KIDS ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY (12.4.15 – Day 1343) |

– Wake up! – [Clintus] Oh crap. (laughter) – Mommy went all, I didn’t
want to like jump on him, so I just did this. – Good morning! Wake up, wake up, wake up! – [Clintus] Jeez Louise. – No sleeping in in this house! Woo! (mumbles) (laughs) Good morning! – [Clintus] Woah, Doggy! She wanted in on the action. – Yeah, she wanted to jump up on you too. – Oh man. – So wake up Daddy, are you awake? – Snuggly, snuggly. Baby, what do you think about all this? Where’s my couch? Where’s my couch? Where my cubby hole? Well it’s okay, I got all this hairy pig. – Hey wait, Baby’s feet are dirty. – Can’t really make
her get off the carpet. – [Tiffany] Bye kids. Sierra, you’re leaving too soon, hold on. (laughs) When you guy get back, new couches! (Baby barking) – It’ll be a whole new house. – [Tiffany] Hey, hush your
mouth, hush your mouth. – Whole new living room, not house. – What is up my clan? Welcome to day 1343. Just got done shooting
three unboxing videos, November’s unboxings
because of the holiday, they came a little early, but then because of the holiday I
didn’t get to them until now. As you know, this week
has been crazy busy, we’ve been pretty much
out of the house every day and every night for sports or something. But you can see the mess,
the pile that I made there of all the stuff, oh that one, I’m so excited about
that one, right there. Oh, so excited. Now I’ve got to sit down and actually edit these three videos, including a montage I’m putting together on Clintus Games from last
weekend’s Trials of Osiris. It’s Friday, which means
that Trials of Osiris kicked back off and
it’s been a whole week, so I’m so I’m like (sighs). So I’m trying to get that out today with all the Trials of Osiris hype, get that up, get that out, and get one of those unboxing videos up as well, and then schedule the other
two for later this weekend. – So I just told you, should
probably get that rug out before they get here, and then what, two minutes later they call and say, We’ll be there in five minutes. And then we’re like rushed to get this in. They’ll be here. (steady drum beat) – [Clintus] Here come the kids. Sierra knows, she remembers, she’s probably waiting for Bryce. – Oh my gosh! – [Tiffany] No shoes on the carpet! No shoes on the carpet! (Clintus laughs) – No shoes on the carpet. – Let me see ’em. What the! – [Clintus] What do you guys think? – It looks different from
when we saw the video. – [Clintus] You saw that on the video. That’s all you saw. – I’m saying, I saw grey, not black. – [Clintus] It’s our lighting. There’s no lights in here. Yeah, it’s darker in here. – Oh my gosh! – Oh you guys got a new rug, that’s cool. – This is awesome! – [Clintus] Cool? – [Bryce] Yeah. This is so tall. – [Clintus] Yep, there it is, guys. First time you guys have seen it, too. Oh it kind of looks like purple. It’s not purple guys,
it’s like charcoal grey. But Tiffany went and bought a, what’s that thing called? – Poinsettia. – [Clintus] Poinsettia. Very festive. And so this is, it’s not complete yet. It’s not done yet. We need a lamp, we’re gonna get a chair, we’re gonna put a chair here, ’cause there’s lots of room, so we can put a chair right here. – [Sierra] A chair? – [Clintus] Yep. – [Sierra] It better match the couches. – [Clintus] Yeah, well
it’ll probably, i’m thinking something light like that, so it accents. So a chair here for sure. We’ll get a lamp probably for that one. I like what mommy got
going here with the plant. We can like rotate flowers
here, or potted plants. – [Sierra] Like, for
summer get a lighter color. – [Clintus] And then
we got this space here, so this is the thing
we have to figure out, what to do with this, maybe a vase, and we have like a plant, or something. Something’s gonna go here because we have this empty space. And then there’s a little
cubby hole over here as well. Which, I’m thinking we need
to get something for Baby. I think we need like a little,
Baby needs a little house, because she’s not allowed
on the couches anymore, and she lost her little cubby hole, this dark hole. – Has Baby gone onto the couches/ – [Clintus] She got on once
and I told her to get down, and she has not gotten back up since. – That’s good. – [Clintus] But she’s been
hanging out right here in this little corner. This might be her new
corner, I don’t know. And here’s the new TV stand. It fits the TV perfect. – [Bryce] It makes it big, taller. – [Clintus] Yep, it’s
made for a 55-inch TV, which is what we have. So it fits perfect. And yeah. Mommy did a really good job
