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– Where’s the coin? (laughs) I don’t see the coin here. – So that was a sick joke! (playful music) – Hello there. – You know, Christmas morning, oh my Gosh, it’s Christmas. And then I rush down the stairs, usually, my mom and dad
would still be sleep. – Sometimes. – A lot of stuff,
different kinds of stuff. – Yes. – [Boy] Mmm, that smells like bacon. That’s bacon, I know that’s bacon, I know that’s bacon. – I just know it’s bacon! [Woman] Alright, open your eyes. – I’m eating all of this. (woman laughs) What the heck is this? – Is it edible? – Oh my Gosh. – Blindfold! – I’mma devour this. – From England? – Like London and stuff? – Oh, it’s where the King lives! Queen, and King. – Oh my Gosh! – Bacon and sausage? I like bacon. – [Boy] What? Carrots? – This is a bone that’s been
cooked in the oven for 62 days. – Parshnet? – Pars-pip? – Humus. – What? It doesn’t taste like
anything, what is it? – Why would you make sauce out of bread? – We should have a King of Sriracha. – Of course- I already am. I’m the King of Sriracha. Pip pip, thank you. – What’s this? – Is it some sort of
pudding made out of, like, like, the same kinda stuff fig bars are made out of? – It’s Chinese! We have some fortune cookies. – Some noodles. – Fried rice, I’mma put
Sriracha on my fried rice. – It’s Chinese food. – But, it’s like, Chinese food. – Wait, what? – You’re Jewish? – Fortune cookie! (laughing) – Wow! – Bulgaria? I’ve heard of it. – It’s a rock? – Are you supposed to
crack that open and eat it? – Totally a rock! – I can’t break it. – I still don’t know what it is. – Some sort a pie. Actually a huge bagel. – It just scares me, it looks like someone’s about to come out. (“Flight of the Bumblebee”) – Where’s the coin? A coin, a coin… (laughing) I don’t see the coin here. – I know. But I wanna have good luck. – So that was a sick joke! – Wow, that’s a lot. – What the heck is that? – What the heck is a tamale? Tastes like mashed potatoes. Where are you supposed to eat this? – It’s super juicy. – Chicken tamale is spicy. – Is tamale spicy? – No it’s not. Is this freakin’ whiskey, or something? Alcohol or somethin’? – Or just like syrup? – Pour, pour, pour, stop! Stop! – Your turn. – Tastes like a honeycomb. – I don’t like it. – What? – Yup. – Ooh, this is… – And it matches! – You can never have too
much of Jesus’s Birthday. – Amazing! Have a awesome Christmas year! – Be thankful, be grateful
that you have a life. Because Christmas isn’t
all about presents. It’s all about being together and happiness, and kindness. Merry Christmas from Cavalli Davis.

100 thoughts on “Kids Try Christmas Food From Around the World | Kids Try | HiHo Kids”

  1. Not even for the Mexican food
    That’s what rich ppl eat in Mexico
    Real Mexicans don’t eat that especially with a Banana leaf 👎🏼💀

  2. I don’t care that he’s young, 𝗜 𝘄𝗮𝗻𝗻𝗮 𝗯𝗲 𝗳𝗿𝗶𝗲𝗻𝗱𝘀 𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗵 𝗖𝗮𝘃𝗮𝗹𝗹𝗶

  3. Excuse me….don’t use American Chinese as USA Christmas dinner wtf is this bullshit???!!

    This is “Christmas Dinner”
    Not Hanukkah Dinner

  4. In fact sarmi and koliva originated from romania and because bulgaria is a neighbour of romania they started sharing foods

  5. I saw Cavalli with sriracha in the thumbnail and I already knew this was gonna be a good video

  6. Am I the only who doesn’t like Christmas it’s not that I hate for what it’s stands it’s mostly because I was born on the day so it sucks for me

  7. In Romania 🇷🇴we are eating koliva when somebody dies
    But we are eating sarmi for Chrismas too, but in Romania they are know as "sarmale"

  8. 1:52 …

    I still have nightmares from when my mom put parsnips in the soup, and I thought they were potatoes… I was disappointed in every bite

  9. Atheist’s that celebrate Christmas..: God and Jesus don’t exist and the Bible is a mythical book.

    Me:….ok we’ll see how you feel when u realize Christmas only came to be about from the Bible and mention Jesus’s birthday.

  10. I’m from Bulgaria and surprised to see this in here also I recognise the food and actually do find a coin in that pitka

  11. koliva are served in funerals in Greece, in memory of the deceased!I didn't know that they were eaten on Christmas day in Bulgaria!!

  12. Actually in Mexico they shoot a bullet in the air with a real gun yeah REAL GUN and if u get hit with the bullet well u were gonna have bad lack of you are safe and u don’t get u lucky for the rest of the year with good luck

  13. I am a Bulgarian and this black kid lies to or colger ther is not a coin it's a lev a bulgarian dollar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I’m from the US and I have never heard of anyone eating Chinese food for a traditional meal😂 it’s like sugar cookies and ham and stuff

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