Holiday Mrs. Claus Drag Transformation (ft. Trixie Mattel)

100 thoughts on “Holiday Mrs. Claus Drag Transformation (ft. Trixie Mattel)”

  1. Wow this is my first time watching Tyler Oakley since like 2013 and I’m FUCKING SHOOK YESSS TYLERRR 😍😍💪🏼💪🏼

  2. Tyler is putting on the flirt thick but Trixie's just swatting him down left and right I'm rolling 😂😂

  3. i love seeing you two become more comfortable around eachother as the video progresses. the atmosphere changes at a certain point 🙂

  4. Okay, wait, when did Tyler get ripped? He was always a turbo babe but shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! Also, I could listen to Trixie forever.

  5. So I haven't watched a Tyler Oakley video in about two or three years and I was SO EXCITED to see his video pop up on recommended. Then I click the video and WHAT THE HECK MR. OAKLEY, WHEN DID YOU GET SO BUFF?!?!? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MCSONALDS CHICKEN NUGGET CHALLENGE?!?
    (You look great, just so different! ❤️)

  6. Like haven't seen tyler's video for a year (or maybe longer than that),but what happened to his views?(And his arms too)

  7. Tyler Oakley, I've haven't seen you in a long time…

    Boi since when did you became a goddamn hunk. I need answers pls

  8. Uhhh this is what Trixie wore on pit stop for episode for which was way after this. Does that mean that she watches the episodes early and films early.

  9. Awww watching this and Tyler mentions rollerblading! Legitimately had to buy a fanny pack back in the day when Tyler talked about rollerblading and wore fannypacks in his first vids! 😍

  10. I haven't watched you in a while and you have definitely gained some muscle and it makes me happy that Trixie is from Wisconsin as I am also a Wisconsin native and I have been delving into becoming a drag king, so it's nice to see a drag role model

  11. Trixie : do you really think j tried to pay for things with corn
    Tyler : how bout a kernell
    Me : dead 💀 💓😂😂😂

  12. Monet Exchange was great. Trixie is a bit different in terms of drag style, but it is definitely fun vibes all around still. This was a treat, Tyler.

  13. When Tyler asked have you ever been to Dollywood I’m just sitting here like I live next to it!! 😂😂

  14. Its been so long since I've watched his stuff, when did he get so buff?? Wtf
    Also, why does he look both older and younger without glasses?

  15. The only reason I’m watching this is Trixie Mattel. Probably the only reason this video has more than 100,000 views 😂😂😂

  16. wait wait wait wait, i think trixie filmed an episode of UNNHhh the same say bc she has the same outfit on, or am i just trippin

  17. Not watched Tyler in a few years on YouTube an he defo is not as cringe to watch thank God, also he looks very handsome


  19. tb to when i first watched this video and had no idea who Trixie was (also bc it isn't airing on tv here)

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