Kids Fun TV Grinch Babysitter Compilation Video! Will the Kids Save Christmas?

[Fun music] “Every Who down in Whoville
liked Christmas a lot, but the Grinch who lived just
north of Whoville did not!” You ready to go? Babe, I don’t know. I know it’s our anniversary,
but how are we gonna go out on Christmas Eve? Who is gonna babysit? Honey, do not doubt me! [Door bell rings] [Sneaky music] [Exclaims]
[Dad] Hello! Hi there! [Dad] Thanks for coming
on such short notice! Come on in! It’s my pleasure! Is that the..? Come on, hurry, let’s go! But, but, but…
[Grinch] See you later! Thank you! Have a good time! Don’t stay out too late! You have a curfew! [Snickers] Is that the.. guh-guh-guh..? Guh-guh-guh, the Grinch! Ahhh! Why are you dressed like Santa? Why are you holding a bag like Santa? Did you bring presents like Santa? You bet I did! Why don’t you get ready for what I got inside the bag for ya? [Bag rustles] Close your eyes, and hold out your hands. Here you go! Can’t wait to see what it is! Here you go! And, something extra
special for you, my dear! Just for you! And now open your eyes! A greasy banana?! Ew, an old sock?! An onion?! [Grinch laughs] I’m ruining Christmas already! [Children exclaim] Ruin Christmas? And, what a perfect place to start. Right under your little noses! [Children exclaim] [Exclaim] You can’t do that! [Kaden] Why’d you do that? [Children exclaim] Ooh, Santa’s little cookies, huh? How about those next? [Children exclaim] [Grinch laughs]
[Kaden] Not Santa’s cookies! Ooh, ooh, ooh! What do we have here? Is this Cindy Lou Who’s handy work? [Children] Nooo! [Grinch snickers] Ooh, it’s the fat guy! [Children exclaim]
[Grinch] Delicious! We spent hours on that! Ooh, that was delicious! So, what do you think about that? You can’t do that! And what are you three
going to do about it? [Grinch snarls] [Children exclaim] Boo! Ahhh! [Guitar music] Well, that was easier than I thought! I know! This will work perfectly! I didn’t know the Grinch was real! And now he’s here to destroy Christmas! [Guitar music] [Grinch snickers] Oh yeah! These are the worst! Now, what can I do next? [Grinch sings gibberish] Gotta get it all out! [Trash falling on floor] [Grinch snickers] [Trash bag rustles] This looks perfect! Except it needs something a little more.. I know! Brought my little toy with me. Never leave home without it. [Leaf Blower]
[Guitar music] Woo! [Leaf Blower]
[Guitar music] That’ll hold them! But just in case. [Fun music] That’s Grinch-tastic! They’ll never get out here! Guys, we just ran away like babies! Yeah, we can’t let him ruin Christmas! We have to stop him! ♪♪”Up on the Housetop”♪♪ [Water splashing] This is our house!
He can’t boss us! Get the blasters!
Yeah! [Children exclaim] What the heck? ♪♪ “Up on the Rooftop” ♪♪ Oh, Merry Christmas! Take that, and the puppies! He’s gift-wrapped us in here! That can’t hold us! It’s just a bunch of wrapping paper. Yeah, let’s bust through this thing! Yeah, that’s a great idea!
Ready?! Three, two, one! Ahhh!
[Guitar music] That Grinch can’t stop us! Yeah, let’s tear this down! [Wrapping paper crinkling] [Children cheer] What in the world?! Looks like the Grinch put a
whole wall of garbage here to block us out! Yeah, how are we ever
gonna get through this? Let’s try to push it over! [Groans] Yep, it’s definitely a wall. No way we can get through! [Cheery Christmas tune] How are we ever gonna
get through the wall? Let’s get a chair, and see
if we can see over the top! [Mellow sneaky music] [Cheery christmas tune] Great thinking, Kaden! I can see right over this wall. Jack, what do you see over there? Whoa! Looks like there’s one of those leaf blowers over there. How could that help us? I got an idea! Maybe we can blow down all the garbage? That’s nice, but it doesn’t
really help that it’s on the other side of the garbage. That’s true, but maybe we
can find a way how to get it. Hmm..what do we have in our
room that could help us? Hey Kaden, I have an idea! Our drone’s pretty strong. [Exclaims] That’s a brilliant idea! We can use your drone to fly over there and pick up the leaf blower. And blow all the garbage down! But, how great are your flying skills? Oh, you watch and see! [Silly music] [Guitar music] [Drone whirring]
[Guitar Music] ♪♪ “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” ♪♪ [Grinch snoring] Huh, huh, huh? [Upbeat Christmas tune] [Guitar Music]
[Drone whirring] Go down more! Okay, a little bit more to the left! Lower the string down, and catch the hook! [Drone whirring] Good, you got it!
