How to Write Thank-You Letters for Christmas Gifts : How to Personalize Christmas Thank You Cards

Hi! I’m Jessica Cain with Expert Village,
and I’m going to be telling you how to write your thank yous for Christmas gifts. With
all the technology these days with e-mails and e-cards, it’s important not to forget
the good old fashioned hand written thanks you notes. They tend to be a lot more meaningful
when people receive. That’s pretty much the point of writing a thank you note is so that
the person truly understand how appreciative you are for their gift. Let’s say for example
that your aunt Karen got you a sweater and a gift card. You would first want to be sure
that you personalize all of your thank yous with dear aunt Karen or hey aunt Karen. Just
depending on how your relationship is with that person. I would say hey aunt Karen thanks
so much for the Old Navy sweater. You might want to say how great the sweater fits or
how you like the color, and also how you were shopping this season, you saw several other
things that caught your eye that you’ll spend your gift card on.

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