International Christmas Food Taste Test

♪ Have yourself a merry little Christmas ♪
dinner. Let’s talk about that. ♪(intro music)♪ Good Mythical Morning. Welcome to the final week
of season ten of Good Mythical Morning. That’s right, another season
of Good Mythical Morning – is coming to an end. But don’t worry.
– ♪ Ba-rumpa-bum-bum. ♪ We’re not going to leave you hanging,
’cause we will be back, January sixteenth. Monday, January sixteenth, with
season eleven of Good Mythical Morning. But, Link, can you believe it?
Ten seasons of Good Mythical Morning – down the hatch.
– Down the hatch. We’ve eaten all of them. (laughs) Well, we have eaten a lot of stuff,
and we’re going to put some more stuff down the hatch today,
namely Christmas dinners. – Yes.
– Now, listen, here in America, we eat ham, and… Gravy-ized taters, and some vegetables,
and some pies. But we, by no means, have the corner
on the Christmas dinner market. No, there’s Christmas dishes
around the world, that we need to be edumacated about today as we throw darts.
It’s time to play. – ♪(a cappella music)♪
– (Link) ♪ Where in the world do these (Link) ♪ Christmas dinners come from? Okay, we are going to be given a dish
from somewhere. – We’re going to eat it.
– We’re gonna eat it, and then – we’re going to–
– Know. Guess where we think that dish
comes from, and then we’re going to throw it at this map
over here, that is manned (Rhett) by our cartographer,
who wears a map shirt, (Rhett) who has unbuttoned his shirt
a little bit for the holidays, apparently, – Chase. Keep it open, it’s fine.
– Chase the cartographer. And, of course, you’re aiming for the country
that you think this hails from, obviously. (Rhett) The further you are away from
the actual location, the worse you are. Right, so the higher your score,
the more you’re losing. It’s like golf. ♪(a cappella music)♪ Alrighty, what is this? (Rhett) I’ll slide it down here. (Link) Is this a cake? I know exactly what this is,
and I like it. This is like a spongy– Look at that.
It’s a crepe or something? No, it’s a pancake,
and you grab that right there. Oh my goodness, Rhett. Was that a– Is that an egg? I got some bone in there. I even know what restaurant
this is from. I love it. Who’s going first in this one? Well you know what it is,
maybe you should go first. – How about you go first?
– Why don’t you go first? ‘Cause I think last time I went first,
so why don’t you go first this time? – That’s tough, man.
– (Rhett) I’m gonna keep eating. That is good. That’s tasty. (Link) This doesn’t taste Canadian. What is this stuff? Can I get it with the– Yeah, you’re supposed to eat
with darts. I don’t know what that stuff is,
but I do like it. Okay, where you think it’s from? (Link) Is that Swaziland? (Link) I didn’t know that’s where
Swaziland was? (silly voice) Is that Swaziland
I taste? Man, I’m tempted to aim at Swaziland,
just ’cause I love the name. Man, this is tough. – (Link) I wasn’t aiming for Finland.
– (laughs) But at least it’s central on the map. Can you back up just a little bit,
brother, so I can– Alright, Mr. Confidence,
now what are you aiming for? Mr. I know what restaurant this is from. This is from Little Ethiopia, man. There’s a place in Little Ethiopia
that serves this exact dish, and so, I’m assuming
that it’s from Ethiopia. – (Link) Oh!
– (Rhett) But I aimed for Hungary. That’s good. – I’m safe a little bit.
– Now you know how bad I am at aim. (Stevie) Okay, guys, this is the Doro Wot. (Stevie) It’s a thick and spicy stew
that contains meat, vegetables and eggs (Stevie) typically eaten with flatbread,
and it is from Ethiopia. – Woohoo!
– You’ve been to a restaurant – in Little Ethiopia with this?
– Yes, man. It’s so good. If you’re beating me, it’s not by much.
Cartographer Chase, how do we fair? Link, you have twenty four.
And, Rhett, you have fifteen. – Okay.
– Oh, okay, alright. ♪(a cappella music)♪ This is some sort of egg roll
looking thing. I’m assuming I need my fork for this. I didn’t know I had a fork. I also have a knife.
So sophisticated. (Link) Now this is like– – (Link) What is this?
– (Rhett) Is that cabbage on the outside? (Link) Oh, it looks like meatballs
and rice in here. Boy, it smells good. Keep in mind, these are Christmas dishes. Merry Christmas somewhere on Earth. (Rhett) Wow, they do Christmas right
in this location. It’s like a cabbage and some pork? Thin tomato, meatball-y thing. That’s good.
Where’s it from? I don’t have a clue. But you have to dart first. And, yes, dart is a verb. I’m going to just–
I’m not using logic here. When that was set in front of me, I was hungry.
So I’m aiming at Hungary. I think that’s sound logic. (Rhett) Hit the Baltic sea. – Little to the right.