Now raise it up! [Mischievous music] [Trash shuffling] [Mischievous music] [Drone whirring]
[Guitar music] A tiny bit more up. and go around! [Kids cheer]
Woohoo! Yay! No way, Kaden! You actually did it! Those are some awesome flying skills! I know! I’m pretty good, right?! Yeah, let’s blow this garbage pile down! Yeah, wait a second, let me take this chair away first! Eat my dust! [Leaf Blower whooses] [Children cheer] [Garbage wall crashes] [Children cheer] [Grinch snickers] Uh-oh guys, tinsel trap! What will happen if we knock
down some of that ribbon? I don’t know, but I don’t wanna find out! [Grinch snickers] Oh yeah! Okay follow me, but be careful. Get your blasters! We want to take the Grinch by surprise! Oh yeah! [Grinch snickers] [Grinch snickers] [Mystery music] Extra TP! And some night-time glasses
of water, Cindy Lou! [Mystery music] [Jack] Careful, guys! We
have to make it through! How do you like my wrapping? Excellent! [Mystery music] [Soft Christmas tune] [Jasmine] Hey, try going under not over! [Soft Christmas tune] Urp! Yes, we made it! Yes! Come on! [Kaden] Yes! [Fun playful music] [Children exclaim] He’s TP-ing our Christmas tree! [Grinch laughs] Stop right there, Grinch! If you wanna ruin Christmas, you’ll have to get through us! Too late, I already have! Let’s blast him! Ahhh! [Nerf blasters]
[Guitar music] Nah nah nah nah! [Grinch laughs] I can play your game too! Ahh! [Jasmine] I’m gonna get you! After he throws his last
ball, let’s charge him! Great idea, guys! Get ready! Give up now, Grinch! Never going to happen. [Laughs] [Children] Let’s get him! Ahhh! You’re trapped Grinch, surrender! No no no, please! I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it! I didn’t mean it! I promise, I’ll never do
it again ever, ever, ever.. [Children exclaim] [Santa] Hmmm, what’s going on here? I thought you were on the nice list? Santa, it’s not what it looks like! Oh no, anybody but Santa Claus! Yeah, we’re just trying to
save Christmas from the Grinch! [Santa] Hmmm, Grinch! You’ve been on the naughty list for years! The naughty list? Yikes! I’m out of here! [Santa laughs] Ho ho ho ho! [Children cheer] Yay! [Fun music] This babysitting is the least favorite! I gotta find me a real job! Okay kids, I got a babysitter again and I’m gonna go meet your
mom at the restaurant! What?! The last babysitter
you got was the Grinch! [Knocking] Guess who! [Children exclaim] Grinch, my man! Good to see ya! Come on in! Hi guys, have you missed me? Are you serious? Hey guys, be nice! Give him a chance. Yeah, give me a chance! Wait! Oh man.. So nice of you to come
to our Christmas cabin! Yeah no problem, it was
so close being up here on Mount Crumpit! We’ll be back later! See you kids, be good! [Grinch] Alright, see ya later! Don’t worry! [Mischievously laughs] Oh no, not again! We had so much fun the last time, I thought you’d be excited! You already tried to ruin
Christmas, and we stopped you! Don’t even think about
trying anything sneaky again! What, me sneaky? [Laughs] [Kaden] What are you up to? [Children exclaim] [Grinch snickers] How dare you? That’s my stocking! Who do you think you are? I’m the guh-guh-guh, Grinch! Quick, let’s grab our blasters! [Laughs] Yeah, good luck
finding those blasters! Now, it’s time to have a
little fun and ruin Christmas! Quick! Ooh, I know what to do! Wait a minute! Where’s our blasters? We left them right here! They’ll never figure this puzzle out! They were just right here! [Fun guitar music] Ah ooh! Oh! [Grinch cheers] If we don’t have our Nerf blasters, how are we gonna get the Grinch this time? We’ll have to look for
something else in the house. He goes here, he fakes
left, he fakes right. Hut-hut, hike! [Grinch cheers] Woohoo! Does this present smell? It does now! [Basketball dunk] [Crowd applause] You know what, this
babysitter gig isn’t too bad! Good luck figuring this one out! Something really weird is going on here. I got them good! But, just in case! [Playful music] What’s behind door number one? [Playful music] They’ll be sorry if they pick this door! [Snickers] Let’s go check it out! We can’t let the Grinch
