Henry Danger Celebrates Christmas… in JUNE?! 🎄 #BTS Ep. 11 | #SetLifeOnNick

So dank it hurts. [laughing] Hey guys, it’s Rielle Downs.
And I’m so excited to take you behind the scenes
of Henry Danger. Let’s go. [bells ringing] Yo, what’s up guys? We are here
shooting the Christmas episode. Right now it’s June. It’s super hot outside, but we got
the AC going on in here, so it’s cold. But it’s weird to shoot a holiday
episode in the middle of the summer, but we got some good stuff
planned for you. I’m literally walking to set
right now to shoot it. [crashing] It’s OK, it’s OK. We’re OK.
It’s a good time. Look, things are moving, it’s really
a factory here when you think about it. I don’t have an ID. The set if very festive. We got a lot of Christmas trees.
We got a lot of snow. And you can really feel
the Christmas spirit. [music playing] Action! [screaming] Hey guys, Merry Christmas. [screaming] So we’re filming our
Christmas episode right now. Even though it’s hot outside,
it’s really cold on stage, so I’m kind of glad to be
in this Christmas gear. Yeah, it’s so exciting. We shoot the Christmas episode
in June because it takes everyone
a while to get everything gathered together and edited. There’s quite a few special effects,
and so we have to shoot it months in advance so that it’s ready
when it needs to be. Four cameras. Mark. [whistling] [shattering] Let’s do that again. This episode is basically about
a bunch of trees in Swellview are mysteriously dying,
like all of the trees. So we have to kind of figure out
why that’s happening, and they have to get healthy trees
for all of Swellview, before Christmas is ruined. Hey Henry, you wanna help me
put the Ray-ngel on top of the tree? [laughing] You get it? Henry? I call it a Ray-ngel, get it? – Get it?
– Yeah, I got it. [laughing] Yeah, you do. Filming a Christmas episode
in summer is… Well, really fun to be honest. I’m always in the mood
for the Christmas spirit, so any time it comes, I’m down.
You know what I mean? I guess it feels a bit disorienting,
I mean I’m not really shocked. Like when I leave here,
I’m kind of expecting it to be summer, and it’s cold in here too,
like it’s always cold, so yeah. Your awesome tree
got the whole town mad at us, ’cause we have one
and no one else does! No, the whole town’s not mad at us! Well, the internets are mad! – Let me guess, angry comments?
– Worse, angry memes. – No… show me.
– And they’re dank ones too. And you see the angry meme. Oh… it’s so dank it hurts. Working on this episode puts me
in a very Christmassy mood. You know, all the trees,
it smells like pine! Or I think it’s pine, I dunno,
whatever it smells like, It smells very Christmassy on set,
I will say that. So it’s kind of refreshing
in the morning. – Oh, here’s one about Captain Man.
– What? [laughing] TFW you realize the entire town’s
about to hate you. – That’s actually pretty good.
– Yeah. – Cut!
– What’s TFW? That face when. That’s my face. [laughing] Yeah. If I could get one prop from set
as a Christmas present, I feel like my mind is automatically
going to a Pear phone. Will you quit looking over my shoulder? [laughing] Even though they literally
do not do anything, that would be so useless. It would just be a piece of thick plastic
but I guess that’s what I’m being led to. I really like lions
and it’s kind of a dumb gift but Rick Cohen
brought a little lion statue. A small one from his desk
and I would love that. If I could get one thing from set
as a Christmas gift, I would choose the gumballs
but I would have Schwoz change it so that it’d be like really cute outfits. Huh. Then in the morning
I don’t really have to do much and I could just blow a bubble
and be in my outfit. [music playing] It is pretty weird filming
a Christmas episode in the summer time because any kind of holiday
that is filmed when it is the opposite is super weird. I’m gonna drive this convoy! Convoy! It’s just like you go on
and it’s just like, “woo!” And then you leave and…
I dunno, it’s weird. A lot of times squirrels
would climb on my trucks, try to get inside, that’s just a fact. Well, they like to burrow. They don’t like sunlight. I would not recommend Swellview
as a holiday vacation spot. There’s a lot of problems
going down, you know? I guess I wouldn’t recommend Swellview
as a holiday vacation spot, because all the trees are dying,
so maybe that’s not the best idea… But it’s your choice. Roll cameras. Common mark. We saved Christmas, man! Hash tag, holidays are happening again
because of the awesome work of Captain Man and Kid Danger
so you can stop making memes about ’em! That’s a long hash tag. Yeah, well I think I’ve earned it
since we just… – Saved Christmas!
