your costume!! I love, it! 🥰❄️

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