Kids Who CRIED Over Christmas Presents

My hat’s got ears Have you ever got a bad present something you really didn’t like but you gotta play it off like Thank you it’s the nicest water bottle I’ve ever seen Go on, drink it! Today were gonna be watching kids opening bad presents. I mean as an adult you can contain yourself You’re not gonna be like crying over it, but when you’re a kid You just can’t help it. Oh Big box a rice cake Why is it a joke there’s your gifts Show me anything isn’t that what you asked for do you like it? No you look dim at least try the rice cake some of them are really good, okay? And that’s a lot of soap you can like fill up all the soap dispensers in your house and just like Wash your hands the rest of the year and smelling really good I bet that’s vanilla scented which is the best scent you’ll have the best smelling hands in the house How’s it taste? Have you gonna be really clean this year for Christmas aren’t you? what’s the matter hun? Feel bad because I hate it. It’s matter huh oh My god good poor kids hey guys It’s Kyle. Max is raging right now because I got a ps4 for Christmas plus a bunch of games and all Max got was $50 I’d be grateful, but he is just a… selfish dude. Hold up, so he got $50 – Max got was $50 and his brother got a Playstation a buncha games well first of all the PlayStation and all the games are gonna be for them to share like they could share It if I had two kids They’re gonna share all that it’s not just his. ”oh no, max the PlayStation is for just your brother you you you cannot play it” and he’s gonna throw a Fit forgetting 50 dollars that you can buy whatever you want with Usually kids love money Give me a card with $20. I would have been the happiest kid in the world That’s more than you would make from a lemonade stand if you were selling organic non-gmo grass-fed lemonade you still wouldn’t have made $50 so I Think that’s a pretty good deal for being a kid with no Responsibilities no job like $50. What do you want a car? I think $50 is good for a kid? If a PS4 is $7,000 then I think $50 It’s good for you it’s good for you okay max whatever you say Where are those kids parents? I want to smack my kids so hard for being so ungrateful I bet you don’t want the $50 I will gladly take it back You want to have no Christmas present you have no Christmas present or maybe this is just a bad kid and they give him less isn’t that how it’s Supposed to work max. Max, This is how it works in the real world you’re gonna be bad You’re gonna get cold or nothing you were lucky your parents decided to bless you with $50 he already has a ps4 Tell me why they look like Freddy from icarly That’s it. I’m not doing it. I’m not helping. This is freddy before iCarly He wants an Xbox one and the black ops edition a Playstation when he already has a Playstation I would not give this kid anything I Wouldn’t even give him 50 bucks I would’ve gave him a damn water bottle not even not even Kirkland not even that good ass Costco water I’m gonna give him Nestle Pure Life water Doesn’t need money he needs discipline Oh my god he’s so upset over this like what did you want? you already have a ps4 and he’s crying about not getting another ps4 and an Xbox Spoiled a** kid. next up we got a spoiled little girl. Who’s crying over an iPhone kids crying over iPhones That’s the worst in my opinion because the iPhone it’s a big thing IPhone cost a lot of money and your parents got to pay for each month I wish my parents would have got me a nice phone when I was a kid But I accepted it I understand it cost a lot of money. They couldn’t afford it So this was when the iPhone 4 came out so her mom got her the three instead Her mom waited an hour in line and got her a phone, and she’s gonna complain about it That’s how you know you don’t raise your kids good. raise them too spoiled I see that Lululemon bag in the corner my friend’s sister her mom spoils her with Lululemon And she cried when she got an iPhone, so so don’t get these girls Lululemon. That’s how it starts Wait how old is this you realize you’re crying over a phone ”this is a dinosaur ” yeah, man, this is a dinosaur. You don’t know what a real dinosaur looks like it looks like this get your shit Right, this is the dinosaur just kiddin you learn the animals before you start buying them phones A sandwich damn! you see that disrespect?? A sandwich I hate it I just wanted the iPhone X is that too much to ask for? I swear these Millennials and their standards his parents trolled him. ”you gonna be bad, you’re gonna get bad presents” I feel like that would change kids like they would want to be good just so they get good presents I feel like it will work ”Santa’s not gonna get you anything good” you know I always thought about like what if somebody spoils it for a kid like what if somebody’s just Straight-up goes up to them and it’s like the Tooth Fairy isn’t real Santa Claus Isn’t real would you like not have a childhood? Would that completely ruined your childhood? I Wonder. I feel like I knew Santa wasn’t real when I was a kid, but it’s like look how I turned no I mean, I’m not pretty decent okay. Bye anyway, that’s all for today I hope you Enjoyed this video if you did make sure to hit that like button the the face! comment below and let me know the worst gift you have ever received and subscribe to the Wolfpack I love you guys so much. Thanks for watching bye guys