picking the furniture out. – It almost looks like it’s all forward. – [Clintus] Everything looks really good. It looks perfect. I like it a lot. – It all just matches perfectly. – [Clintus] It’s good, huh? – Here it is guys, the last
Destiny Red Bull I have, and the last one I’ve
seen in a couple of weeks. I’ve been looking for more and I can’t find them anywhere, they’re all back to the regular Red Bulls. So the Destiny promo codes,
the Destiny XP bonuses are over. Sad day, but I still get my Red Bull. It’s time once again for
the kids’ holiday party, annual holiday party
with all their friends. This year however, we’re doing it at Peter Piper Pizza, we normally do it at someone’s house, but apparently nobody wanted it at their house,
and so we planned it for Peter Piper Pizza, it
should be fun and awesome, because a) there’s pizza,
b) there’s video games and c) it’s out in the
open, out in a public area, not someone’s house, which
is kind of boring sometimes. Ooh, Peter Piper Pizza upgrading. New decorations on the walls, new paints, some new games. The new prize pod is
all done, some they got some new stuff on the walls, it’s all nice and clean in here. It look pretty! It’s so pretty! – Look at him, he’s walking around. – [Clintus] Oh wow, Race
is trying to walk around, look at him. – [Sierra] He likes the bright light. – [Clintus] Green light, green light! We got Colton over here, What’s up Colton, what’s up dude? – He’s watching– – [Clintus] Pound it, pound it! – He watched the video
where you got a PS4. – [Clintus] You watched the
video where I got a PS4? Hey, did you lose a tooth? You lost a tooth, look, you lost a tooth! Oh! There’s little Bibo, what up dog? Oh! Give it to him Chase,
give it to him Chase! Oh! That’s called cheating, and that’s not, that’s not good. We don’t want cheating. In here we have the girls, hello girls. (mumbles) Hello girls. Are you guys racing each other? – Yeah. – [Clintus] Are you racing? (shouting in excitement) Go Ryder, go Ryder, go! – We got a free token, Bryce spinned it, we got 500 tickets. – [Clintus] 10. You got 110? – Yep. – [Clintus] Nice, dude. Oh yeah, California veggie. Jalapenos, boom. All right, time for the
Christmas festivities. We’re decorating trees, is
that what we’re doing Bryce? Yeah? – They’re just cones, but
we’re putting stuff on it. – [Clintus] Using your imagination, right? You’re doing green? – [Bryce] Bradon’s doing red. – [Clintus] Bradon’s doing red. Yeah, buddy, get in there. Get in there. And Chase is eating it. (chatter) Sierra’s going in for green. – [Sierra] A Christmas tree! – [Clintus] Yep, going
plastic, she’s going plastic with icing. It’s like snow, right? – The beautiful, beautiful hair. – [Clintus] Wow, is that Santa Clause? – [Sierra] Yeah. – [Clintus] Santa Claus action? Come on, focus. There we go. Little Santa Claus, a little
lights around the tree. – [Sierra] Then all the Christmas lights. – [Clintus] Christmas lights? – [Sierra] And a star. – [Clintus] All right,
Bryce has got some snowballs going on over here. – [Bryce] I got snowballs. – [Clintus] Snow ball. – Sugar cone and the frosting. – [Clintus] The waffle cone. – Waffle cone? It’s a sugar cone. – [Clintus] it’s a sugar cone? Get a little dirty there? Got a little green on your face? They made a street light, look at that. That’s cute, that’s awesome. Yeah, yours fell over. Group photo, group photo! Everyone keeps having kids, this group’s getting bigger and bigger. It keeps getting taller
and it keeps getting wider. How funny is that that it’s
the dollar dollar bill’s got a dollar dollar bill tree. – [Voiceover] He said he
wanted money, so, it’s like– – [Clintus] That is awesome. (chatter) – New boots! – [Clintus] Oh, wow! – You’re welcome! – [Clintus] You’re welcome, thank you! – Four and a half. – [Clintus] Four and a half, perfect. Peanut butter M&Ms? – Yeah. – [Clintus] Nice. – [Voiceover] I’m gonna keep it! – Well it’s mine, not yours. Knew it! – [Clintus] Knew it, called it! – [Voiceover] I have that
one, that’s the best one. – [Clintus] Oh that’s sweet. – [Voiceover] I got it for him. – [Clintus] You got it for him? Dude, it’s just like
a big bazooka, rocket. it’s a rocket launcher, Bryce! That’s sweet. – What! – [Clintus] That’s sweet. – Can I open it? – [Clintus] No, no. Hold it up. Thunderblast! Watch your hands, buddy. All right! All done with the kids’ holiday party, fun times as always, even though that different location, it
wasn’t at someone’s house, it was at Peter Piper,
I thought it was still a good idea, it still
worked out pretty good. Still had the little crafts we do. And okay, of course the
kids got their gifts, Bryce rockin’ the rocket launcher. – It’s a Nerf gun, but look it. – A rocket launcher gun. – so it’s like, it’s
