Justice League Toys Christmas Battle SuperHero Kids!

If I sign up for this email I can get the latest news for Justice League! Yeah! Time to order some toys. (doorbell rings) I got it! No I got it! Guys wait for me! Christmas presents! I’m going to open mine first! Guys! We are not supposed to be opening these yet! That’s so cool! Oh my goodness gracious! I got Batman! This is so cool! It’s not even Christmas yet! Woah! The Batmobile is mine! Clearly it’s mine! It’s neither of yours! You’re not even supposed to be opening them! I want to play with it! Hey! (transforming noises) Give me my car back! Ha! See ya! Give me my car back! Ha ha ha! Yes! I finally got it! Aquaman! What! That Batmobile is mine! Finally! It’s mine! Give me the Batmobile! Cyborg! (magnetic noises) No! Yes! It’s mine! I need that Batmobile! Finally I got the Uh oh Give me my Batmobile! Take this! Hang on, let’s talk about this! Finally! It’s mine! The Batmobile is neither of yours! These toys were for the Robinson family! Why are we getting presents for them? Yeah, what about our presents? They didn’t have enough money for presents this year. And you just ruined the only chance for any presents. Hey Hope? We’re sorry we ruined the Robinson’s presents. We did our best to fix it. It’s the thought that counts. Can we take it to the Robinson’s now? Oh, we are rewrapping this first. Are we going to get stuff like this too? Hopefully This is cool! Be the first to learn about all things Justice League by joining the league at www.jointheleague.com And if you like any of these awesome toys make sure to check the link down below! They are amazing gifts for friends and family! So get into the Christmas spirit and pick some up. Comment down below your favorite Justice League toy we used in this video and hit that subscribe button! Bye! Thanks for watching! Like this video!

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