How to Make Christmas Party Recipes : How to Cool Russian Tea Cakes

I’m Stephanie Barnett and on behalf of Expert
Village, I’m here to show you what to bring to your next office Christmas party, something
savory and something sweet. Okay, we finished our dough, let’s put it into a clean glass
bowl, cover it with some saran wrap. So it’s pretty clumpy, it’s not one big ball, but
you can sort of squish it together once it’s in the bowl. Get all the dough out of the
mix master bowl, it’s now in, I have clean hands, I’m going to just press it down, sort
of compact it. And now I’m going to cover it with saran wrap. This needs to refrigerate
at least for a couple hours if not overnight. So I’m going to put some saran wrap on there,
cut that off, you just want to make sure that that dough is covered well and get that into
the refrigerator. It’s been a couple hours now so I’m going to check on the dough. Oh,
it’s nice and cold, so now I want you to take that dough out, get ready to prepare it and
turn your oven on. You’re going to turn it on to 400 degrees and let that heat up and
then we will show you how to prepare the dough for the oven.

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