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– The three hottest toys of the year! Guaranteed delivery in time for Christmas. (Christmas music) Hi! I’m the YouTube deal guy Matt Granite. Welcome to your one stop
shop for savings I find. Huge deals right here everyday. Every item located right
under this video window. Usually we give everything I test away to subscribers for free. But we are actually donating
all of the toys that I find and additional deals that I’m gonna buy to kids throughout our community and maybe your community as well. So that is the mission moving forward. But if you do subscribe you will be hooked up with my next set of freebies which is right around the corner. Where do we start? Where do we go from here? Well, lets begin with the least expensive of the bunch. And I absolutely love this. The Roller Coinster. The Roller Coinster’s
a great roller coaster. Now this is for kids age six and up. They can build it. And the vehicle of choice,
coins that go flying through colorful, intense
race courses they build. Found this for under 30
with huge savings today. The deal link located right
under the video window. Next up for kids ages ten and up, an app controlled
robotic smart car system. Actually you can build an
airplane, a car of the future. $40 off, free shipping
guaranteed in time for Christmas. This is more fun than many
Lego sets that I’ve used. And finally, for the budding architect ages eight through adult, The Chaos Tower. $60 in savings. This builds to higher than six feet. Take a look at how
incredible this motorized and fully customizable
system looks set up. It truly is a mind blowing bargain. A top award winner. I love this, I love the way it looks. Now lets look inside the box. I just wanna show you how these pieces look before they’re set up. Large colorful pieces. Easily customizable. You do not need to have a degree in architecture to understand this. And it really is ages eight through adult. I am a big fan of that. Now the link to grab any of these deals, guaranteed free delivery
in time for Christmas. I don’t make any a dime of comission on any product recommendation I make. They’re all here. Thank you for being here. And a reminder, we’re gonna have many huge deals and surprises
coming up in 2016. I can’t wait to save more money with you. Thanks for watching. (high intensity music) Not yet subscribed? Click here and save. (Christmas music)

71 thoughts on “Hot Toys, 3 Best Christmas Gifts Toys For Kids ► The Deal Guy”

  1. You are such a sweetheart giving them away to children in the community! So many people go without this time of the year 🙁

  2. Matt these toys r awesome! but u guys helping out those that need a lil help in ur communty..well bro that's even more awesome..u guys definitely r a class act.. thanks u n ur team for your brilliant deals..n for being awesome caring people..all the best..a loyal fan

  3. Cool deal, Matt! It's really nice of you to give away the presents to local children. Btw that robotic car is VERY fun to play with (my nephew has one).

  4. Excellent video again
    That's awesome that you are giving the toys to children. 👏🏻
    I really liked the last toy also but it look seriously hard to build

  5. Matt, great deals as always, there will be some very happy kids this year because of your donations. The best is that the older kids almost always have a rougher time due to a plethora of donations for the younger crowd. I hope a deserving teen gets one of these. Happiest of holidays to you

  6. The younger and certainly more energetic Kris Kringle has entered the building! 😀
    It is AWESOME that you guys are giving away some of the toys, ESPECIALLY toys that could appeal to older kids (as stated earlier by subscriber Kelly Gosh).
    A few days ago I won the Robotic Smart Car and I'm looking forward to building it with and giving it to my grandkids. (It should arrive some time after Christmas and I'll give you a review of it then.)
    Thank you again for making this Christmas a little more special, especially for the kiddos. May God richly bless you all!

  7. These are are great toys,it is great you are donating these toys as well.I admire your great work and great team!!!!!!

  8. first off let me say that's awesome that your helping kids in need this season!!! I'll be donating myself this season to toys for toys in my local malls. with that said the roller coaster coin thing is great because it shows kids what really happens to money…it's fun to play with…it can take you on a roller coaster of a ride ..and you loose it in an instant…or get it back and play again 🙂

  9. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the toy ideas!!!! HOWEVER, I LOVE THAT YOU ARE GIVING THEM TO THE KIDS!!!!! It's about the kids, no matter how much even I like freebies!!!! God Bless!!!!!

  10. I needs dis chaos tower! <3 Because who doesn't need a little more chaos in their life?! So much fun to play with the grandkids!

  11. Matt, Hey! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow morning! So nice of you to donate the deals you find, that is a wonderful! Another place that takes donations is Church Street Ministries, located in Berea, they help many struggling families. Hope Jacqui and yourself have a very Merry Xmas and Happy & Health New Year! Cindy 🙂

  12. ha, ironically we went to see Santa today, you should have seen Santa's face when my nine-year-old asked for a Rube Goldberg , I gave Santa a wink letting him know I knew what my son was referring to and whispered to him later that I had his back…because I could see he had no idea what it was. The only thing I was worried about…trying to find it! BAM! you save the day! Thank you and nice plan to donate. Merry Christmas

  13. Merry Christmas ! Soooooo Close to to Celebrations and What a Fantastic Way to share the love and Wish to you ! Hoping this is a GREAT Christmas and that you have plans to rest, and enjoy and share this Special time with loved ones / family, friends ! Love you Matt, Merry Christmas ! Thanks for being my friend, and for all of your hard work and sacrifices – and sharing your finds, and DEALS to everyone ! May 2016 bring prosperity, great health, Love, and Happiness to you – certainly appreciate all that you do ! And all of the information ! you provide ! Thanks ! Love ya, David

  14. While I am positive kids would love these toys..I am equally as positive that the parents would probably spend as much time if not more playing with them as well!! I can't decide which I like more…the smart car kit or the chaos tower! It would be so awesome if you could build a super huge chaos tower!! Ahh!! Stuff dreams are made of! And since I am writing this at 1:05 a.m. I just might get lucky enough to have such a dream! Thanks Matt for letting the kid in me have a little fun!! & maybe a decent dream for once!!! 🙂

  15. I think that it is soooooooooo cool that you are donating these gifts to charity. Way to go!!!! Also, these are some really neat toys and some really good deals.

  16. It is so awesome that you are giving these toys away to kids for Christmas! There are so many families that are lucky to give their kids the necessities, much less gifts like these. You are so kind and thoughtful! God bless … I hope you and Mrs. Matt have a wonderful Christmas.

  17. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME that ya'll give the toys away to needy children thru out areas for children that are less fortunate! Ur just a great guy all the way around & that makes u Awesome in my book!! Merry Christmas & thanks for all you do! XOXOXO

  18. You are so awesome giving to kids. Every year we get an angel and buy for one child. its not a lot, but, its something. Just one more reason I love #teammatt!

  19. Oh wow so great!! Thank you for all your hard work this Christmas season!! Have a Merry Christmas to you and all your helpers!!!!!!

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