Know-It-All Challenge | Kamri Noel

89 thoughts on “Know-It-All Challenge | Kamri Noel”

  1. Who would you play this game with? Also, be sure to subscribe to our CGH family channel, HERE! 💋's -Kamri

  2. When I noticed harry potter characters and ice cream flavors knew it was going to be an awesome video. Oh and there is no one called Venice

  3. Did anyone notice that Kamri should have won the second round because she said deer than he repeated later and no one

  4. ❤️💚🎀😍😘🤣😅💁‍♀️😂💕🍫💛🎁😏🤩😁💙💝💃😃💗😄😆🎉🛍🙁😢🍔😀😕 ilysm!❤️💚🎀😕💝😘💕😍😀🛍💃😃💙💗🍫🎁🎉🤩

  5. This was a fun video. I am SO glad that you chose Harry Potter characters. Harry Potter is my favorite!

  6. You said California twice… Also, Mickie Mouse TECHNICALLY is not a “movie” but it is a Disney series.

  7. He kept saying he doesn't know Harry Potter characters but i am a girly girl and i read and watched every single movie and book

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