How to Make Christmas Party Recipes : Forming Balls for Russian Tea Cakes

I’m Stephanie Barnett and on behalf of Expert
Village, I’m here to show you what to bring to your next office Christmas party, something
savory and something sweet. So now we’re going to roll out the balls to put in the oven.
It will take you a little while to get used to this process but once you do you’ll get
going and it will be lickity split. I like to use a cookie sheet with a silpat liner
or any other kind of non stick baking liner. Now the cookie dough is going to be very hard
so you’re going to think oh, I’m never going to get this out. But you just take little
pieces of this hard dough and you squinch it in your hands and you roll it into like
a ball shape. So there’s one. So again, it’s going to be really hard and you’re going to
think this is too hard to do but it does work. The heat of your hand warms up the dough just
enough and you’ve got to really push on the dough and squeeze it hard to compact it. If
you have a young, angry child in your household, this is a perfect activity for them. They
can get out all that anger by squeezing the dough. You tell them come squeeze the dough
with mommy. Or if you have an elderly person who has nothing to do, this is a good activity
for them. So it’s going to take you a while and just push down hard with your spoon to
release the dough and roll it. So once you have these rolled out, we’ll put them in the
oven. So leave some space, put about twelve on a sheet and then get those into the hot
oven. And set your timer for about ten minutes but again, when you smell them cooking, check
on them so they don’t burn. You want these just white or just lightly golden brown.

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