I Got Dumped On Christmas Eve

So this was like my junior year of High
school. I was just one day on my phone going through
Facebook and I was going through this girl and going through her friends to see if I knew anybody that she was friends with and I liked this one guy and he messaged me back. He said, “I don’t know who you are but you are gorgeous”. And that was the first time I had ever heard any guy ever say that I was like pretty. I was so used to people at school making fun of me. Saying that she’s ugly fat, ugly fat, ugly fat. That was the first time I ever heard just the word ‘beautiful’ coming out of someone else’s mouth outside my Mom and my Grandma. We start texting and just messaging each other. We were just talking every single day. And one day, he asked me the question, “Do
you want to be my girlfriend?” And I sat there and I really had to think
about it because we hadn’t really met in person or anything and I was just like I’m not really
sure. And I was like, you know what…It’s time to take a chance and I said “YES!” From then on, my entire life just changed. I was on some type of cloud nine. I was out cloud 11. You couldn’t get me down. We went to different schools but we would
just talk everyday. We would video chat, we would just text and it was amazing. And this went on for about a good three months and a half. It wasn’t until, like, when Christmas started to roll around I was, really just, you know, wanted to see him for real. And we kept trying just to make it work make it work and just, see each other! And they just kept failing. Either school kept getting in the way or weather kept getting in the way. And it wasn’t until one day and it was Christmas Eve, and I got a text and he said, “We need to talk.” And I knew this couldn’t be good. And he basically just gave me a long text and was like, “You know, it’s over. I’m sorry.” And I was just hurt. He broke up with me on Christmas Eve and I was devastated. I just… I, all the happiness I felt was just gone and there was nothing left but just a broken heart. and I cried for what felt like four hours and just cried and cried and cried. I went to my Mom and told her what happened and she said that “you can do one of two things… you can either let this boy ruin your Christmas or you can be grateful that tomorrow is Christmas Day. You’re going to be with your family and friends and everything. I just felt better and I just realized then that I just kinda need to learn to love ME, and just accept me for who I am and sometimes be around people that I love and know care about me and are never foing to go anywhere. So yeah, that the time I got broken up with on Christmas.

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  2. I’m sorry that people call you fat don’t worry I’m fat to and sorry he broke up with you 😀😟😟😟😾I hate him

  3. Okay same thing happened to me so I had to rush that was I mean Crush crash that was in my grade and I don't know if you like me back when you first but then there's the other girl like everybody knows that now I owe my God I'm about to kill the got out of her and be like stab stab stab stab stab stab with a knife of course I can do that cuz I'll be in trouble and be suspended and go to jail okay and then one day a tree I told my friend that I like him oh my God oh my God oh my God don't tell him where I want when she told him she told them she told them everything Cheerios cam still going to be your friend even though you told them so when then one day my friend wants to tell him that if he like me and he would know she's fat what I want when they went to tell me I was so shocked I was about to cry but I didn't so I just got off my swing feel like hit that smoke out of you what but we're still good friends and I still have a crush on them secretly Stickley and I just told my friends they asked me if I still have a crush on her now no no no no no no no no no no no no no he's terrible okay so you have a crush on and also the girl to crush on him she always lays on his shoulder and all that stuff 100K storybooth I hope you do this until story sorry it was so yeah I love your channels to subscribe to storybooth

  4. I was myself and I was who I am and noone liked me then I changed and now I have friends that “be yourself” thing never works idc that everyone will ignore this comment its better to be fake. Ik those friends are fake but they bullyed me and now they dont

  5. 2 days before Christmas, 2016, I found out my ex friend was going out with the guy I liked and tried to hide it from me. Not only that, she had another guy she was dating as well, so she was just going around doing stuff. Havent spoken to her ever since the beginning of 2017 because I tried to give her another chance as a friend. Nope. Not again. 3 years passed since I talked to her

  6. Every girl will hate it

    Dumped up

    I felt so sorry for you
    Hey girl

    That guy is a jerk
    I have been also dumped by a girl named Alishiya we were dating for almost two years but on social media I saw a boy who was actually her boyfriend In the text I wrote you are so bad you are worst I don't like you 😭😭😭
    Everything changed and I broke up with her 💔💔You bitch…..🐺🐕🐕I still hate her

  7. His name was “Mr. Right” but at the end it feels like he wasn’t the right person for her

  8. If both of you haven’t had a chance to date in a long time and it became discontinued. It happened. Plan a date to meet face to face ASAP.

  9. Don't worry you will find a new Love💖 and at least he was honest💖 with you and didn't ghost you like most people would do don't be sad 😢you will! find another guy who will love💖 you for you😄👍🌸💐🌹💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖!!!!.

  10. Oh sham I can't be live she got dumbed on Christmas eve aww well at least she has a sweet grandma and mother 💓💓💓💓😯😯😯😊😊😊😊😊I hope she's ok

  11. Dont litsen to him hes just jealous that your prettier than other girls this is why I dont want a boyfriend beacuse they end up brealing your heart👿👿👿💔💔🖤🖤🖤🖤

  12. Last Christmas I gave you my hear but the very next day you gave it away, this year to save me from tears I’ll give it to someone special.

  13. Honestly I feel so bad for her because she doesn’t deserve this at all but with the thing with online dating it’s really good or safe to do it because it can cause Depression and Anxiety so it’s best to find a boyfriend or a friend in person first

  14. Whoever breaks up with someone on Christmas Eve, is just the Grinch before he turned nice.

    Like, how do u possibly break someone's heart before this beautiful day?

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