Homemade Christmas gifts 🎅

Hi everyone! In this video I’m going to show you how to
make this homemade Christmas gift. It’s a set of wooden Christmas ornaments. You need a wood burning tool, wood slices,
examples of what you want to burn, a pencil or pen,
tape, graphite transfer paper, scissors and ribbon. Cut a small piece of tranfer paper and place
it with the darkest side down onto the wood slice. Position the image you want to transfer on
top of it and hold it in place with tape or your fingers. Trace your image onto the wood slice, by going
over the lines with a pencil or pen. Of course you can just sketch directly onto
your wood slices if you want to. When you can clearly see your design on the
wood, go ahead and do the same thing for your other designs. You can reuse your transfer paper a few times. When it doesn’t transfer well anymore, you’ll
need to get a new piece. Mine already came with holes, but if your
wood slices don’t have holes in them, it might be best to drill those first as it makes it
easier to see where your image needs to go. I used coloring page images, as they’re simple
and that’s just what I wanted for these ornaments! You can find wood slices in craft stores or
in the home decor section of certain stores. Especially this time of year
they’re easy to find. Now it’s time to start burning the designs
into the wood! Use the fine, standard tip that comes with
any wood burner. Don’t worry, this craft is suitable for complete
beginners, no experience with wood burning is needed! Keep one wood slice aside to practice on and
to check on the temperature of your wood burning tool. When your wood burning tool is warm enough
for you to not have to press hard to get an obvious brown or dark line,
trace your image. Go slowly, but don’t rest the tip in the same
spot for too long! It looks nice if you color some areas in. You can use a shading tip for this purpose,
but I’m keeping it simple and I’m just using the same tip for everything. For shading, just do what you would do when
using a pencil. There are several ways to get things to look
darker. You can go over the same area a few times,
you can just work more slowly and let the tip rest on the surface for a
little bit longer, so it burns longer ,or you could
just press harder. But if you press harder, there will be more
of a depth difference. Do the same thing for every wood slice. You can go very detailed or not detailed at
all. For mine, I chose to not
go too detailed as I would like you to be able to see what’s on the wood slices from
a distance. [music] Aren’t they so cute and pretty? They make a great last minute gift and the
person who receives them will know you put effort and love into them! Finish your ornaments
by adding a piece of red ribbon. For a fun way to wrap these I’m using a transparant
Christmas ornament that comes in two parts. A small piece of raphia and
a gift tag will add a finishing touch. I hope you like this video. If you do, please give the video a thumbs
up and subscribe and click the notification bell to see more videos! Thank you so much for watching and Happy Holidays!

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    Info on where you can find predrilled wood slices and a wood burning tool online is in the description box.

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