ruin Christmas again! [Jazzy Christmas music] [Door handle jingles] Oh no, it’s locked! And there’s a key box here? I don’t remember a Christmas
tree being here before. Me neither, that’s strange! [Jazzy Christmas music] Oh no! We’re stuck here, and the Grinch is out there
ruining Christmas again! [Static cracking] Hello, hello? is this thing on? [Knocking] [Exclaims] So, you discovered you’re
stuck in my escape room, eh?! [Grinch snickers] Escape room? Did you set up this Christmas tree? Hey, you built your cabin
up here on Mount Crumpit. Let’s just say the Grinch is sneaky! What, no way? Yes, way! Now, it’s time to have a little fun now that you’re on my turf! [Children] Fun?! If you’re smart enough to
figure out how to escape, then maybe you can stop
me from doing this. [Snickers] [Exclaims] No, no not Grandma’s cookies! They’re the best! [Slide whistle] Yummy! Perfect! Your Grandma is going
to love these cookies! [Static] Oh no, hurry! We have to figure out how to escape this room! Quick, look around! Maybe we can find a clue! I think I have an idea, guys! It has to be. Darn it, there’s nothing. Maybe, it’s on the ceiling somewhere? Let’s see, who’s these presents for? Ooh, Jack!
Not anymore. Jazzy, hope you like action figures! Hope you like dolly’s! I found it! I found a clue! Let’s do the the clue red.
But they’re not colors. They’re numbers. Wait, since they’re colors, maybe one of these ornaments, like one of these ornaments should
have a color on them. Santa stop here? [Laughs] That’s better! Santa, keep out! Exclamation point! Yeah, look there’s blue, red, yellow. Okay, take every single
one off and look around! Guys, I know what they are! Okay guys, count how many
red ornaments there are, and we can put them in the code! Oh yeah, great, just take
all of the ornaments off! Six, Six red. [Jasmine] Nine, there’s nine. Three, three. Seven. Six, nine, three, seven. [Children cheer] Yes, yes! [Children cheer] Yay! Hey guys, look, there’s
tons of presents in here! Dang it, this one’s locked also! [Static] So, you got out of the first room, did ya? Well, ya didn’t expect another room! [Jasmine] Grinch, you’re
not the best babysitter ever! Why, thank you! In the meantime, don’t
open the wrong present! [Static] Quick, let’s collect the presents and put it in the middle of the room. [Fun music] Jazz, get this! I’m bored! What could I do? I could watch a movie! What do they got? Ooh, I’ve never seen this before, but he looks rather handsome! What did the Grinch say? Don’t open the wrong present? I guess we just have to try one! Which one should we try? Maybe this one? Balls? Ooh yeah! Balls? That’s strange. Go try the door again. Hey guys, it’s unlocked! Ahhh! I guess we picked the wrong present. Which one should we try next? Your guess is good as mine. [Laughs] Wait a minute. This paper is taped to
the bottom of the present. It must be a clue! “Once upon a time there was a little elf named Elfie.” [Crying] Oh, that Cindy Lou? Cindy Lou Who, somebody’s gotta save her! Wait a minute! Why are some of the
words darker than others? That must be a clue! [Children] “Only open the
stripped candy cane presents!” That’s how it ends? What a not a good ending! Okay, guys, we can only
open the candy cane boxes. Let’s try this one! It’s my winter coat. Let’s check the door now. I’ll get it. [Wind and snow whirring] It’s a blizzard out there! We can’t go out there! We’ll freeze! Well, if this box had my winter coat, what will this box have? It’s my winter coat! Let’s open the rest of
these candy cane boxes! Yes, it’s my winter coat! [Jasmine] It’s gloves! It’s a hat! [Glass shatters] Well, I guess we’re
ready to brave the storm! Come on, let’s do this thing! It looks like we’re nice and warm. Into the blizzard we go! ♪♪”Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”♪♪ I can hardly see in front of my nose! How is there a snow storm in this house? The Grinch took our blasters, didn’t he? Why don’t we get him back
with the snow balls later? Yeah, that’s a great idea! Everybody collect snow balls. Hey guys, I found a door right there! Maybe we can go out of the storm! Quick, let’s see if it’s unlocked. Mistletoe? For me? Yay, we got of the storm!
