26 thoughts on “Interview with Noel Gallagher”

  1. Any Belgians here who are familiar with this journalist? What's his "thing" usually? I can't quite decide if he's being overly serious and doesn't have a sense of humour – or whether he's actually a really funny guy and his style is just dry like that.

  2. Noel saying that Liam was only in it for himself? Hilarious. That is about as hypocritical as you could possibly get!

  3. I have never seen Noel disarmed like this in an interview before. This dude did a great job. I personally think it might be the best Noel interview I've seen.
    Coming from a Canadian fan that's been loving Noel for 20 years!

  4. good interview

    not quite, Noel. you don't quite do what normal people do. normal people wake up and then go to a job they hate. but yeah, when they have free time, they do what you do. and good for you that you can do that every day. at least some people make it there.

  5. I can listen to Noel Gallagher read my shopping list and it would be fantastic. Was an oasis fan from the start, and absolutely love his solo stuff. I've almost run out of interviews to listen to. The man is a musical genius in my eyes. And may he continue to be so.

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