100 thoughts on “Kids Who CRIED Over Christmas Presents”

  1. I would laugh and eat that sandwich i would know even if they got me a sandwich only they are being funny and wouldnt care

  2. Well I don't even feel bad for this kid who got fifty bucks. But hand me a penny and I will have the biggest smile at least someone cares about money ME and someone doesn't well he needs help


  4. If I would get an iPhone 3 I would be so grateful and I have a 7 right now and that was my mom’s last phone and she and my dad has an xr and my last iPhone was a 4

  5. I'm 8 and I have a iPhone 5 or 6 and the other kids in my class have a iPhone X-R and data and there 8 I was so so so so so happy


  7. That girl who got that iPhone 3 should be grateful. My older sister and brother shared a flip phone until my sis was about 15-16 and she was appreciative when my mom got her an iphone. This was like 2013 and she got either a 4 or a 5 I dunno. But she was super happy and appreciative. SO GURL APPRECIATE IT!!

  8. LOL these kids are ungrateful I am laughing so hard I’m trying to contain myself if I had these two kids or me and you won’t want to see what I would do I’m laughing as I write this bye

  9. Shit I would the happiest kid in the world for $0.01. Tbh, I WOULD BE GRATEFUL FOR A GOOD FAMILY. Also, I think my mom spoiled me with an iPhone 7, I think she should’ve gotten me a flip phone..

  10. I miss these videos where she was not as ‘funny’ or ‘trendy’ when she just made videos her new ones are just not that good

  11. My brother got a iPhone from my mom he is a big fan of you but I think I am a bigger fan I America your biggest fan

  12. Haha A PS4 isn’t $7,000, I’d be great full for $50 EVEN $5 😂 you could buy some Robux, V-Bux, Minecoins, with that money 💰

  13. Ok so I wanted a Fitbit for Christmas but I got a different kind of Fitbit it was like a Smartwatch for an Android phone I have an IPhone 6 but I didn’t CRY!!!! I did end up getting an IPad 😂

  14. I was a kid and it was by far the best year for me at pre school. I got a sticker album for about 6 dollars and i don't remember being happier in my life. Like, my parents always gave me what i wanted, but those little things that don't cost your head, but you just want so badly… they're the best.

  15. When I was four my mom said santa wasn't real. And then on Christmas Eve there's this fire truck that came around town and have candy to kids and "santa" was on top of it and said hi to me and I ran inside crying saying "Mama you said he wasn't rreeeaaal"

  16. if i got 50 dollars and be crying and screaming "THANK U SO MUCH I LOVE MY PARENTS SO MUCH!♥️😭 cause i can buy ALOT of robux.

  17. When I got a phone I got a Android,and it was one of the first to come out,and I was beyond thankful,then later I got the iPhone XR and I was Beyond,BEYOND Thankful

  18. It would ruin your child hood if you figured that out to early I’m supposed to be;Ive in the eleve in the shelf I caught my mom moving it I know all that stuff ain’t real so now I’m watching sniperwolf

  19. i got a xbox 360 from my grandma and she passed away and i was great full for my xbox even when she was alive in america i was in hungry by the time

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