– We did, we did! – What was that?
– I don’t know. Captain Man and Kid Danger
have to kick some serious butt when they’re trying to figure out why all the Christmas trees
in Swellview are dying, so just stay tuned
for a really awesome fight scene. It’s time for a dip
of this mixtape I did. ♪ Oh come, all ye faithful ♪ My favorite thing
about the holiday season is probably,
and this is completely honest, just the giving part,
I love giving gifts to people. I love giving back. Hey, why aren’t you wearing a hair net? Er, lots of reasons. – One–
– Shut up! [laughing] I really honestly
like to give gifts so much, because I get to curate what I’m going to bring
into someone’s life for each person. How everyone gets together
during the holidays and kind of… we all just are inspired
to do different things, so yeah. Happy holidays from Henry Danger! – No.
– You know, I’m done. Excuse me. My favorite thing
about the holiday season is spending time with friends and family. Obviously there’s gifts,
which is always great. Who doesn’t love the gifts? We’ll do Secret Santa
sometimes on the set, and it’s fun to kind of guess
and see who got you the gifts. I think that’s the best part. Christmas in Swellview
is a little bit festive. We’re shooting
on a Christmas tree lot set. A little bit of snow, some trees. We’ve just decorated
a couple of decorations around all of your favorite places. Yeah, this thing. [whistling] – Got it.
– That’s it. Christmas in Swellview
is taking inspiration from anyone else’s Christmas and maybe
your Christmas, it is inspired by. I had a little too much nog! Feel sick of this holiday nog! Some of this holiday nog. Some of this holiday! Lots of traditions
and there’s a very cool gingerbread house in the Mancave that has Captain Man
and Kid Danger on it. It is really cool
and especially when I’m on set, I just stare at it for like ten minutes. The Swellviewians celebrate
in many different ways, including trees. – Camera C and X, mark.
– Action. Just kinda wish my… Pappy Manchester
were here to see this. Sure he’s up there somewhere. Yeah, he probably is. He’s an airline pilot,
so he’s probably working tonight. [laughing] OK, so we do a Secret Santa on set and yeah, there was a lot
of fun gift-giving! I mean, everyone’s–
we kinda know each other pretty well, so everything just ends up
being really fun. I got a defuser,
an essential oil defuser, from my Secret Santa,
so that was really nice and I still use it, and it also plays
like rain sounds and stuff, it’s really cool! One time Cooper got me
these really awesome like art markers. Which I was excited for because those are things that
I’m actually gonna use day to day and like actually gonna implement
and I love art so that was really fun. Best gift I ever got
from my Secret Santa, spoiler alert, it was Jace Norman, was a very soft blanket
that he ended up using. Jace gave Shaun
a big bag of candy and a blanket, and then Jace ended up using both things
and just eating all of his candy. So that was kind of just more funny, like I feel like
he more got the gift for himself. Oh yeah, and I have a necklace on
that I also got. See, these two necklaces were also
from my Secret Santa that year. Yeah, Secret Santa’s a lot of fun. Merry Christmas, Kid. [groaning] Working on the set of Henry Danger
has been a blast. You know, the last five seasons
have been amazing. We all have fun, we’ve grown as a family,
and it honestly is an experience. [laughing] My God… It’s beautiful. Luckily I’m in Canada
during Christmas most of the time, so it’s always like winter-y there. So I get to do like, you know, skating
and like baking and just a bunch of different stuff. Sure is, Kid. [chuckling] – Not our day!
– Nope. My ideal holiday vacation would probably
actually be somewhere a little bit snowy. Even though, often times,
when that ends up happening, I get stuck inside. Staying warm inside
while it’s cold outside is the ideal. Merry Christmas, Captain Man. Merry Christmas, Kid. Do not miss a brand new
Henry Danger Christmas Spectacular! This episode
is Henry Danger’s gift to you. Thanks for hanging out with us
on our Christmas episode. I gotta get back to filming,
I’ll see you guys later, bye!

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