17 thoughts on “Kevin Spacey posts cryptic Christmas Eve video again”

  1. Now that the charges were dropped, who is giving Kevin Spacey his life back? Is the media responsible for smearing his name? Does he not get to be restored to his previous state?

  2. SO HE REALLY IS "MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD & EVIL" !!🎬 🎥📺📽️👁️🤴👱☠️😈😱😱😱😬😳😉😁😁😁😁😄😆😆🤔😮

  3. So the host says right at the end that the charges have been dropped. Yet the MeToo movement continues to follow him. If he is guilty, we may never truly know. But if he is innocent and the charges dropped, then the MSM is a bigger bunch of A-holes than we ever thought before.

  4. He is still my favorite actor. I despise Robin Wright who
    abondended him when he needed his friends the most.
    Her career came first. What a shame. Unfortunately a stigma will hunt him for a long time.

  5. stupid meto movement …total nonsense,,,,,just actors/actresses trying to get attention and more money…kevin spacey is to good for them

  6. 2nd accuser 'dies'. Behn, ex-husband of Norway’s Princess Märtha Louise and Kevin Spacey accuser, dies in apparent suicide

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