[Children cheering] What’s that? [Playful music] That’s more like it! What are all these lights for? I don’t know? Do you think we should follow one, and see where it takes us? It looks like they go different places. How about the red one? That’s one of my favorite colors. Looks like this one goes
on forever and ever. [Fun music] Ugh.. should we open the door? I’m kind of nervous to see
what’s on the other side. Here goes nothing! Ahhh! Well, that didn’t work! How about we try a different
color like, pure white? [Jasmine] Where does
these lights even take us? You ready? Yeah! [Cackles] Big Bertha,
here at your service! [Children] Wrong door! Ahhh! [Jazzy Christmas tune] Third time’s a charm! Blue is the best color you can get! Okay guys, I’m kind of nervous to see what’s behind this door. [Animals running] [Children] Ahhh! [Elephant trumpeting] If you were the Grinch,
what color would you choose? [Children] Green! [Jazzy Christmas tune] As if this stuff tasted good anyways. Guys, do you actually think that we have to go through this? Maybe? Let’s see! [Guitar music] We made it! [Kids exclaim] What is with the Grinch and him “TP-ing” our Christmas tree? Let’s sneak up on him. Yeah. [Guitar music] Let’s give him a taste
of his own medicine! Ready? [Children] Three, two, one! Ahhh! What?!
That’s impossible! How did you escape? Ahhh! [Grinch snickers] Ahhh! [Grinch snickers] Oh shoot! We’re out of snow balls! What should we do? Oh my, how the tables have turned! Hey guys, do you have any good ideas? Are you out of snow balls? What are you gonna do now? I know! Maybe we can call Santa! Call Santa? How would we do that? I got an idea! I’ve seen this in a Christmas movie once! [Magical chiming] [Santa] Ho ho ho ho ho! [Children exclaim] [Scoffs] Oh no! Not the fat guy again! [Santa] What’s going on here? Santa, we ran all out of snow balls! [Mystery music] [Santa catching] Holy Dahoo Dores! Let’s finish this, Santa! It’s just you and me! [Santa laughs] Ho-ho-ho! [Smack] Santa, nice moves! [Smack] [Santa] Hi-yah! [Smack] Whoa, I can’t believe
Santa can do that! Sup! Only two left? [Slide whistle] [Smack] No way! Well, here goes nothing! [Santa] Ah ah ah! [Snaps] [Water trickling]
[Santa laughs] [Kids exclaim] You got burned by Santa! [Rumbling] [Grinch] Ahhh!! I can’t beat this guy, I’m outta here! [Children] Ahhh!! [Santa laughs] Ho-ho-ho-ho! [Santa] Now, how about
the milk and cookies. We beat the Grinch like totally!
[Children cheering] [Santa] Mmm! [Children] Santa, no! [Santa] Mmm! [Fun music] [Door bell rings] Who is it? [Grinch] Who do we have here? It’s the Grinch! What! The Grinch again? How are we gonna get rid of this guy? Your dad hired me to babysit again! Can you believe it? You mean you’re here to ruin Christmas? What else? I can’t believe Dad hired this guy! Don’t mind if I come in. Let’s see, what happened last time? I’ll give you to the
count of three to scram. One, two, three! Raar! [Children] Ahhh! Boo! Scram! Ciao! Adios! Hasta la vista, baby! What is this? Baby versus Grinch? I said scram, kid! Go on, get out of here! What are you doing? Hey, you shouldn’t be doing that! Stop it! You quit it! [Kyler laughs] Hey, hey! Didn’t your
mother teach you to be nice? I mean, my mom didn’t teach me to be nice, but didn’t yours? This kid’s pretty good! He’s got a good arm, and
he’s messing up the place. Look at this big mess you’ve made here! I love it! [Christmas music] Opening presents before Christmas? I like your style, kid! [Tip-toeing] This could be great! We could work together to ruin Christmas! Yeah! Give me bones. Alright! Oooh!
