How to Make a Christmas Cake – The Victorian Way

Come on Mary-Anne, when you’ve finished those
you’ve got all these to do as well. Good morning. Today, we’re making Lord and
Lady Braybrooke’s Christmas cake. I’m using one of my favourite plum cake recipes. It’s got a lot of dried cherries in it. For this recipe you will need flour butter fine sugar dried cherries, chopped currants candied peel ground almonds zest of oranges eggs spices and brandy Now that I’ve softened the butter I’m going to add the flour the sugar and the eggs gradually. Sugar please. Flour. And the eggs. Thank you. Now that’s really well blended together, it’s time to add the dried fruit. Candied peel. Thank you. The currants. And now my favourite bit, the dried cherries. Thank you. It’s time for the brandy. And the spice. And the zest of oranges. And the last thing to go in are the ground
almonds. Now that the mix is done, it’s time to prepare the tin. I’ve already lined the tin with butter and now I’m going to line it with brown paper. For the edges, I’m using double thickness of paper. I’ve cut tabs at the bottom to make it sit in the tin more evenly. Not forgetting the lining of the bottom. I’m going to add bands around the outside. Now it’s ready for the mix. And there, And there, now it’s ready for the oven. A low oven, for about roughly six hours. Now that the cake is out of the oven and thoroughly cool. I’ve made a band of marzipan put it around the top of the cake and turned it upside down. This gives a nice flat surface to start your decoration. I’ve made my marzipan with twice the amount of icing sugar as ground almonds. And then added eggs white until the mixture is a dough-like texture. I’ve rolled it out fairly thin and I’m actually going to put the marzipan on
in two stages. This one is for the top. I will cut off to give a sharp edge and then have some more around the outside. I added a band of marzipan around the outside, let it dry and then added a layer of royal icing. One layer for the top letting it dry and then one for the outside. My royal icing was made out icing sugar, egg whites and lemon juice. I’m not too worried about the air bubbles on the top after all for Lord and Lady Braybrooke I am a cook not a confectioner. And anyway, I can disguise it with some of my decoration. There, to add a bit of festive colour I’ve added a piece of red ribbon. For fashion for a Christmas cake is to have a lovely Christmas message written on the top. May Christmas Joys fill your heart today. But there, Merry Christmas

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  1. :No one
    literally no one
    Not a single soul

    Me… binge watching at 3am with my red eyes,how to make a victorian style foods

  2. オレンジ皮のこそげおとし…!!

    何も間違ってないけどワロタ(  ー̀дー́ )


  3. Cake made of flour, booze, and fruit: 6 hours in the oven

    Meat tube from various thick cuts of animal meat ensconced in thick dough: 1.5hr, what are you trying to do, burn the shit???

    This is why England is not known for its fabulous food LOL

  4. So, who tried the recipe already ? I need to know before christmas if it's worth waiting 6 hours for it to bake 😂

  5. nobody
    my grandma: 0:00 – 0:13 telling people what to do in the kitchen at Christmas bc she usually does it herself but we all decided to help

  6. I thought she called her Maryam. is it it Mary Anne or smth. her british accent seems to make it difficult to hear tho

  7. I love this Channel, the whim of the videos and the purpose of saving England by restoring native British customs. Gratitude for the post.
    Eu amo esse Canal, o capricho dos vídeos e a finalidade que é salvar a Inglaterra através da restauração dos costumes britânicos nativos. Gratidão pela postagem.

  8. While everyone is fixated on Mary-Anne, Mrs. Crocombe giving off shade like the sun gives off energy, and the 6 hours in the oven part, I cannot help but wonder why didn't she beat the eggs before pouring them into the batter?

  9. I’m not f~a~n~c~y enough thy lord would kick me out of thou castle 🏰 and call meh a peasant 😓😭

  10. I’m just imaging mrs crocombre wearing a tank top and some knee length shorts going to the gym like an average person would do

  11. Me: its 2:20am and I’m telling my friend imma go to sleep


  12. Why is no one talking about how they have a slice of the cake on a plate next to the whole untouched cake it was supposedly taken from at 5:48

  13. Please don‘t laugh at me, but why is the Christmas cake often called „plum puddind“ when there are no plums in it?

  14. Hi Miss crocombe I'm from Trinidad an we to have our Christmas black cake. We soak our fruits months in advance. We dress it up with some Holly. We also love our pouch de cream

  15. I wrote this as a question to another person but then realized I might also do well to pose the question to the entire group….
    " I am searching for an amazing Christmas cake recipe. Very much like you have described. And serving suggestions. I once had a Christmas rum cake with dried fruit. It seemed to have a yellow butter cake or pound cake base. Do you think it might be possible to replicate that? Or must they always be dense like a fruit cake or plum pudding? Any recipes or tips you can share with me will be deeply appreciated. I am ladyoflakefork at "
    Thanks so much for your consideration! 😊😊

  16. Is there a fruit that I could substitute for the cherries that'll have a similar taste? I'm highly allergic to cherries but still want to try this during christmas time 🙁

  17. Is marzipan almost like a fondant? Also that is a thick batter and when she says a low heat oven what's the temperature of it approximately, to be baking for 6 hrs? If you want to bake it faster can you? Or not will it not taste good if you bake it at a normal cake baking time?

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