I Let AMAZON Do My Christmas Shopping

100 thoughts on “I Let AMAZON Do My Christmas Shopping”

  1. What do you want for Christmas this year?? Comment below! ✅

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  2. Hi Kamri I love your videos you are so cool you are one of my favorite YouTube channel I never miss a video 🙂
    Love you Kamri have a great day 💕

  3. Tartan is a type of cloth with intersecting lines, it's a traditional Scottish garment and each different pattern represents a Scottish clan 😀💛- Love from NZ!

  4. i love how the kids just ran and you were like "guys it's not Christmas yet" 😂😂
    love the video! I can totally relate to school draining my brain right now

  5. Who's your favorite family member of the McKnight Family?
    Comment: Brooklyn, Bailey, Kamri Paisley
    Like: Shaun, Mindy, Rylan, Daxton
    Like and comment: All of them

  6. I noticed that when you were looking for Bailey's present you counted 12 rows but on the 12th row, the last item on that row was the 48th item when you needed to count 2 on the 13th row. I also noticed that when you would count 2 items you would go to the third not the second

  7. 2:31 Kamri: What is this
    When I look at the item I think the same thing lol…..

    7:24 And did anyone else know what that bottle was that was in Shaun's gift??? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ (Not me) If you know what it was hit a like

  8. A tartan is a cloth with crossed lines (almost like plaid) pattern on it, and is my high school's mascot coincidentally: Highland Regional High School Tartans!

  9. 9:37 mmmm not really cause u said Paisly wouldn’t like the gift and she loved it
    That’s what I hated about people believing stereotypes I also wanted fun toys like remote control cars/planes, nerf guns and action toys ..,what kid wouldn’t?, but stereotypes tell people to get girls boring toys
    I’m glad she got that cause without amazon she probably would’ve gotten a boring doll that doesn’t do anything

  10. I already liked this video and i know i'll love it!! If it's from Kamri Noel you know it's gonna be funny

    And Kamri good job on those math skillz 👏🏼👏🏼😜

  11. This was fun to watch. I liked how you showed giving them. I was wondering how you keep secrets about presents on the internet

  12. Lmao tartan is like plaid except traditional and there is actually a reason to the colours and pattern, often affiliated with certain clans

  13. No hate but what's the thing with Rylan being shown less? I honestly wanted to see her reaction to the gift the most😔

  14. Ever seen a kilt? They're tartan it's a woolen fabric. Tartan is basically plaid. A specific tartan is specific to a clan (family). Have a read about Scotland.

  15. When you were shopping, I felt like you should have switched Daxton and Paisley. 😂

    Then when you gave them to the kiddos, they actually loved them which was fantastic and I also loved that Daxton immediately wanted Paisley to join in the slime fun.😂🥰

  16. Tartan is what you Americans call plaid. Different tartans are associated with different clans or families – e.g. there is a McKnight tartan!

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