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(lively mariachi music) – You rated my Friendsgiving on Yelp? – ¿Esto? (bleep)
– [Woman] Andrew! – What the! – [Joey] No! No! (Andrew bleeps) (Laura weeps) – To Laura! – You see, after that meeting, our little Laura fell
into a deep depression. (Laura weeps) She started calling in sick to work, (Laura wails) and started eating very badly. (Laura wails) (thud) (Laura wails) (food crunches) She even refused to to take a bath! (Laura coughs and heaves) She started to go crazy. She started to have
arguments with herself. She even refused to go outside, because she hated to the happy families and little couples kissing
under the mistletoe, so it made her more sad. – Why?
(thud) – [Narrator] So damn, I’m worried about her. – You get me. You get meeeeeee…… – [Narrator] Our dueling Santas discovered that raising money is
actually harder than it looks. – Gimme your donations everybody! Merry Christmas! Here we go! Oh look, two beautiful little miracles. You guys wanna give a
donation to Santa Claus? – Hey kids! Ho, ho, ho! How about some Puerto Rican candy? (bell rings) – Seriously, bro? (Andrew laughs)
No, no, no, no, no! – There you go!
– No, no! – Quarter in the bucket!
– No, no, no! He was gonna give it to me though, right? You were gonna give it to me? Right? – Gimme that dollar!
(bell rings) Get outta here!
– You cheated! – I did not! – You cheated!
(thud) – What’re you doing?
– Get off, I don’t like you! (Andrew grunts) – What’re you doing? – I’m sorry.
– [Andrew] Gimme that dollar! – Here’s your bucket!
– No! – You’ll be fine. – [Andrew] Joey! – Somebody’ll get you! I’m sorry.
– [Andrew] No! (Andrew wails)
– I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it. – Joey! Why? – [Narrator] Emma Mama
Rosa tried selling tamales on the street to no avail. Nobody wanted ’em. – Okay, okay. Okay. Psssst. Hi, um,
(crinkling) we’re selling food. Do you wanna try our food? Come over here, come with me. This is great food, this is homemade food, and it’s for a great cause. – [Woman in apron] Excuse me!
– [Emma] Mom, mom! – [Woman in apron] What’re
you doing over here? Are you selling tamales here?
– No, we’re not! – [Woman In Apron] You
can’t sell tamales here. – Yes we can! – No, you can’t sell tamales here. – Yeah, we do. Everyone can sell anything. – You can’t sell tamales here! – This is mine! Let’s go Emma, let’s go! Run, run, run! – [Narrator] Our cholos found
it difficult to fundraise. For some reason, people didn’t wanna open the
door when they came there. (doorbell rings) (harmonica tunes) – Alright, you guys ready? Come on. ♪ Chestnuts roasting on an open fire ♪ ♪ Jack Frost nippin’ ♪ (thud)
♪ At your nose ♪ – Man!
(sucks teeth) – [Narrator] All hope seemed to be lost. – Come on, man, let’s go. – [Narrator] For all our amigos. (bell rings) (thud) Nobody seemed to be able to raise money. (coins clinks) – Look, I’m ashamed. (thud)
– You kiddin’ me? – [Scar] What is this? – Did these kids take
advantage of you again, Joey? (pail clanks) (forceful thud) (mournful harmonica music) – [Joey] Guys, guys! (mournful harmonica music) – Surprise!
(cash register dings) (celebratory screams)
(upbeat dance music) – Yeah! – Ay! When suddenly, a Christmas
miracle seemed to take place. Or, probably just the fact that people really like tamales on Christmas! Either way, the crew is on their way! (upbeat dance music) – Can we go? – Is he done? (knock on door) (Laura snores)
(flies buzz) (Irene hisses) – Dang girl! Whatchu got in here, a dead body? – Who’s there?
