How to wrap Christmas gifts like a pro

Well, I’d always loved wrapping gifts
for my friends and family and people would ask me to wrap gifts.
And when I left full-time corporate life, I decided to practise what I preach
and actually go and do the things that I loved, and one of the
things I loved was gift wrapping. I think I’ve wrapped over
60,000 presents in my lifetime. Most people use way, way, too much paper
and not enough ribbon. A great little tip is to take
some string and put it all around the object and about 10cm and
that will tell you how much you need. About that much,
so that’s going to be perfect for that. How much do I need on the sides? About three fingers either side. Cut that as straight as you can… So I just used the pattern of the pinecone. So the first thing I do: create a little footing. And I’m going to make sure it’s centred, then I’m going to bring this all the way over,
and I’m going to press as tightly as I can. And I’m going to pinch along that edge.
That’s going to give me a fold line. I’m going to open out. Place my double-sided tape along
that as close to the seam as I can. And here is what’s important: I’m going to bring here to here and you will see a perfect seam there
that’s not going to be seen at all. I’m going to fold that down…in… Fold that down like that, and then I’m going to tape… and there I go. Just going to pinch around the edge to make sure all those
seams are nice and crisp How much ribbon do you use? Enough to go all the way around
the thinnest part of the book. So I come into the centre,
enough to make a loop and a bow. Tie the bow. I’ve used a taffeta ribbon here because it’s going to sit beautifully
every time because it has body. I need to do something with these tails. A pennant look is when
you get that cut-in part. So we fold the ribbon in half
and we cut from the folded side. Add in a little bit of Christmas tree
or Christmas berry as well. So I have one set of scissors for paper and one set of scissors for ribbons. Fibres in ribbons are very different
and you will blunt very quickly. I always wrap with double-sided tape. I know some people are a bit scared of it, but one you’ve used it,
you’ll never go back. it doesn’t have to cost a
lot of money to wrap gifts and increasingly I’m wrapping
with either recycled or paper that had another original purpose. Definitely some things are
more difficult to wrap than others. Take a piece of cardboard and put it under. Take a piece of cardboard and put it on top, effectively creating a
very thin rectangular prism, and I’d wrap as normal. For the flustered person on
Christmas Eve I’d say this: slow down, go to the kitchen bench because
it’s alway easier to gift wrap standing up. Just take one gift at a time, and really enjoy
who you’re wrapping it for.

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