Alright! Alright, what have we got here? What’s in there? [Kyler exclaims] [Grinch exclaims] [Kyler] Whoa! Mini blasters? Oh happily! Okay, let’s see here. You gotta pull this back right here. Right like that, and
then it’s ready to go! This will be perfect. Now, I gotta teach you
how to use this thing. Yeah! Hey kid, I’m gonna train
you to be my apprentice! Are you good with that? Let’s ruin Christmas together! [Grinch laughs] We gotta blast something good! Let’s start with this guy! [Guitar music] How’s that? We can totally get him! He looks way too happy! Alright, okay, can you
put it in the other one? That’s my boy!
Excellent job! Now come over here, and
then we pull this back. Alright kid, this is how you do it! Aaahh! [Laughs] I totally blasted him! Ready, your turn! Alright, go get him! Go blast him! [Slide whistle] Woohoo! You’re a natural! You’re going be the best apprentice ever! Alright, you’re going do great! Now, how are you at
decorating a Christmas tree? It’s just not Christmas if we don’t decorate a Christmas tree. Here this is for you. Alright, this is my
favorite stuff in the world! Alright! Watch this kid, learn from the master! Ready? Woohoo! [Snickers] [Kyler] Woohoo! Woohoo! That was awesome! Your mom is gonna be so
happy that you learned how to make a mess with the Grinch! I am the best after all! Ready, here we go! Yeah, good job! That was awesome! This is called decorating
the tree, Grinch style! Woo! [Grinch snickers] It is funny, huh! [Snickers] We got it all the way up in the top, huh? Yeah! You did such a good job,
I can’t even believe it! This is the most
Grinchiest Christmas ever! Yeah! I’ve trained you on blasters
and decorating the tree. Now, what else can we do? Alright, now we’re ready for decorating the stockings, okay? Ooh try this, ready? Good job! Oh, this is such a great day! I can’t even believe it! I’ve never had anybody to help me before. You know, if Christmas
was always like this, I could probably get into it! Yeah! Ready, here you go, right in there. Perfect shot! Excellent! That was awesome! Give me five. Woohoo! [Grinch snickers] Alright, we just got
done with the stockings! Now, let’s get to the cookies! Come on, let’s go! There we go! Alright, get you a cookie! Yep, yep, yep, yep! Put it right there. Alrighty! Hey wait, whoa! You can’t eat those yet. I gotta teach you how to
ruin Grandma’s cookies first. Okay! Let’s see here. Ooh, you gotta have your red frosting, and… mustard. You’re welcome! And… some whipped cream. [Hisses] That would be too sweet! Ooh, I don’t know what this
is, but it’s special sauce! Yeah, okay! Alright, you got a green one. I’m gonna go a red one, okay? You have a green cookie, you’re gonna need some red frosting. Can you squeeze this? Ooh yeah, that’s awesome! That’s not good? It looks good to me! Alrighty, let’s see here! I’m gonna try the special sauce. Let’s see, do I want it on the side? No, right on top! Oh yeah! What do you think of that? Is that pretty good? Yeah? Okay, you squeeze it. There you go! Are you sure you haven’t done this before? Grandma Grinch would be so proud! Alright, I’m gonna try
a little honey mustard. Yummy! Ooh! Don’t eat it? Hey, you know what? I think you’d make a pretty
good addition to Mount Crumpit. What do you think?
Yeah?! Little sprinkle on top? Put this cookie right on top.
Right there, right there! Oh yeah! Now, it’s like a cookie mustard, and barbecue sauce sandwich! You’re gonna do yours too? Okay! I’ve been alone on Mount
Crumpit for so long that it’s gonna be awesome to have a mini Grinch there with me! Yeah! If you think this is great, you should try some of Cindy
Lou Who’s gingerbread house! Do you wanna go try it? Yeah!
