How to Take Perfect Instagram Photos | Kamri Noel

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  1. Have you ever heard of a Kodak camera? I’m just starting in photography, and my mom thought this was a good, cheaper, option. What do you think of it Kamri?

  2. Ok your camera & techniques are incredible I’m not sure about my camera I recently bought so does anyone know if the canon power shot sx540 good? Unfortunately you can’t change the lens on it which I had NO IDEA about ahahaha

  3. Reasons why I can't take good pictures or have a good photo

    ⒈I don't have a camera
    ⒉The camera at my phone sucks
    ⒊I have no budget for props
    ⒋I don't know how to pose properly (i would be looking like an idiot trying to pose)
    ⒌I'M POOR

  4. Hey Kamri!! I am new to youtube and to photography and I was wondering what you use for editing your photos in photography??

  5. This was a great video! Its so helpful! Now if my older sister ever wants me to take pictures ive got tips and tricks that will help! We love you Kamri!

  6. What filter do you put over your photo's? They look so amazing when you put a filter on them. There also great without filter xx

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