How a Christmas Gift Can Change a Family’s Future

Last year, more than 600,000 families received life-changing gifts. In part from GFA’s Christmas gift catalog. Gifts like goats are rescuing parents and their children from lives of uncertainty by providing milk to drink and offspring to sell. They are giving families confidence to face an uncertain future. Blankets are providing warmth to
families who lack proper protection against the harsh winter elements and are displaying love to those living in the streets. Water wells and filters are putting an end to waterborne diseases. They are giving women and children back
hundreds of hours by supplying clean water sources close to their communities rather than miles away. They are showing mercy in people’s distress. Sewing machines and vocational training are breaking the cycle of poverty and abuse. They are providing precious women new starts in life. Mosquito nets are protecting men, women, and children from painfully common mosquito bites and the disease they often carry. They are giving restful sleep at night. We have no words to express our thanks. But one thing we can do is pray for those who are helping us. We are so thankful to those who are extending kindness to us. Last year, gifts given from GFA’s Christmas gift catalog were part of helping more than 600,000
families in Asia. Yielding futures filled with hope, hearts full of joy, and lives surrounded by loving communities. You can be a part of rescuing more families from poverty and showing them Christ’s love Get your free catalog today.

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