(ominous music) Scar? – It’s time to get up and get dressed. – What’re you doing here? – We’ve been sent to come and get you. – By who? – The mitú familia. (Laura gasps) (Laura gulps) – Do I have to go now? – [Carlos] Yeah, girl, you gotta go. (“Carol of the Bells”) (Laura gasps)
(angel chorus sings) – You guys got platanitos and pernil? We are finally recognizing other Latinos other than Mexicans! – [Woman] Ta-da! – [Group] Surprise!
(“Joy to the World”) – Mama? Papa? – [Papa] Mio mija! – What’re you guys doing here? – All your friends and mitú, they raised the money and flew us out. – [Laura] Oh my God! – And there is another surprise for you. – Aw.
– [Mama Rosa] Close your eyes. – Okay. (phone beeps) Oh wait, I got a text. (phone beeps) – Hello, Laura. I have a surprise for you
(Laura gasps) of my own. – Whoa! (Laura gasps) – You deleted your Tinder? – That’s right. I know it’s hard to believe, but, that’s how much I love you. (Carlos sniffles) – Are you cryin’ Carlos? – A cholo don’t usually cry, but this got to me. – Gotcha homie. – It’s a Christmas miracle! – [Mama Rosa] Aw! (clapping) (Laura and boyfriend moan) (Laura moans) (boyfriend moans) (Laura moans) (boyfriend moans)
– Oh! (Laura moans) (crowd yells) – [Mama] Yeah, yeah, yeah, mija. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Sorry. – [Joey] Oh wow.
– Sorry. I just wanna say thank you,
(“Auld Lang Syne”) to all of you guys. Thank you so much, it means
so much to me, it really does. You guys really are my family, and this has truly been
the best Christmas ever. (wheelchair tires scrub) (record scratches) – It’s not over yet. (crowd gasps) (upbeat dance music)
(crowd chants and claps) (bell dings) (crowd chants and claps) (upbeat dance music) (record scratches) (intense dance music) (crowd gasps) (crowd roars) (Joey snickers) – Primo! Let’s do it. (intense dance music) (bell dings) (Andrew grunts) – No! (intense dance music) (bell dings) (intense dance music) (bell dings) (intense dance music) (bell dings) (intense dance music) (bell dings) (crowd cheers and whistles) – No, no, no, I can’t. No, no, no.
(crowd whistling) (bell rings) (intense bone breaking crunch) – Ow!
(crowd gasps) – My leg! Carry me!
(crowd bickers) (bell dings) (intense dance music) (bell dings) (jackpot dings) (“Deck the Halls”)
(crowd whistles and applauds) – And this my friends, is where
our story comes to an end. The lesson learned: well, that all Christmas miracles come in all shapes and sizes, including the shape of tamales, like that. Unless my Tia Mary makes them, then they’re like that: a little bit gordo on one side, but you still eat it,
’cause it’s still a tamale. You wanna see more, you say? Well you can follow our friends at mitú to see what happens next, by subscribing to their page. Until then, we’ll see you next time! Ready muchachos? Vamos, uno, dos, tres! (“Feliz Navidad”)
(crowd energetially talks) (chimes twinkle) – [Joey] Ho, ho, ho, ho! Woo!

29 thoughts on “Holiday Party | A Very Mitú Christmas | mitú”

  1. Damn Laura seems to really not like Mexicans. Every time a video has something to do with Mexico and she's in it she has to add a snarky comment. It's California, of course there's a lot of Mexicans!

  2. This was the best episode ever!! 😆 I had a blast, it was so funny and the drama omg Laura was spectacular! 😆
    Sending all my love to the mitú family from Paraguay!!!
    Happy Holidays!

  3. Are we just going to ignore that the “rosca de Reyes”’ isn’t a Christmas tradition? It’s a Dia de Reyes tradition on the 6th of January.

  4. Next to pero like (plus Flama and Jenny lorenzo)this has been my favorite YOUTUBE CHANNEL for a whole year!!!!!!!!! Muchas gracias a todos you make me laugh and cry and bring so much happiness to my life.

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