– Or whatever that sea is. I don’t know what it is. I’m just trying to act like I know
something about geography. (Link) See, you also have the advantage
of being in the middle of the board, which is a good place for
a clueless person to aim. Which is why I aimed there last time. Oh, that was your strategy. Yeah. It means you can take a big lead here. I really–
You know, I really smell Portugal. – You smell Portugal in there?
– Yeah. (Rhett) Oh, hey.
If it is Portugal, good job. Alright, Stevie, give me the country
I’m hoping to hear. (Stevie) I’m gonna butcher this name,
but I’m gonna try it anyway. (Stevie) This is the töltött káposzta,
or stuffed cabbage. (Stevie) A traditional Christmas dinner
of minced pork, onions, garlic, (Stevie) and tomato, stuffed inside
of a cabbage. (Stevie) And it’s from Hungary. – (laughs)
– Oh! You lucky dog. – No logic?
– Yeah. – I’m just playing with you, man.
– (silly voice) I feel hungry. It’s like a goulash, man. Alright, Rhett, you had twelve.
And, Link, you had fifteen. – Okay.
– I was not that much further from you. You weren’t. ♪(a cappella music)♪ – Oh, this one’s got lots of gravy on it.
– (Link) Oh capers! I got some capers happening. – Here’s a knife.
– What’s under that caper? I do not know. It’s a slab of something. (Rhett) Boy, that’s some
kind of meat under there. – Okay, this is beef-ish.
– Oh, man. beef-ish? It’s beef-ish, but I don’t know– (Rhett) It’s pork-ish. You think it’s pork-ish? Yeah, that’s pork-ish. Is it supposed to be cold?
Is that part of it? ‘Cause– It’s cold as ice. (Stevie) Yes. It’s supposed to be cold.
Alright. Those capers give it a strong flavor. Link, you’re up first on this one. I thought it was going to be enjoyable,
then it started to get not as enjoyable. It’s rare, too, you see the blood
coming out of it? – (Link) Yes.
– It’s rare and cold. I don’t think capers have made it
down to Australia. (laughs) Or way up to Canada. Really? You don’t think capers
have made it to Canada. (Rhett) I bet you I’ve had a caper
in Canada before. – A Canadian caper–
– A Canadian caper. A Candian caper is a pea. – Oh, really?
– Yeah. – A Canadian pea.
– A garden pea. Now what do you think it is? This is tough, people. – Mongolia’s got some goats.
– (laughs) – I think this could be goat.
– You think it’s goat? – We just ate rare, cold goat?
– Yeah. I doubt it. Everything’s cold in Canada. Your logic is impeccable. I’m having some difficulty. And I’m really trying to win this. Alright, here we go. I’m making a choice. (Rhett) Mongolia, huh? I don’t think that’s correct. I didn’t ask you. I mean, if I had to guess,
I would say this is– Just based on taste, and the fact
they’re willing to eat something cold with a lot of sauce on it,
I would think this is something the Finish people would be into. But Canadians have weird tastes
as well. So I’m going to aim at Iceland,
as like a happy medium. (Rhett) Oh. Almost hit Finland. (Stevie) Okay, guys,
this is called Vitel Thoné, (Stevie) which is comprised
of slice veal drenched in tuna sauce – (Stevie) and capers.
– So, it is goat. (crew laughs) – Lamb goat.
– Sliced veal? (Stevie) Veal, yes.
And it comes from Argentina. – Argentina.
– Argentina, dang! Oh, well. (Link) You lucky dog,
still got a little closer. You were right, it’s beef. Alright, Rhett, you had forty nine.
Link, sixty nine. Oh, gosh. You better make a big swing, sucker. ♪(a cappella music)♪ Now, this is– – Woah, hold on. This is America.
– I know where this is from. This is from Kentucky. Hold up. (high voice) That’s just straight up
fried chicken, Link. (high voice) That’s right, son. Grab you a leg. – (normal voice) Do you think it’s chicken?
– I’m gonna grab me a breast. (Rhett) (normal voice) Or a thigh bone. This might not be chicken
in other parts of the world. Oh, you think they’re tricking us. This is not from KF and the C. This isn’t original recipe? – This is not even chicken, dude.
– It’s gotta be chicken. (Link) It’s not. That ain’t chicken.
Yeah, it is. That’s chicken. Is this just like a break
where we get to eat chicken? It’s like the game–
Chicken break. Okay. We’re cleansing our palates. In season eleven, we’re gonna have
a fried chicken break in every episode. That tastes like the colonel’s, man. – I think it is the colonel’s.
– (Rhett) This is the colonel’s. This is a place where there is a KFC,
and they eat it for Christmas? I believe that’s what we are experiencing. Eating fried chicken from KFC
for Christmas. First of all, yes.
I’m into that. (Rhett) Second of all,
who would have that idea? This seems like the kind of idea you
would have after you’ve had a few drinks. In Kentucky. And that’s why I’m going
to go with Australia. I don’t know.
