How to Make Christmas Party Recipes : How to Bake Cheese Straws

I’m Stephanie Barnett and on behalf of Expert
Village, I’m here to show you what to bring to your next office Christmas party, something
savory and something sweet. So take your cheese straws, put them in the oven, set your timer
for about ten minutes. I want you to check after about six minutes. You do not want to
burn these. You want them just lightly golden brown. And you’ll also be able to tell from
the aroma in the kitchen. The kitchen smells cheesy I think and the dinger just went off,
I think the cheese straws are done. Oh yes. They’re perfect. They’re golden brown, they’re
not burned and that’s just how you like them. Now get them off immediately off of this hot
pan because they will continue to cook if they’re left on. Slide your spatula under
there and have a wire cooling rack for them to cool on. Space them out a little bit because
if you put them too close they’ll start steaming together and they won’t be as crunchy as they
could be. But you see how they puffed up and grew a little bit? And see how that pizza
cutter gave them an excellent curvy edge. You can make them straight, okay, so you want
to let those cool. You can continue with the rest of the cheese straws, do the same thing,
put them on the cookie sheet, put it in the oven, really use your nose to check for that
aroma because once they start cooking, you’ll know that they are done.

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