Yeah, okay! Let’s really ruin this thing, huh? Can you get one of those? Oh yeah! Good job! Can you get another one? Alright, you’re awesome! Gimme five! Woohoo, can you get some more? Ooh yes, you’re good at this! Oh, that was awesome! Woohoo! Ooh, that’s the Christmas
spirit right there! And now, for googly eye mischief! Come on, let’s go! Woohoo! And now, to Grinch-ify these pictures! Can you do that? Alright, right on his eyes! [Kyler laughs] Ooh, that was a perfect shot! [Grinch snickers] Alright, here we go! Ooh, excellent! Perfect, you’re a natural! Alright, put the other one on there. I don’t know about you, but it sure makes this picture pop! [Kyler laughs] Right here. Oh, right there? Oh, we got two stuck together. Yeah, that’s excellent! Ooh, that’s it! Good job! Yes, look at this! Look, make them shake.
[Kyler laughs] There we go. Good job! Good job! Shake it off, shake it off, can you do it? Da-da-da, shake it off, shake it off! Yeah, shake it off good! You’re doing so good! Do you like this stuff? You’re gonna make a great apprentice! What do you think? Do I have bugs in my teeth? Yeah?! Okay, you see these things? They look like nutcrackers. They are not. They are for snow ball bowling. Do you know where the snow balls are? Yeah! Okay, go get the snow balls. Alright, here we go! Just put it in just like that. These are my special snow
balls from Mount Crumpit. Okay, so they’ll work excellent! Here we go. Here ya go. Alright, let it have it. Woohoo! Okay, go ahead. Alright, that’s two for two! Woohoo, yay! Alright! [Crowd cheering] Alright! Woohoo! Good job! Alright now kid, if
you’re gonna be like me, you gotta master our theme song! Alright, you ready? ♪♪ You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch ♪♪ [Grinch snickers] ♪♪ You really are a heel ♪♪ ♪♪ Your brain is full of spiders ♪♪ ♪♪ You’ve got garlic in your soul ♪♪ ♪♪ Mr. Grinch ♪♪ ♪♪ You’re a bad banana with a ♪♪ Wait, is your nose itching? ♪♪ Greasy black peel ♪♪ Yeah! Who’s gonna be the best mini Grinch? Yahoo! Give me five! Woohoo! [Laughs] Hey, where are you going? Hey, you need to focus! Where are you going? Hey, it’s snow ball time. Where are you going? Hey hey, you quit that! Hey, where are you going? Hey hey, you better stop that! You’re gonna make me so dizzy! Stop it, stop it! Oh no, oh no, ooh! Yeah, I’ll be okay! I just need to wait until
the room stops spinning. What are you doing? Are you quitting on me already? We can’t do bowling in the dark. Alright, here we go! Watch your old man work. [Grinch snickers]
[Bowling pins falling down] Yeah, you like that? [Bowling pins falling down] Woohoo! [Fun playful music]
Yeah! Alright little buddy, now
we gotta ruin Christmas by taking all the presents! Should we get some presents? Alright, come on! Yeah, get a good one! There you go. Put it right in here. Excellent form! Can you get it in there? Ooh yeah, that was a good one! Yeah! You’re making good time! That’s gonna come in
handy on Christmas Eve. Alright, good job! Now, find your mommy’s present. We gotta get that one for sure! [Grinch exclaims] Time out?! Ughh! This is the worst. I can’t believe I’m being sent
to timeout by a two-year old! You love your mommy more than me? Tricked by my mini-apprentice! Oh my goodness! [Crying] Wah, wah, wah, wah! This is the not good! We were gonna do great things together! Don’t do this to me, kid! We were great together,
just like liver and onions. Forget this babysitter gig, I quit! No, please! Please don’t! Ahhh! [Kyler] No no! [Grinch] I gotta get out of here! Ahhh! [Children cheering] [Kaden] You got rid of the Grinch! Kyler, I can’t believe you
got rid of the Grinch! Yay! Yay! [Fun playful music] [Fun music] The only holiday worse than
