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Hey guys, it’s Hasan Minhaj. I’m here to celebrate Christmas
for the very first time. You know, growing up, I
never celebrated Christmas. So, I just want to give it a whirl
and try it out now that I’m an adult. So, one Christmas tradition is eggnog. Now, I’ve never had eggnog because
I thought there was alcohol in it, but, apparently, there’s no alcohol. So, here we go. First time trying eggnog. It’s thick. Merry Christmas. Not good. It’s time to decorate the tree. (sigh) OK. So, we just put stuff on it. It’s just getting a little messy. This thing has, like, dandruff. Um… It’s just getting shit all over
my desk, but it’s cool. Alright. Is this really how Christmas trees are? It straight up has tree dandruff all over me. And that is how you decorate a tree. Candy Canes. Here we go. That’s really sharp. Holiday coo— oh, shit. Holiday cookies. We got some gingerbread. We got some…what are
these, peppermint Oreos? Um, this is like a gingerbread family, so, here we go. Very dry. Classic Christmas tradition. Make a paper snowflake. So, you just take a piece of paper. You fold it up, and then you just cut into snow-like magic. Let me just do this. And… Fuck is that? Boom. Yup. I made this. Alright, I’m going to sing
my first Christmas carol. Never sung a Christmas carol before, but I went to genius.com and looked up the
lyrics for “Jingle Bells.” Cool. Guys, classic Christmas tradition. Smelling a pinecone. [sniffs] One of the main things
about Christmas is sharing Christmas joy and
presents with friends and coworkers. I have someone who’s
both — Prashanth. Merry Christmas! — What?! Yes. — No! Really? Dude. Co-creator. Head writer. The man. Merry Christmas. — This is awesome. This is awesome. Dude, I can’t wait, this…. …what is this? It’s a photo of us. — It says ‘who rescued who?’ on it. Yea! Isn’t that for, like, white
people who rescue dogs? So what! -wh—
-Merry Christmas. And that is how you
share the Christmas spirit. Close the door, please. Thanks, man. I think he dug it. So that was it. Uh… I tried Christmas for the first time, and all in all, it was, um… Fine. What do we do now? What am I supposed to
do with all the…stuff Cause there’s just
stuff everywhere now. Maybe it’s like a
metaphor for Christmas. Um, so that’s it!

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  1. Ok 👍🏻
    انت فعلا بتحاول ولا مش عارف يعني ولا اامفروض نساعدك ولا عاوز ايه🤨🤔☺️😁

  2. Hasan, dear. You needed context my friend! hahaha. For example, I apologize that your coworkers gave you store-bought Christmas cookies to try. That's horrible. And eggnog MUST be drunk with cinnamon and nutmeg sprinkled on top slightly warmed. It makes it soooooo much better. Finally, you need the experience of buying your own tree from a tree farm. Really makes it even more special. As always, your show and comedic stints continue to crack me up and make me think about uncomfortable truths. Thanks dude and keep rocking it!

  3. Hasan, the way I celebrate is a little different. First, lose the shitty cookies. Have sugar cookies with crazy shapes and colors. Then bake some houska. Get some of the fruit candy canes, the mint ones are a shitty lie. Finally, watch Christmas Vacation and thank me later.

  4. I hated egg nog… Until my son's best friend's mom made it at a party. This woman made best Egg Nog ever!!! Yeah she added lots of Acohol, real Nut Meg and it was delicious.
    LMAO you put all the stuff in the attic till next year.

  5. Hasan….STOP eating all the GROSS Christmas food🤮🤮 someone set you up… the candy canes are usually Jurassic…they’re decorations 😂🤣😂🤣

  6. Love Patriot Act the show in general, but LOL, this is like an infomercial where people do things as incompetently as possible without killing themselves. The tree is shedding because it needs to be watered – it's too dry! I can hear how dry it is when he's putting ornaments on it. Eggnog IS an acquired taste, but it has nutmeg in it, which Indians use a fair amount in cooking. Indians also eat a lot of dairy, sweet dairy, so it's a matter of personal taste. Many Christians also don't like eggnog. A lot of gingerbread is moist, like banana bread, or a soft cookie; commercial cookies just give a facsimile of the real thing, and I wouldn't say a "reasonable facsimile." Those specific cookies were probably the cheapest, unauthentic cookies you can buy. Christmas can't be experienced just by the little tasks. Watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas," it's actually pretty good at dividing the stuff you do vs. the stuff you feel.

  7. Egg nog needs alcohol in it, it thins it up a bit and makes it taste better. Just like you eat the cookies with the intoxicating nog to prevent the dryness. You suck at Christmas.

  8. Hi Hasanta Claus, I appreciate your effort for trying Christmas, but without any incense smoker and fuming incense cones as known in the Ore Mountains tradition, it isn't authentic. Also, you have to dim the lights somehow.

  9. Celebrating christmas is haram. You should see dr. Zakir naiks video regarding this. Allah (God of Ibraham ) is The One he didn't beget nor was he begotten and there is nothing like him.

  10. alsalamu alaikum hasan!
    i love your videos and im just going to tell you one thing

    we should be inviting people to islam and not making them feel like their religions are fine, i know that now Christmas is almost a social tradition more than a religious tradition but it still has a false religious root.

    allah knows best

  11. It was always very awkward being 1 of 2 Muslim kids (the other being my brother) at Infant school! Show and tell after Xmas holdiays when all the other kids come in with thier fancy toys. When it came to my turnin class I had absoluely f**k all to show as we didnt celebrate it. 😂.. proper awkward.. I'd make up some BS excuse like "I left it at home, again"..

  12. My perception of Christmas when as a kid newly immigrated to a white country: adults lying to their kids about having this fat dude breaking into their houses, through their chimneys, and giving them presents, if they've been good, while, at the same time, making their kids feel like infantile morons if they actually believed in the existence of said fat dude.

    It's a tradition of insanity.

  13. Just give eggnog another go..oh, that's why I don't love but thanks for giving the population your take!! Greatly appreciated.

  14. Eggnog does suck – that is why people add alcohol. I just drink the alcohol and skip the nasty eggnog.
    The stuff is easy. You leave it all up until April, then you sneak it out late one night, preferably in front of someone else's house.

  15. Thanks for highlighting all the absurd commercialism around Christmas. Christmas has nothing to do with those things and everything to do with Christ.

  16. yeahhhh…still never celebrating it. It's Pagan-centric and irrationality capitalistic…. I hope this vid serves as proof that Ummah should NOT waste December/January on this holiday. Invest into self-improving and helping the poor get back on their feet.

  17. Eggnog is good if it's really cold IMO, kind of like a pudding milkshake combo. But I get how it could be gross to a lot of people, it's very very thick, and rich to the point of being unnatural. Cute costume btw

  18. All those people in the comments talking about a Ramadan version, first get your facts straight. Ramadam is not a holiday. It's the holy month of fasting. You mean Eid, the true days of celebration for the end of Ramadan and fasting.

  19. Hi Hasan, can you say hello to your sister Nicki? I think she's very cute. Perhaps she will let you be in one of her videos one day.

  20. My man took revenge for brown dudes who got roasted in schools for celebrating Indian holidays. Indirectly disrespected Christmas. My Man.

  21. Hasan, i really appreciate you showing your true feelings for eggnog, its truly inspiring for someone like me, a suffering nogaholic, who cant seem to drink anything else. Im really glad you did this, hopefully you never, ever, ever, do it again.
    From, eggnog drinking person

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