How to Make Great Homemade Christmas Gifts

68 thoughts on “How to Make Great Homemade Christmas Gifts”

  1. Step one: make a cheap ass gift your kids will hate like a plastic spoon with chocolate on it.

    Step two: make your dog a cheap ass collar with clay

    Tip: if your dog eats the clay it may die

    Step three: give all your gifts to everyone. Don't be surprised if they get mad.

    Did you know: pools can be filled with water, balloons, ect.

  2. After adding up the cost of all the required items at the beginning of the video it turns out it's cheaper to buy ready made gifts…

  3. @icookish11 I think it is very sad that you feel that way :>( Some "homemade"gifts are genuine, lovingly prepared signs of affection. Others are stereotypes gone bad, like this video. If someone takes the time to make you somethink they genuinely think suits you then good on them. If someone makes a heartless bunch of whatever was easy and cheap with no thought to the recipient then shame on them. This video has ideas which could be made better, much better !

  4. @icookish11 Thats great, thankyou for restoring my faith a little, I've been hearing a lot of negative feedback about homemade gifts, it is nice to know others think a WELL THOUGHT OUT, PERSONAL homemade gift is great 🙂

  5. A chocolate covered plastic spoon 🙁
    A nicely presented bag or lovely reuseable container with 1/2 dozen chocolate covered spoons, some drinking chocolate and a mug…A great gift for most chocoholics 🙂

  6. @FrugalMummy I've been making presents for my family for a few years now. It doesn't help me that I try to make the most complicated thing I can think of. But it's usually a lot of fun.

  7. @bananana500 I thought I was the only one :)) I am for self made gift, especially when one doesn't earn money, but this ideas…are not at all useful. Bake a cake, knit something, make scrubs or bath bombs, make a calendar with family photos, even personalized chocolate, but 1 mm chocolate on a spoon? Really?

  8. Ok I think this video is great!! It makes sense why go to the mall when u can do this and homemade touches hearts but the material list shocked me this is homemade gits and u need that much materials for good stuff but it makes sense though because there good gifts

  9. If someone ever gave me a chocolate covered spoon as a gift, I would pour gasoline on them while they're sleeping and light them on fire.

  10. seriously… all i get is a fucking spoon dippied in chocolate sprinkled with some peppermint crap?? D:

  11. Everyone stop making fun of their ideas. I liked it, but does that mean you have to like it? No so everyone just stop hating maybe even make your own videos.

  12. Chocolate Spoons: I think this is a pretty great idea, although, i would definitely prefer giving more than one. Maybe 3 and tie it all together with a cute red ribbon? 🙂

  13. You know what just stop with the nassty comments ok just stop. I find them very useful but do you hear me shouting it the the world? No so please just stop with the rude comments.

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