Christmas is Valentine’s Day! It’s so lovey-dovey, it’s not good! They didn’t let me ruin
Christmas, but I’m gonna get even! Valentine’s Day is going down! [Laughs] Let’s see what the garbage
heap brought me today! Ooh, oh those are some
sorry looking roses! What do these little things say? Love you! Kiss me! Let’s see. Don’t love you! Go away! Chocolate! Oh, that’ll be nice! A big sweet onion! [Snickers] I think we’re ready! Those kids..they’re so going to get it! After all, my heart is
two sizes too small! [Soft guitar music] Hey! Hey you! What are you doing here? Get out of here, this is my place! Get out, get out, get out! Uh, uh..I was gonna deliver
my Valentines here, but but… But, but, but, what? You’re too scared to do it or something? You wimping out? Ugh, I’m just nervous I guess! I don’t blame ya! Girls, they’re terrifying! What do you say I do it for ya? Oh gee, thanks Mister! You betcha! Have a good day! See ya later! [Kid] See ya! [Grinch snickers]
[Guitar music] What a silly kid trusting
me with a Valentine! Not good! Oh, here we go! There we go! [Grinch snickers] Oh yeah, just like that! Ooh, a card! Ooh, that’s not good! I can make this better! [Snickers] That’s great! It’s perfect! Ooh, ooh! Okay, okay! [Door bell rings] I’ll get it! [Jasmine exclaims] Somebody brought me a valentine! Who’s it from? [Jumping for joy] It’s for me, it’s for me, it’s for me! I love chocolates! Who’s it from? I don’t know? It only says, Jazzy on the front! [Grinch snickers] “To Jazzy, from Mystery?!” They crossed out all of the
words, and wrote you stink! [Boys snicker] [Jasmine exclaims] That’s definitely not a Valentine! And that’s definitely not chocolate! What else do I have for you? Ooh! Brussel sprouts! [Kaden laughs] [Knocking] [Jack exclaim] It’s a giant kiss! Who’s it for? Oh, it says my name right there! I guess it’s for me? Jack has a valentine,
Jack has a valentine! Who do you think it’s from? Ooh! [Kissing] Knock it off! “To Jack, from Mystery!” You stink too? [Jasmine exclaims] Not cool! I don’t care about the card. All I like is chocolate! [Jack exclaims] An onion? That’s not good!
[Kaden laughing] [Knocking] I’ll get it! [Fun music] Valentine’s balloons! Who is it for this time? It’s for me! At least you got
something cute and normal! What the.. weird? It’s from the mystery person again! [Balloon pops] [Children exclaim] [Balloons pop] [Kaden] Ahhh! It’s like somebody is trying
to ruin Valentine’s Day! [Knocking] Again?! I bet you a hundred bucks
that’s another Valentine from a trickster! I think they’re onto me. I gotta be a little more sneaky! It’s a bunch of dead roses for me! Who does that trickster think he is? He can’t mess with us like that! I’ve never seen flowers
not cute in my life! Someone does not like us! [Knocking] Uh-oh! It’s a bunch of sweet hearts, for me! What, can I have one? They have different sayings on them. Love stink! Ew! Don’t be mine! That’s it! It’s payback time! Let’s set a trap! I’ve got an idea! [Fun guitar music] Kaden, you stand guard! [Fun guitar music] Bullseye! This is gonna work, perfectly! Now, I have three more corners to go! I can’t wait to see who she or he is! This trickster’s going down! [Knocking] What? I thought the trickster was
supposed come at the back door! Awww! It’s a cute stuffed animal for Jack. [Growling] Ahhhh! What? [Growling]
Ahhhh! Someone’s coming! [Clatter] Who turned out the lights? We caught somebody! [Grinch] Leave me alone! [Kaden] We did it! [Children cheering] [Grinch] You better stop that! Leave me alone! Ouch, knock that off! Let’s bring him inside and see who he is! Whoever this is is super heavy. [Grinch] I’m gonna tell our mom! Okay, are you ready? Ready! [Children] Three, two, one! The Grinch!