This also could be the kind of thing they like to do in Sri Lanka. ‘Cause I don’t know a lot
about Sri Lanka. Australia it is. – (Rhett) Okay.
– (Link) Or not. Maybe it’s Japan.
I don’t know. I actually think it is Japan. You could make a really big swing
right here, Link, just so you know. – The problem is–
– If it’s Canada, you win. The problem is I think it’s Japan.
I literally think that– You know how Japanese people,
they like American culture, and Americans like Japanese culture,
and there’s like this amiable exchange, around the holidays? We give them chicken. I’m pretty sure that it’s Japan. But, if I go with that,
I can’t beat you. Unless I nail Japan,
which I can’t even– (Link) I can’t hit Japan with a dart. They give us school girl outfits. (crew laughs) Oh man, I really wish you had
of hit Canada. (Stevie) Okay, guy, you are correct,
this is Kentucky Fried Chicken. – Uh huh.
– (Stevie) It actually– There was an ad campain (Stevie) in 1974 called,
Kentucky for Christmas, (Stevie) that was so effective
that people in this country eat (Stevie) Kentucky Fried Chicken
for Christmas. (Stevie) And that country is Japan. – I was right.
– (laughs) Dang it! Why didn’t you go
with your instinct, man? Because, I had to beat you,
but I have a– I was betting against myself
to try to beat you. (Link) Dang! Oh, Chase, no.
You’re measuring the wrong way. (Link) It’s a round globe,
measure the other way. (Rhett and crew laugh) It’s just flat on the map, dude. You know what?
That’s not a bad– Canada and Japan is really close. It’s not a bad idea. Alright, so, Rhett, you had twelve.
And, Link, you had eighty three. I would never fly from Canada to Japan
that way. Link, you know what?
You can have the whole bucket – of chicken, if that makes you feel better?
– Well, it will. (both laugh) That’s the prize I wanted. ♪(a cappella music)♪ Okay, Link, you make
a good point. That is how you would fly,
if you were in a plane, so we can do it that way,
and, Chase, what would that be, if you went around the globe? That would be thirty one centimeters. – (Link) Yes.
– (Rhett) Okay. The world is not flat,
and I still have a fighting chance. You still have a chance.
Let’s bring in the last dish. Hmm. That is– (Rhett) Look at that.
It’s so pretty. Look at that.
It’s some sort of– (Link) It’s a fish made out
of chitlins or something. I doubt it’s chitlins. – I’m going to go out on a limb–
– It smells like a desert. It probably is. It smells cake-y. What do you want?
What part do you want? You want the head? What are the white balls? (Rhett) I don’t know.
I’m just gonna kind of just grab a– – (Rhett) Oh gosh.
– (Link) Is it hard? I was just thinking (makes whoop sound)
and I just thought it was gonna– – It’s hard.
– Come right up, but no. (Rhett) You gotta.
You gotta really work this thing. Ho, ho, hold up! Uh oh. It smells sweet, doesn’t it? It smells odd. It’s good. I’m a little afraid that this might be gross,
but I actually like it. It’s not good. It is good. It’s not good. It’s like cake, man.
It’s like funnel cake. Alright. This is do or die,
for the Linkster. This is tough. I think–
I think because it was in like a fish pattern, that must mean
that it’s from an oceanic country. – Oh.
– (Link) Japan has been taken, but they could double up on Japan. You never know. (Link) Man, Sri Lanka’s
just hiding down there in the ocean. (Rhett) Every country, except Mongolia,
is touching the water. Oh Hungary isn’t.
We already been there. Sri Lanka hasn’t been an answer,
has it? It has not. Sri Lanka’s just down there
ready to get ocean-ified. – (Rhett) Okay.
– (Link) Almost hit the A in Sri Lanka. (Link) Little to the right of the dot,
but, alright, feeling good. Okay, a fish? Do you think there’s fish in that? No, no, but it’s shaped
like a fish, Link. It was. And it’s shaped like a catfish,
so I actually think that Sri Lanka’s a pretty good guess, but the Swedish fish comes from Sweden, which is in the same part
of the world as Finland. Oh.
Finish strong, Rhett. I don’t think Canadians would do this. Canadians are way too practical
to make food into the shape of an animal. Finland. (Link) Oh! So close. (Stevie) Okay, guys, this is called,
Lampreia de ovos, (Stevie) which is a platter of nothing
but sugary egg yolks formed into (Stevie) the shape of a Lamprey fish,
lying on top of more sugary egg yolks, (Stevie) from Portugal. – (laughs)
– Portugal? – (Link) Aww.
– (Rhett) Link, I’m sorry, man. (Link) Rhett, you have won outright, but you know what?
It’s the holiday season, so you can say that I won too. – (laughs)
– Okay, is that how it works? – We’re both winners.
– ♪ It’s the holiday season. ♪ ♪ And I lost, but I won, somehow. ♪ Maybe next time, Link. Thanks for liking, commenting,
and subscribing. You know what time it is. I’m Miles, from Boca Raton, Florida. And it’s time to spin
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