like the normal bullets Nerf guns always have,
it’s got the hard parts and it’s got the hole. – [Clintus] That’s cool. give it a shot, see how far it shoots. Oh you gotta push harder than that, dude, get another rocket, get another rocket. Get another rocket,
that’s why you have two. All right, crank it. There you go! There you go. – Mail time! – [Clintus] Mail time, that’s right. We got letters pulled out, here we go. Bryce is going to read the first one, it looks like a thick one. Ooh, it’s a big one. – Dear Clintus, Tiffany, Sierra and Bryce, just want to tell you that I like to, like the pictures. I just turned 14 in May of 2015. – Two and a half. – Two and a half months ago. I had been watching the swags for two weeks, how, – Two weeks now. – Oh, two weeks now, the swags are all so funny kids, and very intelligence and silly. How’s Baby the dog been? – Been. – Been. Since you have been
busy doing other things, when are you going to
do the mail blogs again? I’m just– – Just curious. – That’s all. – Just curious, that’s all. – Just curious. – [Clintus] Flip the page. – What was your favorite part or, – Of VidCon. – Of VidCon? Did you see Ellie and Jared? – [Clintus] Yep, I did. – Did see Ellie and Jared,
and favorite part of VidCon, Bryce, what was your
favorite part of VidCon? Everything. Everything was fun at VidCon. – [Clintus] VidCon’s awesome, huh? – Yeah, VidCon’s fun. – My mother Karen, Carrie, has a boyfriend named David, David. When does your school start? My school starts August. – [Clintus] Yep, August, 2015. One more page. – There is one more page? 18th of, – 2015. – When do you plan on going camping and going to Lo-Lo-Mai for camping– – Adventures. – Adventures. When do you plan on taking the kids– – To Playlist Live. – To Playlist Live in– – [Clintus] Orlando? – Orlando. Orlando, Florida again. Do you always see my YouTube– – [Clintus] Comments. – Comments when I– – [Clintus] Write them. – My channel is called Cameron He– – [Clintus] Oh it’s Cameron! – Cameron, yeah. – [Clintus] It’s Cameron
from Playlist Live! – Oh. – [Clintus] I didn’t realize, you know, we didn’t read the last
name, so I didn’t realize that’s who it was. So that’s from Cameron, we met Cameron at Playlist Live, Orlando this last year. He was very excited to come to our meetup and he stood in line and he waited, and it was awesome to meet Cameron. So Cameron, thank you so much! Yes, I see your comments all the time, and thank you for the awesome letter. Very long letter, appreciate that. All right, we got the PS3 hooked back up so Sierra can jump right
back into Minecraft. Nice little cubbyhole there so we can tuck it all away and close the door when they’re done with it, so there’s no cords and stuff hangin’ out. As long were to put her
chair back when she’s done. And Mommy’s already claiming her stake on the corner desk there, corner table. That’ll be her cozy spot when she’s got her iPad and her drink, but she loves that spot right there to like lounge and get cuddly and whatnot. And there’s Bryce’s spot, which is good, now he has a table there, you have a table for you. It works out pretty good. And Baby, she’s just
kind of chilling for now. She still doesn’t know what to do. She wants to get on the
couch, but we won’t let her, and so that’s kind of
like her little cubby now. ‘Cause she lost her other cubby. – [Bryce] Mommy’s still- – [Clintus] So one of you
guys suggested in the comments that we do aluminum foil on the couch so the dog doesn’t jump on the couch, so I’m assuming it’s a
combination of the noise and shininess, the dog’s not gonna want to jump on there, and when she does she doesn’t like it, so she gets down. So we’re gonna give that a
try and see how it works. Like I said, she likes this
little cubby hole in the corner. Until we buy ourselves a new, like a new little house for her. I’m go ahead and end the vlog here guys, hope you enjoyed it, if
you did go and give it a thumbs up, tap that eye in the sky for the last three years’
videos, what we were up to. Check the links down in
the description below. Be sure to follow me on Twitter guys, I tweet a lot about what we’re doing, what’s going on, pictures, you know, the videos get tweeted,
my gameplays and stuff over at Clintus Games, I’m gonna be doing a
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online and actually stream I’ll be doing a giveaway, so Twitter’s definitely the best place
if you want to follow me if you don’t already know that, and we’ll see you guys tomorrow, busy day. Busy day, fun day, stay tuned for that, and vlog on.

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