[Exclaim] That’s right, the guh-guh-guh Grinch! [Grinch laughs] I got you guys so good! What are you doing here? I-I-I-I.. [Stammering] Ummm.. I’m back to babysit! I should’ve known it was you! You’re trying to ruin
Valentine’s Day, aren’t you? Well, if I couldn’t ruin Christmas, Valentine’s Day was the next best thing! Who likes all that red and
pink, and lovey stuff anyway? You’ve messed with us enough, Grinch! You put us in the escape room before. Now, it’s your turn to
go in the escape room! Escape room? That’s a great idea! You guys guard, and I’ll set up the room! You guys think you’re going to
challenge me? [laughs] Freeze, Grinch! Put your hands up! Come on guys, I mean, we had lots of fun before, didn’t we? No, no? Are you serious? Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! Hmm, what kind of an
escape room should I do for the Grinch? No more funny tricks! Don’t move a muscle! I have an idea! Come on guys, I mean, we had lots of fun before, didn’t we? Oh, he’ll never figure out this! Remember all those good times?! Don’t move a muscle! Finished. He’ll never figure this out! Alright Grinch, the escape
room is ready for you! No, not the escape room! Grinch, stand up! Time to got to the escape room. Oh, I didn’t mean it. I’m really sorry! I didn’t mean it, Jasmine! I promise, you don’t have to do this! Are you guys sure we
can’t talk about this? I promise, we’ll put it all back! [Kaden] Too late Grinch,
we know you don’t mean it! [Jack] Bye-bye! [Kaden] Quick, lock it! That dang Fun Squad, putting
me in an escape room? Look at all these not good hearts! I’m gonna go silly in here! You can get out when you
figure out the secret passcode! Let’s see, what do I gotta do here? Well, there’s nothing there. Ooh, a letter! This is gonna be so easy! Ooh, another one! No, oh I did get lucky! Yes! Nothing.. nothing, hmm! Maybe I can start figuring something out. Ugh.. You’re a wreck. Hey, that’s not very funny! Nope! [Laughs] Not even close. Well, let’s see.. What’s something they would do? Grinch! Ha ha! One of them is Grinch! Sorry, you’re gonna have to figure it out! The Grinch! The Grinch, what? The Grinch has a huge ear? The Grinch has a huge ear? [Kaden] Nope, keep trying! Heart, heart, heart, heart?! Nooo! I’m never gonna say that! Okay Grinch, you can
stay in there forever! Never, never, never! It’s not true! I don’t wanna be a trickster! You guys can’t make me say that! If you wanna get out, you have
to say the secret password! I gotta get outta here! Okay Grinch, we’re ready for you! What’s the secret passcode? I’m never gonna say it!
I’m never gonna say it! Nope, never! Never, never, never, never! How am I gonna get out of this? I can say it. I don’t have to mean it. “The Grinch has a huge heart.” What was that, Grinch? We can’t understand you! “The Grinch has a huge heart!” [Children] Louder! “The Grinch has a HUGE heart!” Now say it like you mean it, Grinch! “THE GRINCH HAS A HUGE HEART!” [Cheerful Music]
[Heart beating] [Laughs] Ooh, that feels good! ♪♪ La la la ♪♪ ♪♪ The Grinch has a huge heart ♪♪ ♪♪ The Grinch has a huge heart ♪♪ I got a big heart! I got a really big heart! It’s huge! [Children cheering] Hi, you guys! How are you doing? You did it, Grinch! You’re free to go! Go? I’m so excited for Valentine’s Day! Okay sure, Grinch. Come on guys, I’ll make it all better! That wasn’t very nice of me, was it? Uh.. Grinch, it’s really okay! We forgive you! Nope, I’m gonna make it right! Just like that. You guys are such good little helpers! Alright, perfect! Oh my gosh guys, this is so great! This is the best season ever! What do you think we could do? We could make cookies together! We could sing love songs! We could sing one right now! You know any good ones? I got one! ♪♪ Romeo, take me somewhere
we can be alone ♪♪ ♪♪ Is this in my head ♪♪ ♪♪ I don’t know what to think ♪♪ ♪♪ He knelt to the ground
and pulled out a ring ♪♪ ♪♪ And said marry me Juliet ♪♪ ♪♪ You’ll never have to be alone ♪♪ ♪♪ I love you and that’s
all I need to know ♪♪ What have we done to him? I don’t know, but I
think we made a mistake! Yeah I know, I almost like
him better the other way. How do we get rid of him? I don’t know? Grinch, don’t you have a Valentine? Well maybe, I mean, I
kinda had this girl I liked back in grade school, but I
haven’t seen her in a long time! Well, now’s your chance! She’s gonna love the new you! You think so? Grinch, go get yourself a valentine! Thank so much you guys! I’m really gonna miss you! Off you go, Grinch! You can maybe babysit us another time. Do you promise? I really love that, you guys! We’ll see you later. [Children] Bye! ♪♪ Doo doo doo ♪♪ I’m coming, honey! Woohoo! [Fun music] Make sure to click down below to watch our other
awesome babysitter videos! Make sure to like and subscribe below! Share this with your friends! And make sure to have a Holly
Jolly Grinch-mas! [Laughs] Comment down below to tell
us what your favorite part of this video is!

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