How to Make a Gorgeous Christmas Tree Bow Topper

Hi, I’m Jennifer Davenport welcome to my
channel. Today I am going to show you how to make a beautiful Christmas tree
topper so let’s get busy. So today I want to show you two different types of
Christmas tree toppers. The first one’s gonna be a bow, love it, very easy to do
and the way I do it is I make two bows and then I attach it to the tree and
it’s gonna look like it goes all the way around the top of the tree and I’ll show
you how I do that in just a minute but let me talk about my ribbon, love ribbon.
The first one is white and this one kind of looks like it mimics birch which kind
of goes with the theme of my flocked tree. The second one, a little bit thinner in the
color platinum one of my favorite colors to use for Christmas because it’s in
between the gold and silver. So whatever ornaments you put on the
tree it just goes beautifully with it. So let me show you how I make the bows. Now
you can make a bow and tie together with wire but I really like to use ribbon and
so I’m going to cut a piece off of this platinum ribbon about 12 inches I’m
gonna set that aside and begin making my bow.
Now your first loop when making your bow that’s going to determine how big your
bow is and you want to mimic that that’s your pattern and keep going so I’m gonna
twist it over and make another loop like that and now before I begin that fourth
one I’m gonna pull some of this platinum and I’m gonna make two loops same way
keep it tight in the middle and I tell you getting wired ribbon it’s so
forgiving so if you don’t feel like you got each bow exactly right don’t worry
about it till you’re finished tying off your bow and then you can straighten it
I like to do three loops on each side and each ribbon
all right there we go now I’m gonna trim the ribbon off you’re gonna take the
narrow ribbon wind it around when you tie your bow tie it really really really
really really tight as tight as you can get it and we’re gonna trim the longer
tails now I’ve got two tails like this. So I kind of like to trim mine at an
angle like it is here but I’m gonna go just a little bit shorter to match the
other tail for those of you who have already seen my Christmas bow making video this is old news but if you’re new to my channel and you really want an
in-depth video on how I make bows I will put a link in my description below so
let me make my second bow so once I’m done making my two bows I
usually look at them and decide which one I think’s the previous one because
I’m gonna put the one that thinks no it’s pretty on the back of the tree so
we’re gonna I’m gonna start with this one
and I’m gonna put it on the back of the tree now I like to put the bow a little
bit far down on the stem of the tree see I like to have a little bit of it
showing at the top so right here where it’s a little bit narrow that’s where
I’m gonna add my bow and because you cut enough of that ribbon you can just tie
it right on to the tree and don’t worry about tying it in a knot
it’ll stay on there. Come to the side where you’ve tied the bow on the back, in
the front, pull your loops together and this is how you make it look like one
continuous bow pull the tails down a little bit and I just want to kind of
twist your ribbon so you’re pretty part that ribbon shows, tuck your tails in, now that turned out to be a beautiful
Christmas bow tree topper! Now, however, if you would like to have a tree topper
with more elegance, more drama, and more height, that is what I’m going to show
you how to do next. So here’s what I’m going to use to create an elegant tree
topper with some height. I’m going to use two branches, glitter branches, with some
snow on them and I’m going to use three stems of these white glittery leaves
that goes really well with the theme of my tree and my ribbon. I am gonna have to
snip them because they’re a little long but really this is easy to do but
there’s two things to consider. It’s about placing them correctly and not
adding too many because you can go from elegant to huge hot mess really fast. Let
me show you how I added them to the tree. All right, normally these stems are
extremely hard to clip I feel like I had to lift weights to do it and sometimes
if you just take a little snip out at a time and then twist it, that’s the
key is twisting it and then you’re gonna snip it. I’m gonna start with the
branches first. They’re gonna be my center of this. I’ve already got one in so
what you got to do is just kind of tuck it in the top of the tree and now I’m gonna
add the little white glitter leaves. I’m gonna stick them in as well just like I
did the branches but I want them to be lower than the glitter branches. Third
one and the last one and after I get this one in then I’m gonna kind of fluff
them. Now I’m just gonna kind of fluff everything, all the leaves out, so you can
see them make sure that the branches are straight. Thank you for watching my video! If you
enjoyed it be sure to subscribe to my channel because we’re gonna have more
coming out shortly. Also, if you’re ever in the Middle Tennessee area, come visit
me at JD’s All About Home in Murfreesboro Tennessee. I’d love to meet
you! Well until my next video May the glittering begin. you so glad you, what am I’m gonna say after Jennifer? Let me show you how I add it up to the
tree. “Did you hear my tummy growl in that one?” Hi, I’m Jennifer Davenport, welcome to my
channel. Today I’m going to show you how to make a beautiful Christmas topper so
welcome to my channel. What?! You got this momma, you gonna start

31 thoughts on “How to Make a Gorgeous Christmas Tree Bow Topper”

  1. Yay!!! So excited to see a new video! Can’t wait for all of your upcoming Christmas videos! Love your channel Jennifer! Looking forward to visiting JD’s. 😘😘

  2. Just beautiful! So inspired to start my Christmas decorating! Where did you purchase your wonderful tree? It looks so slim but beautifully frosted. Love your inspiration!

  3. Lovely to see you Jennifer, is this time of year, right? I am getting so excited for Christmas decorating. I absolutely love that birch ribbon, where can I get it? I never see here unusual ribbons like that. The bow has turned out beautiful, I did one last year, but I still Can't master the bow making lol . Happy decorating xoxo Nisha

  4. Video looks great. I would suggest that you wear a lavalier microphone for future videos. It would really put the final polish on your production.

  5. New subscriber, beautiful tree! Some of the stems are thick and hard to cut. I went to harbor freight and purchased a smaller pair of bolt cutters, works wonderfully without giving me hand cramps!

  6. Wow! I never knew how easy it was to make a beautiful Christmas bow. Thank you so much for this tutorial, Jennifer! From now on, I will be making my own. I rather spend the money on some beautiful ribbons than buying the store ready-to-buy bows, which I always have to settle on. Merry Christmas!

  7. Just discovered you and just love you. I love to decorate. Especially at Christmas time. You are such an inspiration to me and a lot like me. Beautiful work and it's just fun to play with your ideas. You make them look very easy. Oh well. I'm still practicing. Love your dachshunds have one too. Just think they are adorable. Looking forward to more videos

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